Thursday, 30 December 2010

January Energy Forecast - Concrete Change Begins

Many of you will have noticed these past few years have been ones of clearing the
way, with periods of forward movement then periods of integration - integration that
sometimes felt like regression. The 'old' mind (which sees the world based on how
things were 5-10 years ago) often tells you this process is chaotic or that something is
going wrong.

Yet this experience is playing out exactly as was predicted for a long time. These years
were always about a great shift for the planet and us, its people. And the pattern for the last few years is that the shift takes place within us as much as outside of us.

2011 sees a noticeable difference. Where many of you have been energy surfing for a
few years and are now used to this ride, it has taught you to stay grounded through it all, to let go of control, surrender to what is, to feel what you're feeling and simply 'get on with it' for you never know what's coming next.

Well, January will see more of you 'getting on with it' more than ever before. This will give you a powerful energy up-shift for the month which will be in stark contrast to many people around you.

January is typically the lowest month from the emotional perspective for many in the
western world. Festivities of Christmas are over, fatigue and/or disillusionment sets
in for those who had a strong focus on the holidays and suddenly let go of that focus,
and in most countries, the weather is a literal challenge to our bodies. Even the lack of
daylight affects our physical mood. Stay conscious of this and hold your own vibration
as these energies swirl around you. Physical exercise, fresh air and nature, listening to
music and dancing are all great remedies.

Many of you who have been working on emotionally clearing for awhile will now
immerse yourselves in new projects and activities. Don't turn down invitations to try
new things or go new places this month, because shifting your energy towards anything
new in January will have a positive effect. It sets up a template, opening you to new
things and new people to come into your life. And you will be surprised at where those
things take you. Anything new will have a powerful energy in January while older or
more known aspects will be somewhat stable and quieter for you.

In some ways, the quiet internal space many will go into during this month will allow
those of you holding a high vibration to step forward, to receive some of the energetic
space left behind by those who are feeling the need to internalize.

This year many of you are paving the way for the next 2-3 years and making concrete new realities for yourselves. If you’re working on creative projects, from January onwards, recognize these projects will form a STRONG part of your world for the next 2-3 years. They will be holding an energy of 2012 as everything being created this year is designed to withstand and usher in the changes 2012 will bring. Everything not in alignment with that energy will either not work or be left unformed.

The intensity experienced by most of you in November and December will calm in January, because until March 2011, the influx of new energies will happen at a steadier pace. What began to hit in November is now stabilizing.

Be aware however that any new commitments should be carefully considered. Playing
with and experiencing new avenues will work well, but trying to define long-term
commitments with others (i.e. business, friendships or relationships) would be better
left for February and March since January’s push for you to continually let go of
anything not of your frequency will remain front and center. New endeavors will need a
2-3 month period to stabilize before you commit to anything long-term. This part of my
forecast surprises me as I write it. I’m thinking, “Surely we’re all aware that nothing is
certain in this life regarding commitments?”

However, I am assured this information is important because some of you who will
be asked to commit to new things and people, those requests will often come from
those who want to harness or hold onto your energy. And by February or March, you
will see this and realize these are not the tethers for you. So just stay mindful that any
commitments you make are only needed in the Now, and be wary of anyone pressuring
you to sign a dotted line. You will know in a month or two what commitments are in
your highest and best good.

This dynamic will show up in personal relationships as well. You may have
confrontations and/or clearings within some personal relationships where it is time
to move out of old contracts and roles. 50% of these relationships will strengthen as a
result and 50% will lessen their importance in your life for a while. However it may seem
in the moment, it’s all good. These released contracts will allow you to usher in the new. As we are more defined by the people around us (our 'contracts') than we usually realize.

2011 will be the most important year of your life so far, and as a result it will be a year
colored by big decisions and experiences as this new wave of light gets more grounded.
Things are becoming more concrete within you and within everyone.

This month begins a year of celebration of freedom around the world. Freedom often comes through first seeing and then breaking the perceived prisons, shackles or handcuffs you’ve been bound by. And the wrist-burn that sometimes accompanies the release process is quickly replaced by the euphoria of that newly found liberation.

