Saturday, 1 December 2012

December Energy Forecast - The Days Before The Day...

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Transcribed from Lee’s Video Message

Hi everyone and welcome to the December Energy Forecast for 2012.

Given all of the eclipse and solar flare energy recently some of you, like myself, will have felt like you’re walking around wrapped in a duvet on certain days for no apparent reason.

So I just want to invite all of you to exhale with me at the beginning of this video…ahhh.

This is the auspicious month that so many of us, including what many might call ‘non-spiritual’ people, (if there is such a thing) have focused on - December 21st 2012.

So the release this month from the human psyche will be palpable. Because as we get closer to that date and then move beyond that date, a great deal of junk, for want of a better term, is going to release from our human psyches.

The interesting aspect around December 2012 predictions, is that they illustrate the diversity of our planet. There are so many different opinions and ideas about what will happen this month, within scientific communities, within philosophy communities, within intuitive communities.

One of the interesting things experienced during the recent US Presidential election was not so much what people thought of government or whether or not those two candidates were the best representation - it was more the great diversity of public opinion that got truly revealed for all of us to see.

So in your own internal processes in these last weeks, months and years, that diversity for those of you who are doing the inward work or surrendering to the inward impulses that you’re getting from external catalysts, you’ll have noticed so much diversity appearing within yourself.

There are a couple of reasons for this. Number one is because the old paradigm is being released from us, (emergency sirens heard in the background) the sirens indicating something pertinent maybe coming through in these words. The old paradigm is being released from us, so as it gets released we release the parts of ourselves internally that were holding on to it.

I gave an analogy a couple of months ago about divorce and the divorce process. In divorce, there is the focus that you have on the external relationship that you were having with somebody, and then when you truly get into the work of what we call divorce and separation from somebody, you meet all of the internal processes for yourself.

So, some of the things that I’ve mentioned this year over the past 12 months are symptoms that are now rapidly rotating for people. Some of you might just be coming into them and the rest of you will be quite deep into the process of knowing what it’s like to suddenly feel emotional or feel grief for no reason. Or to have a dream overnight (or in the middle of the day) where an image or a memory comes to you of a situation in your life either exactly as the situation was, or more likely now you will see the situation replayed from a higher perspective.

So for example, if you had a very difficult situation in your childhood and you bring that memory back to you, you will have that experience replayed through a higher-self filter so that you can look at it very differently, as now you feel very differently about it.

I’m not a scientist, so to research solar flares you would be best to see some of the opinions out there from scientists; which you can find many of on the internet and then see which ones resonate.

But one of the things that I read just a few days ago (that I had understood from an energetic standpoint rather than a scientific standpoint in observing what was going on for us as a people) is that the solar flares that we’re experiencing from this beautiful, beautiful beast above us (Lee points up to the sun) – what they actually do, is to awaken all of our cells.

So much in the same way as when you emotionally and spiritually awaken, you tend to clear out the old beliefs, the old feelings so that you can bring more light and more presence and more expansion into you, so too have the solar flares been catalyzing this process faster than before.

So depending on where you are in the process, you’re either going to feel elated or in a difficult place or, more commonly for most of you in the last month or two, there is going to be sense of almost floating above the Earth at times, where you question who you are, what you’re doing, why you’re doing it, perhaps experiencing apathy or bewilderment.

The thing to do, to the best of your ability, is carry on regardless where it feels you can carry on. Because it’s not so much always going to be the case that the things that you’re doing aren’t the right things, it’s just that now you’re going to approach them in a very different way.

One of the great programmings that we have been given in the Western culture is this idea of external attainment and external achievement. So many of us were taught - get married, get a mortgage, get a job, get financial success. For some of you it might have meant doing something of some meaning to you or more, to the people around you. For example, it might have been having children because that meant something to your family because they wanted you to have children.

And in this past year faster than ever, (and this is different for those people who’ve maybe been on this journey for many decades), there has been a greater forced push on and for and within all of us to take this new journey and to discover who we really are inside.

If I were to ask you right now who you are, who are you?

If your answer is very defined, so you might say ‘I’m a mother’ for example…., then there is a lot of room still to be found for you in an answer like this. If your answer is, ‘I don’t know’ or ‘I am everything’, that’s more the kind of the paradigm that we’re now moving into.

So more and more people are beginning to check out their own internal impulses, as people are now making that change from ‘I must get married to feel good’ or ‘I must get this car to feel good’. As you make the change away from the external impulses and into the body, it’s usually a very confusing process for the mind and the emotional energy field to transition into. If not confusing all of the time, certainly at some times, because the motivations that you used to have outside yourself are now gone.

So, confusion is normal. Feeling a little bit half-asleep is normal, at times. The other piece that has come up for several people recently, and this is my understanding of that piece, is that people have talked a lot about physical symptoms and feeling things in their body that feel very different to how things were before.

