2011 - Year of Illumination

2011 - Year of Illumination

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Light and illumination will be the key features of this year for everybody, and what
people see when their words are illuminated will be varied depending on the individual.
For those of you who have spent the last few years clearing your lives, clearing
yourselves, focusing on holding higher intentions for yourself than you ever have
before, you will find this year an extraordinary year - a year of clarity and forward
movement that you have not felt for the past four to five years in most cases. It will
be far easier to create and ground and birth, because you are the way showers for
this period, and so therefore you are here to, through your skills, your talents, your
attributes, what it is that you can offer the world, show up and give of yourself, because need will be  very high this year, higher than we have seen for many, many years.

In some ways, you will notice through 2011 symptoms of war appearing in people
emotionally such as trauma, anxiety, shock. There will be many Earth catalysts for this,
but there will also be catalysts within government and societies. These past few years
as seen many things crumbling, but also many things forming, many new ways of being
that will now start to come to light. So the anxiety and unease that many people have
had about all of the changes in the world will also be balanced more in 2011, because
solutions to those changes will start to appear and are already starting to appear. For
you though, the test will be how you are able to be stay within your own focus and your own desire while those around you go into need.

This is the year of mass awakening. This is the year where the awakening energy will
be higher than ever, higher than it has ever been, and there will be several catalysts
that will allow people to question their choices, their ideas about life, their appreciation
about life. This will mean there will be lots of energy flying around you, and as a result,
it will mean that a good portion of you this year will move very, very fast and very
regularly. Literally many will find yourselves not staying still geographically in one place
for very long. Remember so many of you are energy movers and this will be a year of
energy movement like no other. So you will go in tandem with this movement in the
world and move yourself around in order to keep finding a place that is right for you.

By contrast, those of you who have lived this life for the last few years will start to
achieve and experience the stability that you have been missing this year. This will be
the year of grounding for those of you who have gone through the whirlwind of changes
the past few years. But those of you who are out there to help move society forward in
all the ways that that is possible, in all of the pioneering ways, I do not here mean the
maintenance of society with is equally vital, but I mean those of you who are showing
new ways of being to the world through your talents, your creativity, the services you
offer, the technologies you are creating for our future society and our future Earth. This
is a year of activation like no other. This is a year where the Earth will be flooded with a
great deal of light and illumination, because it will need it. It will need it to balance and off-set some of the chaotic and darker energies that will be showing themselves. You need not have fear when you hear me say this, for so many of you who are hearing that will understand that that is what you are already experiencing as the tipping point in the last few years.

These are strange times indeed. Strange in that they are unpredictable and that they are paths that have not been trodden before on Earth. So for all of us, the focus has to be on the Self and centering. It has to be on staying in the zone that you feel comfortable, for there will be plenty to feel discomfort around. There will be plenty of people you will feel uncomfortable around, even those people who maybe for many years have been your allies. Don’t worry about this process. Many of you will take temporary breaks in relationships that will not be dramatic or painful. Simply you will need to be around other people for short periods of time. Energies are moving fast and so different and new people will need to be around you at certain moments.

This is not a year of the mind, quite the opposite. This is the year of the mind’s great
undoing. And those of you who are living at higher vibrations and who are fairly
evolved in your consciousness and awareness will start to notice finer shades of the
psychic mind appearing for you. Psychic and intuitive energy will be at an all-time high
this year as many people start to lose control of the mind in the mass. Catalysts they
will go through will have a knock on affect of the mental control energy of the mass
consciousness. As that begins to open up, people will begin to go higher in their own
minds. And as a result and in combination with all of these light waves now hitting our
Earth, those of you who are opening your physic eye or trying to, will find this year a
very fast year to start tapping into your inner vision.

The illusion that so many of us have lived under for so many years as a society will start
to truly crumble this year as the truth of the Earth and living will be constantly revealed
to you every month. For those of you who are focusing and consciously intending in
this area, you will have the most magical, miraculous and wonderful experiences you
have ever had. For those of you who are currently, as you are listening, in the middle
of change, focus hard on what it is you want. And if you don’t know what you want,
acknowledge that, but then don’t make confused choices as a result. If you ask yourself
what you want and the answer is you don’t know, stop and don’t do anything for this
will be a chaotic year to walk towards things you are not sure about.

The weariness and tiredness that so many people have had over the last few years will
not be such a factor in this year to come. There will be a great burst of life inside people and externally also. This will have a runaway train effect. It means that rapidly this year will be a year of change like no other before, but it will also set the way and the intention for 2012 and all to come in that year.

We are literally at a point where the old world will seem and be spoken of as the old
world by more and more people. Like animals that sense the ground moving before
an Earthquake comes, you can feel this energy as a human being. You can feel the
nervousness and the lack of settling in so many people. Be very clear. We are one big
group and no matter how any individual you feel, you cannot fail to be affected by the
energy of what people are feeling. So if that sentence makes you nervous, make this
year your year of focusing on yourself. Make this your year of focusing on grounding
what it is you are here to do, for you have a mighty purpose. Every human being who
is here at this time has a great purpose to experience and to fulfill, but so many of you
listening to this are here to herald the way, lead the way. So trust yourselves.

The key months this year will be March, August and November – three gateway points,
portals if you like. These months will have a strong energy, and in the weeks around
those months we will see some of the major experiences happen. The other coloring
this year will be opportunity, multiple opportunities, more than ever before, so do not
walk towards to the first one you are presented with through fear that more will not
come your way. Many things will change for you this year if you open. And if you do
not open or do not feel ready to open, you will go through many internal changes. You
will go through many internal releases. Those of you who have done all of the releasing
will be building. Those of you who need to build new lives will be releasing. but then
building far faster than those who went through this process the last three or four years
did. Remember, the mass are going through what so many of you went through in the
last few years and they will do it quicker. They will benefit from all the pathways that
have been trodden, but they will also benefit from having support from those who are
holding a vibration that all is well regardless of how it looks.

We are not promised life. Life is a gift for us to experience and we have created a
society that puts so much focus on toil and struggle and suffering. Addressing those
three areas in ourselves is the key not only to personal transformation, but more
importantly, world transformation. Therefore, suffering, toil and struggle will be
revealed at all new levels in the world this year. And the pain and the grief that gets
released in the people who experience this level of suffering for the first time will seem
overwhelming to them which is why, finally, so many of you listening to this will be
gratefully and happily shoulders to cry on for those people you feel you can be there
for, who it feels right for you to be there for. You will be able to assist so many people
in moving through this awakening process, this release process, so that they, like you,
can come back to themselves, their bodies, back to the Earth and start to create again.
For the way of the human is to create. We create life and we create love. And when
we create life and love we are in our highest element. When we create suffering,
destruction, we are exploring lower territories, more painful territories.

We are now being pushed, forced, cajoled into releasing those darker energies. And
however much we as a mass resist, we will not be able to resist the oncoming wave of
change that 2012 is the center of. All is well. This will be an incredible year in so many
different ways. But for those of you who harness the life that you have, harness the
power that you have within you to live life in the way that you want to, but also in the way that you feel benefits others from an authentic place inside, then you will have the freest experience possible this year. 

Take your time. There is no rush. 
Life will be speeding past you, but you can always slow yourself down, stand still, and receive and interact with 2011 as you feel to.

This will be the fastest year we have ever known. Do not get seduced or caught up in
the speed. You don’t need to.

In peace and in love to all of you. 
I hope this is a wonderful year for each of you reading.