If November and December saw you breaking more shackles than ever, know
that January brings you the freedom you’ve been seeking these past years. That freedom begins with you and your energy, so throw yourself into whatever feels right and let the momentum carry you.

Go explore the world again.....

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

December Energy Forecast: Riding the Ascension Waves

December Energy Forecast: Riding the Ascension Waves

December will be a month of serious energy surfing.

There are multiple energies now hitting the earth. This means enormous waves of light
are running through humanity, and as touched on in the November Energy Forecast,
this can have a few effects. It creates fast divisions in the self, where shadows or limits
quickly rise to the surface for effortless release. Breathe and feel through these and they will move quickly, resist or fear them and the opposite happens.

Some of you this month will experience yourselves being suddenly 'stopped' while in
mid-stream. At those moments, surrender to the ‘stop’ and take in the view. It won't last long; it will ALWAYS be happening for beneficial reasons to your path and you will
soon be back on your way.

This new energy of light will also strongly affect relationships this month. It can create
temporary divisions or fractures as people are being pushed back inside their own
feelings and/or their own wounds very quickly when they come off centre. This allows
an almighty release of pain and struggle in some and means communication breakdowns
or misunderstandings will be common. Some may take sudden yet temporary breaks in
friendships or partnerships that will quickly resolve, in some cases overnight.

The big release themes this month will be Internal Struggle and Self-Judgment.
Judgment will be big in world consciousness as much as the personal. So, political
judgments, community and cultural judgments will rise to the surface. As a result many
of you will have moments of fear activated by others. Stay centered in your vibration
without getting drawn into the fight of others. In most cases, you will quickly realize that there is no 'outer' judge, only an inner one, and that all is calm however it might look in the moment.

And if you get caught-up in believing the judgment someone else seems to be aiming or
throwing at you, ask yourself why on earth you believe them? What part of you believes
the supposed judgment? To get activated, a part of you has to agree to what you are being accused of. This release of your inner judge is the opportunity for emotional healing. Be aware of the associated side affects including regret, remorse and guilt. If you feel any of those, again, just breathe them through and out for they are leaving you.

Why is the energy so strong this month? Because we’re standing at the gateway of 2012.
The highly sensitive among you will notice the air and energy of our sky has changed in
frequency. It is paper thin in terms of energetics, and wider consciousness is available to us as a result. Therefore, this will be a GREAT month for channeling and energetic work for those of you who feel steady in yourselves and less in 'release' mode.

March of 2011 will be en enormous turning point on the journey to 2012, and a mass
awakening will occur in that month at a whole new level. The energy is already heating
up as we get closer and December gives us the first glimmers of that energy, especially
between the 15th and 21st.

During this period many of you will notice, if not sooner, a sudden ease in how much
you can accomplish with new levels of seemingly endless energy. But caution - all wise
surfers take breaks! If you ride the waves for 72 hours non-stop you soon fall with no
energy to swim or stay afloat.

Stay conscious of how you want to use this energy running through you. There will be
some incredible opportunities coming your way in December and a great freedom of
choice not present in recent years. Remember to ask if you’re getting caught up in the
current collective busyness of doing instead of consciously experiencing your own soul?
It is an important differentiation and not always easy to see.

If you find yourself 'flying' this month with energy and adrenalin surges, take short
breaks here and there. They need only be short, but breaks are vital for grounding this
new and continuous flow of energy many of you are now stabilizing and to avoid an
unnecessary crash. That was the old way.

Enjoy yourself and each other this month as everything no longer matching your
energetic vibration gets pushed aside and flushed out so you can continue to access more of your greater self which is peace and harmony - two qualities that will come in great waves for those who surf wisely.

Have a wonderful month everyone!

In love and peace



Monday, 1 November 2010

November Energy Forecast

The world is dividing into two camps - those under the wave of change and those riding it. This month will see you falling very strongly into one or the other, and this will be a relief for you whichever side you land on.