And if you look into the science, the solar flares and the rapid changing of our cellular memory and bodies is now happening at such speed that so many of us no longer quite know who we are and where we are. But on a physical level, there is a greater sensitivity around our bodies.

So, yes, for those of you who are concerned about physical things or you feel there might be something actually wrong physically, and you want to go and get it checked by a doctor or an alternative practitioner, it’s really good to do that. There is no need to suffer through your anxiety around something in your body.

But, the other side of it is, as we’re becoming more sensitive energetically and as we’re working with our bodies more (I know that more of us generally are more aware of the food that we’re eating and what not to eat and also keeping a regularity around exercise and being out in nature) you begin to re-sensitize the desensitized body.

So what starts to happen is you can actually feel things inside your body that you previously couldn’t feel.

So if you’re panicking about a stomach pang that you’re feeling, there is a difference between a pang and pain. So for example, if you have a stomach pang or pain that’s on-going for many, many days or weeks and it’s uncomfortable, then that’s the time to get it checked and looked at.

But if you feel a slight twinge, this is the body telling you that something’s a little off balance in the stomach and it gives you an opportunity to change either the foods that you’re intaking or alcohol or caffeine or whatever it is that might be causing the irritation.

We are becoming more attuned to this inner self that before we were taught to separate from and desensitize away from. So, to some degree, new body sensitivity is part of the process.

The other piece that seems very relevant at the moment, and I think a lot of this is to do with December the 21st - the focus on December the 21st, is this sense of apathy and confusion and what should I do now? This is self-mastery. This is where we are all being asked, what do we feel about being a human being?

What do you personally feel is your way of life, or your greatest experience or your greatest joys, and there is no answer to that other than the discovery. We can’t possibly know what our greatest experiences on Earth are unless we try them, which is why last month I focused on “Are You Living Yet?”

There is a great deal of fear in the collective. The television and the media are largely responsible for pumping that fear out to people. The agendas behind those groups, those in charge of the media and television, they have their own agendas which, in most cases as far as I can see, are very different to promoting life, well-being and empowerment on this planet. But, even those with those agendas are falling apart at the moment and losing their grip on the power that they used to have in the old paradigm.

So the thrilling and the scary part for us as people is we are going to be the creators of this new world. And the thrilling part of that is there are so many people birthing, and especially a lot of the younger people now, coming through with amazing ideas and coming through without the same egos that the rest of us born into other decades would have either come through with and/or been dealing with in our relationships, because that was the time that we were born into.

The scary side of that is we let go of giving our power away, which has been comfortable for all of us at some level in one way or another. So even if the only way that you gave your power away before was to have someone cook your meals, now you’re going to have to learn how to cook. And there is an inner shift that takes place in that experience, which is why I have said all along, be kind to yourself and recognize when you’re struggling or in something that’s very intense, because this process has a great deal of light in it and it has a rapid release of dark and shadow for all of us, because we’re in a world wide web.

So, ask yourself what would you like to see next year? What would you like to see more of in 2013? And if you focus on the feelings and well-being rather than external achievements you will rapidly start to bring greater synchronicities into your life to help you move towards creating those things.

Creation, laughter, loving one another, these are so important to all of us. They are highly, highly productive and alchemical energies that we as human beings share. And this is why a lot of our modern culture has tried to separate us from that. Even if you look at the way we live together, we used to live tribally, and now we live in separate boxes and often people don’t know their neighbors. That’s changing, thankfully, because the barriers and the walls between people are coming down, but it is a process and it moves through the body.

So, ask yourself, what do you think about life, what would you like to know about life? There are many, many great helps out there right now and I know that for some of you, I’m one of those helps. But we were trained to watch the TV screen, listen to the teacher, read the book and take all of it as gospel. And the truth is none of it is gospel.

It’s the gospel of yourself that you’re looking for; and it’s trusting that the gospel of you in yourself is going to be not just enough for this world, but exactly what this world needs. And there is a de-programming process that takes place for all of us as we move away from that external validation, external reciprocation. All of these ideas that we were fed which just slightly push us off center, and as we move into our new center there is a little rearrangement that can take place at times.

December, the month of December, is going to be quite magical at times - that is the message I keep getting.

You’re going to have some very, very magical experiences and you’re also going to have some undertow experiences, where it feels like you (and everyone) is being slightly dragged through the water. So, nothing particularly different to anything that’s happened this year, but the rapid nature of it will be at an all new level.

December 21st is an auspicious day and there is going to be a galactic alignment on that day and it’s going to be very powerful. So the more that you can quiet yourself down and give yourself contemplation time in the next 3-4 weeks, it’s going to be incredibly beneficial for you.

