Wednesday, 5 September 2012

September Energy Forecast

This month, the forecast is a video only message.

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You can find the archived interview Lee mentions (referring to the Zachary channel) at:


  1. Hi Lee, thank you so much for September's energy forecast. I feel so good right now and resonated with the beginning of your forecast. I have had difficult sleeping the past few nights because of the full moon and solar flares. Even with lack of sleep I feel balanced and in awe of the beauty of nature that surrounds me. I am so grateful for you being you. Thank you for putting yourself out there. Sincerely Sarah

  2. You are a wise perceptive man. I am glad this was through your own voice (I mean without the use of channelling). It is one of the most helpful heartfelt ones I have heard... and it was your voice. I guess we have come so far now our wisdom and ability to read energies ourselves has come a long way. It is time now for us to use our own voice. This helped me so much as I have been struggling. I had felt like I had lost my way. I think I must have been one of the beginning ones. I had held my balance for so long, looking toward our amazing future but lately I have struggled almost to the point of falling... this helped me so much Lee... a heartfelt thank you... Susan

  3. I agree with Shalamai, your real voice is so nice to hear :)

    I been awake since 2006, but the last 2 weeks I have felt like I am 'collapsing' physically- and it occurred to me after hearing your message that maybe I am reflecting society's collapse. I'm finding it really hard to breathe (energetically) right now- even though I am quite grounded these days. Finding really quite hard to stay centered.

    You and Dana truly resonate for me at this time, I am so grateful to you both. :)

    And if ya think about 'forecasts' in a sense they are looking at a future date... this video is so present, in the NOW. And it seems that being in the NOW is the best way to navigate these erratic times? (Do you think?).

    I can't even predict the next minute at the moment. As long as I make it to lunch, I'm happy, lol.

    Thank you for sharing your helps so much.


  4. Thank you very much. Nienna

  5. Dear Lee,
    I feel grateful for hearing your voice - a calm ocean of compassion and love, it reached to my soul, and I felt connected to all.
    Thank you for hearing the messages, for hearing from deep within, for gifting us your time.
    Thank you for helping us see, taking our hands, and guiding us to balance.
    I heard this forecast and felt like it was meant for me... (to go be in nature, to care for my energies, to create boundaries even as I reach out to help people, walk away when I cannot...)
    With deep gratitude

  6. Thank you <----<



  7. thank you. it feels right. you speaking feels right too. we are sitting on top of so many coiled knowings. thank you.

  8. Thank you so much, Lee. All you said resonates perfectly with my own experiences this month, body messages, dream messages. Your messages are always a wonderful support.

  9. Thank you for your wise and subtle words, as always.

  10. Dear Lee, thank you very much for this month's message! It is excellent, as always, because you ARE the message you wish to give to the world! If ever you were in doubt about this month's forecast being "out of the ordinary": everything is unfolding just the way it should! -- My energy has been very very low for a long time (almost 2 years, in fact), and through learning to trust my personal unfolding, I've come to realize that I was no longer using my energy in the way I should. Your message of last month where you said that we are "doers" who currently need to learn to create with our energy body rather than our actions rang absolutely true with me! I needed to stop doing the things that no longer fulfilled me for being quite sick with depression each time that powerful old drive of mine wanted to kick in again, pushing me in that old direction (busy going nowhere, so to say). Now, this brought many many fears of mine to the forefront that I needed to face. Many of them were individual fears personal to me, and many of them are common fears nourished and reflected by our society. In all of this I suddenly realized that the common estrangement that so many of us feel, this idea of being disconnected from the divine, utterly alone, comes from the walls of fear that we all have erected around us over the course of our lives. To feel one with the world, which in truth we all are since we ARE the unfolding of All That Is as it presents itself in this very moment, always fresh, always loving, we need to tear down these walls. For while they may keep out the "enemy", in truth they keep out the Goddess/God. To stop distrusting my fellowmen and trying to protect myself against hurt is quite a challenge for me, perhaps THE challenge of my life! For still, fear is everywhere, and fearful people are very distant, or even aggressive. Realizing that they are reflecting my own patterns of fear back to me helps me a lot. I do realize, though, that I also have the right to stay away from people or situations that are not good for me, just as you said. And Mother Nature comforts me a lot in these challenging times! Just being out in the park at dawn, touching the leaves of trees who serve as gigantic antennas between Heaven and Earth helps me to stay grounded for the rest of the day. Thanks again for your wonderful messages! Be blessed! Much love and gratitude!

    1. Hello "you", thank you for posting your thoughts. You cannot imagine how they just helped me. You just made my day!

  11. Hey Lee,
    thank you also very much for your postings on facebook, they are a big help to me, too!!! Lots of love

  12. Thank you Lee for taking the time to record this months forecasts for everyone. I get a feeling you take these forecasts very seriously as you know it is precious guidence for all of us during these times of beautiful growth yet challenging times. I am feeling more grounded and in tune with what is going on after watching your video. I found it empowering and the love and openess you send out in the video is very touching and healing. The divine is definately shining through you. Much Love to you, Sarah xox

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