Those of you choosing to go under the wave will drop a lot of baggage from the past more quickly and effortlessly than before, although some unexpected catalysts may be part of the experience. Those of you riding the wave will continue to feel the gratitude you have been accessing recently, simply for the gift of life, especially when seeing the struggles in the world and for your loved ones. Your compassion and heart energy will amplify for others and you will find yourselves helping out, being a shoulder or lending an ear. This will feel very good to many of you to offer that role, especially for those of you who have been hermit-like in recent years. This is your time to help those in the trenches and it will feel good to do so.

If you recognise yourself this month as being one 'under' the wave (having difficulties, dealing with challenging situations or relationships) then choose to focus your energy on letting go of whatever you are holding onto that is troubling you. That will be the way forward and back to centre and out of the 'frenzy' now rising in people and tempting to get caught up in.

You may say, “I don't know how to do that.” Remember, you are never too old to change an ingrained pattern. The power of your intention is far stronger than you were ever led to believe in times past. So let your intention start the work. Just hold an intention for release and the means and ways in which to facilitate that release can and will appear. Many times I have not known the 'how' but have just put a message out there inside myself (or said aloud to the universe) to bring about the change I seek, and it usually works fairly fast. So try it this month. Keep affirming your intention with openness to what will come and see what happens.

With strong internal energies running in people right now, this month will be a month of division. Dividing will be a big theme in relationships, inside the self for some, and noticing a division of experience between you and the person standing next to you. Those you are closely connected with (family and friends) may go through very different experiences of reality than you, and you will be in the orbit of their big changes.

This is a month of 'big news' and shock, not necessarily for most of you reading this, but for some around you.

This is serving as a continuing pressure on us to continue 'Letting Go'. Those riding the wave of change this month will be those of you who have gotten good at (or were always good at) the art of Letting Go. And it is an art. Letting go at deep levels is challenging and tricky for human beings unless they were raised to live by this universal truth. With this being the over-riding energy, why not, in this moment, send love to the loved ones (passed over or just 'past') who taught you about letting go.

So again, this month you are asked to practise simplicity amid all these goings on. Focus on the important things like love, family, and life connections. And creativity is at an all time high this year as the energies need to be expressed, so pick up that canvas, write that poem or make that documentary. You will breathe easier if you do.

And for those of you working on 'bigger' visions in your work or personal life, remember one day and one task at a time is still generally the way to go. Big energies are still not greatly supported at this time, but the details are. The need for this step-by-step process will continue until the end of the year, certainly until Mid- December.

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

October Energy Forecast

The below forecast is transcribed from my monthly radio show, where you can hear the forecast and much more. I host Law of Attraction Talk Radio on the first sunday of each month. You can download it from itunes or stream it via the net using the archive player.
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October Energy Forecast

The energies this October will be wild. Wild and crazy.
Many of the energies and symptoms you’ve been experiencing will continue, but they will ramp up a little bit. It will get a little wilder and a little crazier.

This is because everything is stabilizing. I mentioned this last month. We’re going into a period where things are going to stabilize a bit more after a constant period of things being uprooted. This won’t be the experience for everyone, but for most of you, that is going to be where you begin to find yourselves.

Now, things stabilizing do not necessarily mean instant joy because things need to stabilize for a while for your trust to come back. If you’ve been dragged through hell and back the last year or two in your experience, it can traumatize the body. It can traumatize the emotional state. And as human beings, we run on patterns. So until the new pattern you are in stabilizes and allows you to feel settled for a while, it can be tough for you to actually re-access joy.

So those of you who feel like you’re making headway and making progress, but you’re a
little baffled as to why you can’t feel more joy or more peace, just give yourself time and be patient. What you’re doing and moving towards right now will bring more joy and October is a key month for that.

October will be the deliverer of everything you think and perceive in an instant. So for
example, if you aren’t feeling good about something, you will very quickly start to see
things not going well in you world. And that’s not just to say you as the creator will consciously create that experience. It's more that your world has become a lot wider than you thought, and you are now able and capable of experiencing the full spectrum of emotions and experiences in a far bigger way than you ever were before.

This is because of two things. Number one because you’ve been opening and accelerating yourself for such a long time. Number two because we as a world are more supporting of this width and breadth of experience now.