And where normally you would have a New Year resolution on January the 1st, and people harness the energy of that day to bring in a new affirmation, start to do this on the 19th and the 20th, start to tell yourself not just what you would like for your personal life, but think of the world. Because we are all connected more than ever before now and that’s going to be more and more apparent as we go through the next few years.

So, very nice to talk to you all this month.

It’s been 20 years of my awareness of 2012 and about 8 ½ years of working as a messenger in this field, for want of a better term. I’m not enjoying terms these days, and I’m finding terms and definition are harder and harder, which I’m sure some of you will relate to.

But it feels great that we are at this turning point month, so that so much of the distortion and fear can be released. But there is also going to be some ‘roll-up-our-sleeves-and-get-to-work’ in the next few years.

So this is also why it’s so important to know your balance and your energy levels, so that you can sustain rather than be knocked over - so many of us have learnt to do that really well now at this end of year, compared to the beginning of the year.

So if you’re still in that place of trying to balance more, know that you’ll get there - it just takes several months of going through these energies to strengthen the muscles.

For those of you who are new to my forecasts and want to know more detail about some of the symptoms mentioned here, go back through the year and look at some of the other forecasts in writing or in video form and you might find some help there.

So, lots of love everyone. I will look forward to seeing you next year and being of service again, and I hope you all have a great month.

Thursday, 1 November 2012

November Energy Forecast - Are You Living Yet?

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(Transcript of Lee’s spoken video message)

Hi Everybody,

I thought that for the November Energy Forecast I wanted to treat you to this view (Lee points to hillside behind him in the video). It’s unbelievable. It’s in Boulder, Colorado, where I live, and this is a place that I come and walk to rebalance myself. So for those of you who aren’t living in the countryside at the moment, or don’t get to experience something like this very often, I wanted to share it with you the best way I could.

I’m recording this message on October 31st and we’ve just gone through Hurricane Sandy in the US in the last couple days. And it was energetically very, very intense the whole day that we were waiting for the storm to hit. I found it very hard to disconnect from New York and the hurricane, even though I wanted to try and stay centered to hold as much positivity as I could for what was going to happen. But at the same time, I felt incredibly affected by it.

I’m living in America now, so it’s easy when you’re on the same land mass to feel it. But I also know that New York was symbolic of certain things that we’re going to go through in the next few years. We’re going to see more of these dramatic weather incidences. And the reassuring thing for me about New York was the amount of preparation and planning that went into how everybody navigated it. Because if you think about a hundred years ago, there wouldn’t have been any warning - there wouldn’t have been any preparation plans, and people would have just experienced that kind of storm without any forewarning.

Secondly, the thing that is so vital for all of us at this crazy time on Earth, is the power of community and the love and support of community. I’ve emphasized this several times in recent months. It’s going to be those connections with each other that get us through the next few years and some of the challenges that are going to come up.

And what’s interesting with Hurricane Sandy is - nature spoke very loudly, whereas it feels for the last several months, politics, the economy and the media have spoken very loudly, to create fear. And this was instead a very natural experience of human fear of death - the actual fear of death, rather than death of your financial life or death of the politician that you would like to be in power.

So it brings fear home in a very primal way when these kinds of things happen. I’ve talked a lot about primal fear this year and the one really useful thing about primal fear is it’s even stronger than the fear that comes from the mind.

The fear that comes from the mind and the fear that can be created between thought and emotion tends to sit higher in the body, it doesn’t tend to go all the way down to the base chakra. It tends to sit heart and up, and sometimes accessing the stomach. But the base chakra is where our whole life force center is. So, when you have primal fear, there is this flush through the base.

So in some ways primal fear can be incredibly useful and incredibly powerful. It’s why people like watching horror movies - really scaring yourself gives you a flush of fear, so that you are then left clearer.

We know that on this planet we live on, there is duality, there is fear and love, light and dark, and everything in between. The other thing that we know through energy science and understanding, (which is fantastically growing more and more in the last few years), is that we can direct energy.

And that’s what this month is really about. I tuned-in this morning and I was wondering, what’s the theme, of this month’s forecast, and I very clearly was told “leadership and direction.” And it comes from within each of us.

When you’re having a difficult time in life, it can be hard to find your direction and so the kinder you can be to yourself and the less judgmental, the quicker you recover. Just recognize where you’re at – if you’re feeling down or feeling low, ask ‘what can I do to support myself?’ Maybe I need to stay at home for a few days, maybe I need to get some support, maybe I need to go for a walk. Try out all the maybes and keep trying the maybes. Don’t give up on allowing yourself to recognize you’ll come through it, because you will. We all do.

This is really a month where you’re going to want your leadership to come to the forefront. Over all of the Energy Forecasts this year, I’ve spoken about several areas and elements of leadership that we are being allowed into as a shifting world. So this ranges from the energetic and the spiritual, right through to the practical human, such as finding your voice where your voice has been suppressed.