So, the Law of Attraction principle – Focus on it and it will appear in front of you. I know that many of the Law of Attraction followers can get a little stuck with themselves when they start creating something that isn’t so good because they start blaming themselves or beating themselves up or thinking, “What am I doing wrong.” Remember it’s a yo-yo journey and every magician creates some spells along the way that don’t go so well in order to keep getting better at creating the good spells.

It’s the same with the Law of Attraction. Sometimes you’ll improve your ability to manifest and you’ll have incredible results and then you’ll have a period where if you’re still trying
to manifest or still trying to create your reality in a different way, you’ll have a few
down days or a few days where it’s not working so well because you need to catch up.

The other thing that’s really important is the Law of Attraction and the idea of bringing
things to yourself – we live in such a consumer-based world in terms of the advertising we’re shown and they way we’ve been taught to live, particularly in the last two to three decades, and so therefore there is this constancy on speed. There is this constancy to keep moving.

You know, shops are open on Sundays now. You can internet shop at any hour of the day. If you go back twenty or thirty years ago that just wasn’t the reality. Sundays were usually a quiet day, people could not internet shop in the evening, cell phones were not around. Remembering this gives you a measure of the speed of the time that we live in now. So don’t apply the speed of the time we live in to your expectations around your manifesting ability.

There’s no point in constantly trying to create and manifest if you’re not experiencing what you’re manifesting and creating in the present. This is one of the places that many people become unstuck (or stuck). They want to keep creating and manifesting all the time, but they’re not stopping to absorb what it is they are creating and manifesting. The reason we are here is to absorb and experience as much as create. The less we absorb and experience the more our life will give us stop signs to try and help us experience.

So October will be a wild and crazy month. For those of you who really, really want to have a spiritual journey this month, hold your focus on joy as much as possible. Do know that that this will be a challenge. It will be a tricky thing to maintain. And so I will suggest you keep a journal if you want to focus on this. If you’re trying to take a journey with something or really make a change in your life, keeping a daily journal will help you stay on top of that. It will help you to experience yourself going through this journey because you’ll be able to focus through writing down what you’re experiencing, but you’ll also be able to reflect on what you’ve been experiencing as you write each day and that’s important.

Those of you who really want to run with this, use October as a wonderful manifesting
month. But just as a guideline, let’s just say ten of thirty days this month you manage to create something wonderful, remember that is pretty good going in these current shift times. Don’t expect that you should be able to do it for twenty days of the month. Because for most people at the moment, if they are consciously creating something ten days of the month, and then two-thirds of the month experiencing, that is a nice balance at this time to be achieving. And certainly that will be a balance that will be applicable until about the end of this year, at which point we can review it.

So, enjoy October but hold your focus. Really hold your focus on what you want to create because it will be a huge mirror month for all of you. What you feel inside will manifest quickly in front of you. And for those of you who didn’t necessarily relate to what I said about revisiting the past and reconnections, and the energies grief, birth and death in this month’s radio broadcast (see LINK at top of this post), you are going to go through those experience in the next few weeks. It will be a wave that hits you, so just stay curious, practise gratitude for what you have and look after yourselves.

And as ever, be very, very good to yourself.

With love

Monday, 6 September 2010

September Radio Show

Hi Everyone

I am currently co-hosting 'Law of Attraction Talk Radio' once a month. During each show, I give an energy forecast for the coming month and talk about all sorts of things, including answering questions mailed in by listeners - email me a question for the show at

The September show is now up and available on the site, as all shows are archived and available through itunes also.

Find it here:

Much love and enjoy


Friday, 11 June 2010

All Ways Home - The Healing of Everything

This blog post was written for the Crimson Circle Monthly Newsletter (June 2010) and now republished here.
'Love is Real' (right) is a painting of mine.

One of my favorite songs by the Canadian artist Jane Siberry is called ‘Love is Everything’. During the 15 years I have known the song, I have found it both melodically and tonally beautiful as well as healing. Plus, I always loved the title.
Recently however, I paid more attention to the lyrics and realized that she is singing about leaving a relationship where she no longer feels the love between the two people sharing their journey. And while she is resolved about that, she also acknowledges the loss and pain while choosing the separation.
This experience she shares made so much sense to me, as I know that journey well. Many times in choosing higher realities for myself in relationships or situations, I have had to walk through emotional loss or grief, to burn off a little more of what I needed to in order to lighten myself and let go. We often call this experience ‘heartbreak’.