Suppression is rising now at a world level and so too is all the suppression that you may have carried in yourself - remember that it’s not just a personal upshift.

We have been a society that has been under the suppression of certain structures, certain beliefs. And as things have got crazier in the last few years, and things are imploding and exploding left and right, what this allows is the energy to return to the body. Sometimes it’s a baptism of fire and many of us already know that, sometimes it’s excruciating.

But if you work with the mind when in fear, and try and identify when the mind is telling you negatives - thoughts like ‘things are going to be awful’, then you can shift.

The way I really worked with this was a couple of years ago I went into deep fear about what might happen in the world. I really went there in my fear body, and I played out all the worst case scenarios and the decision that I finally gave myself was, well, I could either live in fear for the next few years and not truly live; or if the worst is going to happen in a few years time I can live now and actually say I truly lived in the last few years of my life.

And that worked for me, as then I had burnt through layers and layers of fear.

And of course, I do not believe that the world is going to end in December 2012 and I do not believe the world is going to end in December 2015. I believe the greatest challenge we’re facing now, is how to rebalance the planet and also navigate a time that, in terms of cosmic events and in terms of the position of the planet, will be challenging, weather-wise and the rest.

It’s not a coincidence that things are falling apart in the structure of humanity, because we respond a lot more (than many people would like to believe) to everything that’s going on on a planetary level and in the stars. Because we are as connected to the stars as we are to the Earth - again, many people don’t believe that and that’s fine. But for those of you who watch this and who are empathic or sensitive, I’m aware you will already be aware of that.

So on that note, this month bathe yourself in nature as much as you can, and I don’t just mean in the daytime. As much as you can be out under the moon and under the stars, it’s going to help you to rebalance. And people like me, who live in a very open place, will have to go through his fears of bears and mountain lions visiting him if he’s sitting outside (laughter). But that’s also useful for me and my ego to get over my fear and my programming, and also to embrace the fact that maybe I will be eaten by something, and that may be the way I go this time. But am I going to stop myself living in the meantime? No.

So, it’s interesting, the leadership piece seems very, very strong as a message this month. Many of you will already be noticing amazing, amazing times. Yes, even amid the chaos. For me personally this month has probably had more of the happiest expanded moments I can ever remember in my life. And then I’ve also yo-yoed the other way which is natural.

So, you have the expansion, then you come down into a smaller place in the ego or the spirit and you have to deal with that (a nearby machinery noise starts in the video) – perfect timing a machine starts coming into nature at the very moment when I talk about going from expansion into being drilled, whether it’s your mind drilling you, whether it’s your energy drilling you.

We could not be going through this period in history right now and having ourselves stay completely stable and centered the way we were while everything around us that held us in place is changing. We are not separate from the external world.

So the thing to do around leadership is to choose. This is very important for all of us.

And we will forget, and we’ll have moments where we’re consciously choosing and directing energy and thoughts, and we’ll have moments where we’re in older parts of ourselves that we’re trying to bring up to date. But if your mind starts going, talk to it. It’s a really useful practice. If your mind is saying, “You’re not good enough to do that,” say “Who says? Where did that come from?” That thought may have come from seven years ago, but imagine you could be dead in a week, don’t you want to try that thing? Don’t you want to just go and live?

And this is a great time for busting through fear, for going and doing things that you wouldn’t normally do or give yourself permission to do. And the reason it’s important to be this way is that it creates life.

We need life on the planet right now. We’re facing so much death and destruction around us - actions that carry the energy of death and fear that carries the energy of death, that those people who are alive and living with spirit, not only infuse others with a positivity and a spirit that’s important for building, but more importantly, the planet itself is positively affected.

We are not separate from these trees, we are not separate from this ground - we are all in energy response to each other. However much you may have liked to believe that you as a human are separate from everything else – it just doesn’t work like that on energy terms. Your identity may feel separate but you really aren’t.

So, the more you can actually bring life through you and be alive in this moment and in this process;

A) The better you are going to feel;

B) The more is going to move for you in your life, and

C) The more you will contribute to the planet right now.

I’ve said this before but many of you will be coming to the end of the road with things that you were doing. And saying/realising, “I don’t want to do this anymore. This isn’t what I’m here for.”

And as you go to step into what it is that you want to do, there will be some fear, there will be some – “Whoa” from inside you. It’s great, it’s great, and you’re bang on point if that’s what’s going on. Because you don’t tend to get there without going through some of this stuff. But the beauty is, by going through some of this stuff and being aware that that’s going to be the dance you go through and being positive with that and actually going “No, I’m going to walk through some of my fear this month”, you will come out the other side bigger.

The opposite is to stay suppressed. And if you stay suppressed you will stay in fear. And again let’s be clear - some of you watching this might be going through a really hard time right now as a result of something you’ve just been through. That’s a different case. If you’re simply trying to bring yourself back to zero point, that’s enough, so you just keep working on bringing yourself back to zero point and you’ll get there.

But for the rest, who are kind of in the middle, and you’re kind of ok, but there’s fear in you or there’s fear around you, be very aware of empathy.

Empathy is getting higher on the planet all the time. As we get to join into a state of oneness more, we all get better at feeling and picking up and reading other people. So, if you go to friend and a friend gives you an opinion, and you went to the friend feeling fine, and you leave feeling as if you’re ‘in’ their opinion, don’t judge it - because maybe you needed to try on their opinion to get clear about yourself.

But do be aware of it. Be aware, “Ah I was fine before I went there, and now I’ve walked away from him I don’t feel so fine, is that me or is that him?” And see where you feel, ask yourself, “Do I agree with his opinion, do I agree with my opinion?”

And opinions are stronger than ever right now and they’re very diverse and people who you’re close to will surprise you with what they say. But this is where you have to be a leader with your voice.

We are community based. But for the longest time, we have been to some degree, community controlled. Our fear of being abandoned or pushed out by the group has made lots of us in the past play roles that fitted a certain jigsaw. The jigsaw has crumbled; the jigsaw’s not here any more. The jigsaw’s gone. It’s a very new jigsaw now in an energy term.

So what you have to do is trust yourself to lead. And what will surprise you is a lot of what will come back through you are seed energies of who you were as a child. So if you liked playing the guitar as a child and you haven’t done it for 15 years, why not pick it up again and just see what happens? Or, you’ll transfer that creativity to something else. Creativity as an energy can be transferred to any area. And it will be important for people to be doing new things at the moment. Creating new life.

So, be a leader of yourself this month and trust that you leading yourself is exactly what you’re supposed to do for everyone else around you. Even if you slightly piss off your friend, who thought the two of you were very close in opinion, that’s important.

If you express something that’s very much your truth, you give your friend an opportunity to feel his or her truth around yours. And then we all move forward into a different place together. But if you stay safe and you play it safe and you censor yourself, you and your friend are being held back.

So that’s the message for this month.

Love to all in New York and everywhere else around the world where there are great challenges going on. Hold love for each other in our hearts. We’ll keep moving, we’ll keep going, we’ll keep adapting, we’ll keep moving with these times. And as it’s revealed to each of us what our personal role in the next few years is, we’ll activate those roles.

We’ll keep trucking and we’ll see where we can go as a planet and as a people. But the most important thing, regardless of your attachment to future outcomes or not is to live – to really live.

I invite you to do this.

Lots of love, see you all next month.

Friday, 5 October 2012

October Energy Forecast - New Strength Born of Vulnerability

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(Transcript of Lee’s spoken message)

Hi everybody and welcome to the October Energy Forecast.

Last month, I mentioned that for whatever reason it is no longer right for me to write a forecast over a 3 day period like I used to, which I then read and explain (via this video).

Don’t know why, but the times they are a’changing for all of us and so that’s kind of where it’s gone for me at the moment. So what we're going to do this month is, I will deliver the message in the present as I did last time, and then we are going to transcribe it, so those of you who want written words can read and see if there’s anything in the message that you can harvest for yourself.

So first of all, if you’re still here and watching this, congratulations for hanging in there in a crazy year on Planet Earth! The intensity which has been all around and everywhere - it kind of divides for people as to how they experience it. You can have the intense high or you can have the intense challenge or the intense low.

And so for those of you who’ve been reporting these experiences of highs, peace, connectedness, love, joy, freedom like you’ve never had – it’s wonderful. And it will keep going but it will also sometimes go down again. That’s how we work. We go up and down within our own core of emotions and thoughts in order to stabilize a new level of expansion.

So I wanted to talk this month about two of the themes that will come up in October which are: Vulnerability and Deepening. So everything that you’re going to experience in this month can be traced back to these two areas. It will be centered on your own experiences with vulnerability and how you feel around your own vulnerability in yourself and in the world - and the deepening that you allow yourself to go to. And this deepening is going to be ferocious in its intensity.

So if the deepening sees you deepening into a challenge or deepening into an area of your life where you’re hitting your head against a wall, and not learning to turn around or make some changes, then that’s going to get worse. And obviously there are some situations, like health situations we go through, where the body has its own trajectory and sometimes things have to get worse to get better.

So for those of you going through emotional or practical struggles at the moment – the deepening this month is going to be for you to see how much you can lift yourself out of it, through burning off as much of the emotional experience as you can.

The place we’re in as a world right now, I’ve begun recently to see it as a little like a relationship break up - a separation or a divorce. When you go through a separation or a divorce with someone that you love or have been partnered with, there are all sorts of fragments that appear in you and arise for you because of this separation from the unity that you were holding with one person - or the unity that you were experiencing yourself through via the other person. And we can look at this globally in the same way.