The Healing of Heartbreak

I have worked professionally as a healer and channeler for the past 6 years, and I have observed that healing heartbreak is the key to healing all areas of life. The healing of heartbreak, whether in relationship, career, finance or spiritual pursuits, is one of the most powerful keys to realizing greater self-acceptance, self-love and maximum potential in people.

So the next few years on Earth will be very interesting to say the least. Why? Because the experience of heartbreak has been enormous on our planet in the recent past. Many have released the emotion of loss in a bigger way than ever before. Financial difficulties, natural disasters, relationship endings, illness and other grief catalysts have all increased over the past 2 to 3 years. This mass release has greatly affected us as a people and a planet. And after a great releasing, a great receiving can follow.

Energetically, for most awakened humans, 2010 marks a turning point in the energetic journey between 2007 and 2012. We are at a time where the energy of shock and of all the past release is slowly turning into gold, especially for those who have lived through it. It is now getting easier and easier to build and create new lives and new relationships, after a tumultuous few years where building was not as easy as detonation.

Letting go of the old is part of the journey of being a human living in the Now. We are here to love and to grow, and to experience more love and growth in ourselves and with each other. This is why healing heartbreak is key to surrendering to living in the Now.

We can break our own hearts when we are not kind enough to ourselves.
We can break the hearts of others when we are unkind to them.
We can help others feel heartbreak in themselves (often unintentionally) if we do not live up to their expectations or needs of us.
We can feel heartbreak in other people around us empathically.

If this is your story, and times have been difficult, you are now ready to reclaim your heart, your love, and your power. Feel this inside you, and know it, for it is the truth.

Acceptance - The Key to Mastery

Our recent history has helped many go deeper into their own awakening and mastery. When we reclaim the freedom of our own love, and our hearts after a period of great loss, we can experience a new level of peace with all that occurs around and for us. This is the journey of self-mastery.

A Master does not mind what occurs in life. For example, if the dishwasher breaks down, the Master will simply start washing the dishes by hand until the dishwasher is repaired, or she/he may decide to permanently wash the dishes by hand from now on. The Master does not mind this change. She or he understands that life is life, and it will throw you the occasional curve ball.
The over-stressed and under-supported ‘Mother’ however, is a different story to the Master. The day the dishwasher breaks down, so does she. Her whole world seemingly falls apart when this unexpected event occurs. She will blame the dishwasher for her emotional meltdown, her tears. But it has nothing to do with the dishwasher.

She has been an emotional volcano in waiting and the dishwasher was simply the facilitator of the ‘lid coming off’ her emotions and an eruption taking place. She has not taken enough space for herself or her emotions and she is tired. She has been trying to run her household with too little support from her spouse or partner (if she has one) and she never asks the kids to help (if they are old enough to help). So this ally in her kitchen breaking down on a Monday morning pushes her over the edge.
A change is needed indeed.

A change on Earth was needed, so around the world, lids have been coming off for people. This dishwasher story is just an example of the meltdowns occurring for so many due to the intensity we have walked through as a planet these past few years.

My experience of a Master has always been the support and love of my channels. For 12 years, they have been with me when I need them, and during that time, I have integrated their teachings and ways more and more in my own life, freeing myself from some of the old ‘controls’ and self-judgments I was carrying, becoming more of a Master in and for myself. It is a constant journey of learning for me.

The way I always knew my channel was pure when he first arrived (in the voice of Zachary), was that he never judged me, even if another voice in my own mind would and did at times.

The key to being a Master? They hold no judgment. They simply hold an energy of love.

Self-Judgment into Self-Love

It is so easy to judge yourself and we live in a society that encourages it, even within spiritual practices. Many times on my own spiritual journey, I have seen how people use spiritual roles or frameworks to allow themselves to practice self-judgment. For example, the idea that you create your own reality can at first be a revelation to those new to the concept. These ideas and ways of being, expressed in movies like ‘The Secret’ or in ‘The Law of Attraction’ can change your life overnight once you start working with the principles. But these principles, like any spiritual concept or framework, are not a magic pill that will miraculously heal you overnight. They will simply lead you deeper into ALL parts of yourself.

So if a newly awakening person has just started out on their journey, and they still have a strong energy of self-judgment in themselves, or a lack of self-belief, these principles can soon be misinterpreted in many ways – ways that can lead people to see themselves as failures when they don’t manifest something they want or desire in the time frame they wanted.

I have also heard some people judging themselves upon learning they have a serious illness, and a book or a teacher told them that they would not get ill unless they had an emotional issue. This way of being does not help your healing, and is a sad place to find yourself in. If you have a serious illness, then so be it. It is time to now love and support yourself at a higher level than before, and to accept the love and support of others while you do this.

So keeping your own awareness on self-judgment is highly important tool for mastery and getting back to your true nature – pure love for self and others.

All Ways Home

‘All ways home’ is a true statement, for there are many ‘ways’ to get home, yet only one final destination, and that is you and your heart. Your love.

When you begin to surrender to the moments in this reality, and can accept each one as a gift for your evolution, the inner fight stops. To reach this place, what so many of the spiritual books don’t always tell you, is that you may go through major releases and a sometimes almighty inner fight to ‘exorcise’ your past controls from the mind and emotional body. But once you stop fighting the process, and learn to trust, breathe and feel your way through it, with self-love and self-support, the whole process gets easier and faster.

So many people I have worked with recently are having great breakthroughs, and have been releasing tiny but powerful pieces of self-judgment as they are stepping deeper into peace and acceptance. I too have been experiencing this in myself in fine layers. This seems to be a theme right now, and hallelujah for that. After such a long period of loss and upheaval, the dust is settling and so many of us are now energetically and emotionally clearer than ever before. As a result, anything that is not self-love or self-support is rising to be released – bringing you back to greater love.

A mind powered by love will create world-changing ideas and actions.

Love is Real and Love is Everything.

Love is always the way home, and there are many practices and experiences that will get you there. But self-love is so key. When you love yourself, loving others and receiving love from others becomes so much better and easier.

So, how self-loving have you been recently on a scale of 1-10?
Ask yourself this and see what your immediate, intuitive response is, without analysis. Just ask for your answer. If the answer isn’t 9 or 10, then know you are open and very ready to receive. It is time for a much needed change in self-love.
Start by doing something wonderful for yourself today, even if just for a short amount of time.
A walk in nature, listening to your favorite music, dancing around your living room.
It can, and does, change everything.

Become a Master of your own love. You hold all of the keys.

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

How are you doing?