More of us than ever before have less faith in the structures that we previously used to put our faith in, because of things that have come to light in the last decade and more around reasons for war and why wars happen. And governmental systems, that are maybe in support of corporations, financially or otherwise, that are damaging the planet.

So, it’s a difficult experience to go through a relationship break up because two things happen: on the one hand, you have liberation and freedom and you return to yourself with everything that the relationship taught you. Or you have the opportunity to start integrating everything that the relationship taught you - and to shift yourself to a new place so that you can be in a new relationship with yourself and another individual at some point, if that’s what you choose.

But, the dissolution side of it covers all of the aspects that so many of us have been experiencing in the last couple of years on a personal awakening and a world scale. Grief, confusion, doubt, powerlessness - the shadow sides of a break up, the pain side. And this part of the pain body is what we as a collective are going through as we go through the awakening process.

And the awakening is ferocious right now because whereas before people used to seek an awakening, spiritual seekers would take themselves to retreats, or to certain books, or meditate daily to catalyze their own personal awakening, we are now in a mass world awakening. Which for many of us who many years ago heard about this time, if you were just coming at it from a mental standpoint, it sounded amazing, sounded glorious, the end result sounded glorious. And now I think it’s true that a bunch of us have also kind of seen, “Wow – this is intense at times.”

So the trick is always the body. Many in the self-development field will talk about “change your thoughts, change your mind” and I respect a lot of that work and I understand where that comes from but I have to say, for myself, there has always been a piece missing when people just talk about the mind because the mind is the administration of the body, and the body is an emotional energy field that is programmed from birth with our own personal survival mechanisms. If you look into this, in the womb and outside that in the first early months of our life, we have these experiences that are both genetically programmed through the bodies we came in through via our parents, but also in our own soul patterning and what we have elected to come in and experience. The patterns begin very, very early and they then grow and become more sophisticated as we get older, or they compact in us.

So for a great many of us at the moment there is an opportunity to really get in touch with our deep vulnerability – survival vulnerability. The outside world is mirroring this everywhere you look. We have a world in crisis on a nature level. We also have a world in crisis in terms of the systems that are in place for us; survival, of not just humanity, but the whole planet. There are a lot of questions and a lot of arguments going on and what you will find in yourself is you will dance in and out of feeling expanded, feeling liberated, feeling freer and then going into some of your own core personal pain around survival and vulnerability.

So, as and when these things come up, if you can, go to the body. Now, I’ve talked about this principle before, but what happens is the mind starts looping with lots and lots of thoughts if there is a disturbed emotion inside us. If you think about it, whenever you’re at peace, whenever you’re expanded, whenever you feel safe, your mind isn’t going crazy. It’s fine. But your mind starts to go, when you have become off balance energetically or physically. And the one thing I’ve repeatedly heard through my own channels, which I can vouch for through experience, is how slow the physical body is. The energy body and the spirit can be very fast, but the physical body is slow to move and to change patterning.

So attendance to the physical body is vital in terms of doing the best that you can by nutrition, exercise, making sure you get air. If you’re in a really stressed situation right now, either because of work or family or crises around you or your own personal crisis, you have to have times where you take yourself out of the crisis. This is self-leadership. Even if the crisis is intense, you have to have moments where you go, “Ok. I’m going to walk away from the group and I’m going to stand outside for five minutes, look at the sky, even if my head isn’t stopping in that five minutes.” Just the practice and the discipline of doing this will start to give your body space, where it will go, (Exhale) “I’m safe. I can actually breathe.”

Now that’s for those of you in crisis. For those of you who don’t have such external difficulties that you’re facing or dealing with, the trick with the body whenever you’re going through these emotions or these fears or these many, many thoughts is to just come to the body and just breathe for yourself. Really, really let yourself breathe. Take in breath (Inhale), and as you take in breath you can use an affirmation that feels right to you such as, “I am safe. I allow everything. I am safe. I allow everything.” Taking this into the body with the breath and then releasing the breath very consciously and just focusing on the breath. And again your mind might be thinking about everything else. But the more you practice this as a daily practice, the more that what will start to shift is that the body will start to get more space and the body will lose some of the vulnerability that is being carried in the collective right now.

There is a lot of vulnerability and we have been trained as a society to quash, avoid and lie about our vulnerability - because it’s not safe or because people don’t like hearing it. Those of you who’ve been practicing speaking up more, saying what you feel say regardless of the reactions, some of you are now going to be hitting a point where you have to go a step further. It’s not just about saying what you want, or saying what you need to to a person only in response to what they’re throwing. It’s also about expressing our vulnerability and feeling safe to do that. And I’m working with this myself at the moment. The idea that you just say what you feel, and I throughout my lifetime have done this a lot and had all sorts of reactions from people around me. But I also make it the choice that if I express myself truly and authentically then I will be moved to the people that I’m supposed to be moved to and they will be moved to me, and others will move out of the way. So expressing your vulnerability is important.

The other thing to talk about in this is idea of being a victim. In society there has been a template running for a long time around who’s in charge, who’s not, who’s empowered and who’s disempowered. Even if you’re aware of this at the mental level, it takes some time to work it through the body.

And that’s what we’re seeing going on worldwide right now. And it’s heightened for several reasons. There are many things going on in countries around the world that are difficult, that are around power or that are around abuse of power. You have an election going on in America, which raises all sorts of questions for people again. So, this is where we are at as a world. The video I did in January, '2012: Year of Power’, talked about power and the shadow sides of power being what we would deal with this year. So look at that energy as an individual. Look at where you are blaming the outside world or blaming other people.

The one thing I stand by time and time again is the goodness of people. Yes, there are people on the planet who are doing destructive things, but our media and other sources would have us believe that those people far outweigh the number of good people. And if you look at any world situation that goes on where there’s a crisis, the amount of goodness that comes out of people rallying around each other as community to help each other is unquestionable.

So it‘s really important to strengthen your community ties with people and to look at your own sense of internal power around the life that we have. Because this is going to be a challenging few years, there’s no doubt about it. But it’s a challenge that we can all rise to. And there will be moments where we don’t feel we can rise and they’re perfect, so serve them and breathe the emotion through the body. In doing that you create more space and freedom in the body. So you can then go back out into the world, or into your relationships and be present, and bring life-force to the changes that we need to bring life force to as a community.

Anger is something that relates to blame and feeling like a victim. Over the last couple of years I’ve met many well-intentioned people who are angry about things. And the anger can be a great fuel to action. But if the anger just stops at finger-pointing, blaming, talking about how depressing the world is or how everything is f*&#!d up, we’re not going to get anywhere. And the point of the anger is that you can turn that into positive action. If you feel angry about something going on in the world, then that’s your sign that you have a fuel around this – go and do something about it. Go and give your energy or your time to that area.

This is the message that I keep getting - that we can turn whatever energy we have inside us that feels contracted or compacted into a positive outward force. So that’s really important. So see if you can recognize in yourself where you’re angry and ask yourself “Have I been angry for months and months or years and years?” In which case, I need to look at this anger and move it through me and find the root of it. Or, use it for some positive effect, and that will help you channel that energy.

So the other final piece is, don’t forget how closely linked fear and excitement are. It’s interesting. In my own personal journey I can dance between those two things as I am going through my own evolutionary process, in what you could call a “personal life.” Although, I don’t think there is such a thing as a “personal life” anymore. I used to think there was; and now I see it as a collective life and something we’re all going through together. But in shedding all these layers of our personal life and going back through memories, in going back through emotions where we were held, we release into the collective more. So we stop being the individual and we become more of a one together.

So it is a ferocious process, but if you can support yourself, and you’re able to work with others to support you, that’s great. And if you don’t have the desire or the means to do that, there are so many things that you can do for yourself and there are free or inexpensive supports out there that you can find techniques through.

The final thing for me to touch on is broken trust. Broken trust is coming up for many of you and that’s why I want to touch on the relationship piece, where it’s a little bit like going through a divorce or separation. And in those moments all sorts of things come up but if you’re in the shadow side of a separation, not just in the liberated “here I go to the next incarnation of wonderful relationship,” there can be broken trust. And the truth is when there is sadness around the separation and you’re still in that place, the broken trust, even if it can sometimes be pointed at your partner, you’ll get there a lot quicker if you point it at yourself.

Ask yourself where did you lose trust in yourself because of what you manifested?

So this is why working with others to support you through something will help, particularly if you’re going through a crisis or a trauma, or you have broken trust around an individual or the world. The reason working with another human being to help you do this (whether it’s a friend or a therapist or whatever), helps, is that it brings back the idea that a human can help you, and that a human can love you, and that a human wants to build you up again, or support you to build yourself up again. This is important for those of you who’ve been in isolation for a long time – something I’ve talked about throughout the year in the other energy forecasts.

So, that is some of the energetic scope of where we are at the moment and what we are going to see come up in the next two to three weeks. So I hope you can find your energy body within your own personal details of your life. But don’t forget the physical body. Keep coming back to the body. And if you are just doing the breathing exercise once a day or twice a day or even five times a day if you feel to, it’s going to move a lot in you. And some of you are going to have to remember principles I’ve talked about in the last few months, which is what’s yours and what’s everyone else’s around you.

So if you’re not getting enough time and space to yourself, make sure you start taking pockets of time. Because with the emotional intensity that’s going on for everybody, it can be overwhelming to you.