It has been one wave after another of change, renewal, challenge, and opening recently.
The Earth is speaking to us right now and she is calling loudly. Via earthquakes and volcanoes, the events we are going through as a planet this past few months are still reverberating. When will it end, many are asking, but the truth is that we are at the beginning of a series of long predicted natural disasters. Between now and August of this year we can expect an ongoing series of these types of events to occur.
The recent plane crash of the Polish president and many of the members of cabinet was not a natural disaster but was another example of how we as a people are being asked to look at this world differently, and see the importance of living in the now and not relying on structures we thought were watertight. For nothing on earth is watertight around us. All is open to change at any moment. It is opening hearts and changing minds.
What happens in us as a collective at these times is a stirring of many emotions around the base chakra. The Earth is shaking and thus so do we.
The stirring creates; fear of survival, anger and frustration, rising sexual energies/wounds, an energy of disappointment, a need to hurry, a sense of danger/anxiety, and disturbed or tense dreams in the night. Also, blocks and pauses around creativity, productivity, technology/communication and moving forward with 3D plans and activities. This is what many awakened and sensitive souls are feeling in themselves right now. It is the same for those in the mass consciousness also, but it may be playing itself out in more blunt ways there.
The aeroplanes currently being grounded due to the volcanic ash is one example of the message the Earth is giving to us right now;
Let it all go.
Change the way you are seeing and doing things.
Yet still, within all of this, there is light. Through the unity of this difficult experience and the pressure to change quickly on so many of us, we continue to experience extraordinary heart openings and new surrenderings to the now. A great wave of letting go is taking place on Earth. That can be painful and difficult or joyous and euphoric depending on which part of your personal emotional scale you are in at any given moment. For most, this experience runs the whole gamut at different times.
So, how are you doing? Ask yourself that question daily right now to be sure you are keeping an eye on yourself amid the chaos.
And how do you cope if you are finding it challenging?
Firstly, this is not a time for rules. This is a time to just allow yourself to feel what you need to feel, do what you need to do, and be free in yourself of any judgements. Judgements on your behaviour, your ways, or on others around you. The cages are coming off. And that is a very good thing. But it will make you and others act in ways you didn't used to, or never previously allowed yourself to. So roll with it. Let that be your freedom right now and things will get easier. And take nothing personally while others are shaking off their 'stuff'.
The month of May will see many of you finding solutions and ways out of the circling that you have had to go round in April. Circling in and around yourself, and your circumstances. That will start to lift by around the end of April and May will be a month where the whirlwind that we have been in since early February will stabilise. Not for long (!) but for long enough for you to bed in the changes you made while your feet were off the ground and your base energy was being dragged here, there and everywhere.
The month of May is going to be the most powerful and life changing month of 2010 so far for most people. This will be as a result of all of the changes the Earth and the world have been through.
So you do not need to prepare yourself as this is what you are already doing. Just be GOOD to yourselves as much as you can.
That is SO key to success right now.
On a trip to Glastonbury last weekend, I saw a quote from a Tennyson Poem on a ring. It read 'Love is the Only Gold'. Such a simple quote and yet so very beautiful and true. It really touched me.
It takes events like the recent disasters to hit truths like this one home to us as a people.
So whoever and whatever you love, give yourself to it this month. Life is a gift that can be long, can be short, but to be fully enjoyed, must be fully lived. If you are in a quiet mode right now, then find the love in your quietness. If you are out and about in the world, open your eyes and ask love to be revealed to you and it shall be.
Because pure love is who you are. Yes, even on the days where it feels hard to reach that in yourself.
Fellow souls, unique journeys, one shared planet.
One love.

Thursday, 4 March 2010

We carry on....

Thursday March 4th

A few days ago, I was on the island of Jersey between the north coast of France and the south coast of England. I was there to perform my new music single at a benefit concert for Haiti.
The event had been 5 weeks in the planning, and yet one week before the concert, we saw the flash floods in Madeira occur and then the very day before the concert, we learnt about the Chilean Earthquake.

It was very strange to be in the middle of all this, with a focus on being part of a benefit for one disaster as others started to occur. It threw a lot of people connected to the concert, and heightened the emotion around the event.

I remember many years ago, a channel from Zachary spoke of natural disasters that would affect our world and how they would increase as we got closer to 2012. Many believed that disasters would end our world, but Zachary was always clear that was not the case. That instead there would be an increase and that this increase would be part of the series of changes the Earth and humanity would go through.

Many people fear the end of the world, but is that really the point? If our world ended completely, we would all be simply gone and onto a new plane of existence and experience beyond the physical. It wouldn't be like the life we know now. It would be very different.

So isn't the bigger point that we are living at a time now where dealing with and living through these experiences going on in neighbouring countries or close to home is a challenge we must rise to? Both in terms of helping, and understanding.

It can be painful and sad to know/feel or even just hear what is going on in the world when deaths occur, and empathising with those who are living through the loss or devastation of what has happened to them can stop you in your tracks and wake you up.

And yet, the point is, we the survivors must carry on. We carry on for the living, and carry on for those who still move through this world, ourselves included. All the while trying to keep our focus on our love, the relationships we experience our love through, our hearts, and this beautiful planet we live on. These are the gifts in our lives. Just as life is a gift. And life grows fast where love is present.

Remembering this focus on love can be challenging in the busy western world, but when the Earth acts as it has been doing recently, the message we can take is how precious our lives are. How precious this experience is that we are now having.

Love makes the world of difference when a heart collapses or is broken emotionally through the shock of loved ones being lost.

So tonight, as I'm writing this, I wish to send some love and energetic support to all survivors now rebuilding their lives and their homes. Recovering from shock.

And sending love to all of you reading.

Love is real.

In peace


Wednesday, 6 January 2010

January Electrics.....

January will be a month of electricity, and those experiencing the blues right now will find them short-lived as the energy will be changing every two to three days if not faster.

January is about forward momentum. While some are poised to take their next big steps in life, others are still clearing their pathways, but keep in mind this lightning energy is very fast, and on practical levels, faster than we’ve been accustomed to.

If you find yourself resistant, or unwilling to increase your commitments, I suggest ‘committing gently and from a well-considered place’ rather than committing ‘strongly and often’. Allow yourself to slowly increase and rebalance your rate of output in love, work, strength, and in the leadership you offer yourself and others.

Some may literally experience trouble with electronics this month. As we reboot ourselves in preparation of 2010, our frequencies become more electric and it is possible our electronics might malfunction in reflection. If that is the case, leave it and do something else. Use the time to surrender to rather than fight technology. The next day you might be surprised to find your computer works fine.

So why is there an energy of lightning in January? Because we are hitting the ground running. 2009 brought many to their knees. Tough energies like deflation, depression, grief, apathy, hopelessness and exhaustion were the difficult experiences people circled in and out of last year. Each time an old pain or old heartbreak came up, it only felt worse because we are feeling more than ever before exactly because of the spiritual opening. Personal heartbreaks were at an all time high in 2009. These were simply by-products of a series of intense and lightning fast heart openings on Earth.

It was not a difficult year for everyone. For the minority, 2009 was a wonderful year. Major experiences took some to new levels while others became happy hermits and took time off from the world spending their time feeling, experiencing and being like never before - walking into new states of awakening, power, freedom, enlightenment and fearlessness as a result.
A few of you have been experiencing a nervousness and a sense that ‘something is coming’ in these first few days of January. Something feels very different to you. You are right. The energy of 2010 is highly strong and started to arrive with an energetic bang on December 31st. Lightning is in the air and you can feel it.

The end of December 2009 and the first one to two weeks of January will see many coughing up their last hairballs (!) Hairballs are aspects you have, until now, swallowed. This might be representative of words left unspoken, work or dues undertaken that no longer feel right for you, or just the final resolution of feelings to mark the end of the 2009 experience.

All will get released with lightning speed during these first two weeks either with a jolt from the sky (!), from someone in your life or from a physical impulse. It will be helpful to keep your feet on the ground, commit to physical exercise, spend time in nature, and enjoy laugher and fun with friends. This will help keep everything smooth and SUPPORTED as you make your way through January.

For those who are done clearing out 2009, roll up your ‘happy worker’ sleeves as it is time to get on with some new things! A large group reading this are so very ready for action. You are the ones who have been sitting in the metaphoric waiting room for months and years. You will be leading the relay race this month, forging ahead while a few brothers and sisters in the group rearrange or refine their action plans. It will scare you at times as you find your own inner leader in a new way. It is like being given an unlimited paint box and multiple canvases and not knowing where to start. But begin and you’ll surprise yourself at what you achieve.

If the previous paragraph speaks to you, stay focused on your joy as you work and the lightning energy will accelerate the speed of accomplishment, especially those of you in organisational roles. However, immediately let go of anything that feels blocked. Step back a day or two and do something where the energy ‘is’ flowing and working. Stay aware of the team you are working with as well, whether in work or life. You will have multiple networking opportunities in January and many will make new and powerful personal and work connections this month. In fact, some of these pivotal players will be present for the next six to twelve months of your journey.
January is the month many of you will start to see the hard work of the 2009 Boot Camp paying off!

So spiritually and practically, be ELECTRIC in your decision-making. Decide from the heart. You will surprise yourself quite how quickly you resolve the unresolved and commit to new things and relationships this month. This is the lightning energy at work.

So be aware of it, stay grounded, get out and have some fun and do not hold your golf club up to the sky.
Trust me, the lightning will find you anyway!

Stay safe and happy people. We are on our way into 2010.....

Much love