I wish you all lots of love. Look after yourselves. Look after each other. If you need to be quiet, be quiet. If you feel to be active, be active. Do what you feel and remember that everything’s perfect. If you catch judgments coming up on yourself, great; see them, observe them. So many of our judgments are society programmed. They are not your own. They are what you have taken on in the culture, so a lot of them are coming up to be released.

So observe them. Just be an observer of the judgment or the harshness toward yourself as you learn to open up more to what’s in here (touches chest). Tidy things up a little bit. Clear out what’s not needed and then breathe in, so that you can breathe in more of what’s wanted. Cast your intention. Say what you would like to come into your life and trust those words have an energy direction for you.

Lots of love everybody, see you next month. Take care.

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

September Energy Forecast

This month, the forecast is a video only message.

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You can find the archived interview Lee mentions (referring to the Zachary channel) at:

Monday, 6 August 2012

August Energy Forecast – Dreams of the past, Dreams of the future

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The energy of July spoke of the increase in intense feelings and experiences, compared to the past. Intense highs and lows were commonplace, and the feeling of heaviness, isolation and internal/external conflict were a theme at the lower end of the scale, with the highs being a greater feeling of freedom from old beliefs, rules, and ideas of how life needs to be, and also a rise in freedom of speech. Being unafraid to say what you want, or give voice to what has been suppressed.

Apparently these themes will all continue strongly through 15th-20th August, at which point a shift takes place.

Self-maintenance and balance were always going to be required more than ever during these times we are in. So a focus on what works for you was always going to be vital. Not an easy experience when that keeps changing, but one that is educational.

Most of us are fast shaking out the old density from our systems, pushed by the planetary shift. So actually, experiencing and thus learning from the heaviness you go through is a vital part of your personal shift, rather than it being a regression, as some people are worrying it might be. Learn to redirect your thoughts when these moments happen and remember that the lows are as important as the highs for our evolution, for they are connected to each other.

Personal and world revelations have been high recently. Personally, seeing more of your old patterns, limitations and shadows as they move out is a strong experience for the self-aware. Celebrate what you're seeing as you come through it, and on days where you are 'in it', remember it will pass, surround yourself with good and light influences to the best of your ability. And be aware that other people and/or over-stimulation will not be helpful. This last point is crucial. Fifteen minutes of alone time can be enough if you notice you are feeling edgy in the company of others. Do not try and cope for the sake of those you are with – that will backfire on you and them and is an old way of being (see the channel at the end of this forecast).

Mothers giving birth do not allow vibrationally unaligned people around them or too much noise in the delivery room, and it is the same for you when you are in contraction releasing your density or overstimulated by the density in others. If you feel internal pressure when around others, that is because the chemistry between you is not flowing, so be the leader and walk away if the other person has not noticed. It is not personal and need not be forever. This is a common experience right now.

Others around you, who are less energy aware, or invested in playing out the density for their own growth, will be unconscious of throwing energy around, so back away from fiery or disruptive people, or meet their energy with your own boundary or fire in order to claim your energy space if backing away is not an option. Whichever feels right to and for you in whatever moment. Follow and trust the body with this – let it do the work for you.

Those of you who have developed your way of staying centred over so many years, remember that this will now be constantly updated, as there is a quickening in mass consciousness. So what you had previously developed was based on your relationship to everyone else and where they were at before. Everyone is different now, so it will no longer apply most of the time. If you feel in shock or distress about this, see it is just an opportunity to release control habits we no longer need.

Levels of control run through us, as we are creatures of habit, even if our habits have become more enlightened. So subtle levels of control may be witnessed in you now, and as you surrender control there can be a feeling of anguish or anxiety. Fear in the body which the control had previously been there to protect. Trust and let it go. We are not in control of everything around us – we are in relationship with it.

Ongoing 2012 symptoms which have been strong in July and will continue through August are:

• Strong Dreams – Dream activity is stronger than normal for most and intense for some – death/destruction featuring strongly, or beautiful visions of the future

• Strong/sudden tiredness – Solar Flare activity and the movement of our planet giving you a kind of spiritual jet-lag experience. Rest and sleep as much as possible.

• Mental conflicts – Mental confusion involving doubting aspects of life/doubting yourself and your decisions. Everything is changing – you couldn't avoid these mental shifts.

• High highs and low lows – New heights of clarity and feeling and/or intense burning off of the old emotional memories within you. The burn is fast if you allow it.

• Fear/anxiety/emotion – working through the body, in response to everything that is changing fast. Breath, re-find your centre and stop 'doing' until you do, let go of a need to control, and surrender the past.

On a world level, as a people we are about to give greater action and voice to what we are seeing around us and mid August onwards will see a rise in the call for this. Justification for war needs to be questioned, just as it is appropriate that we are moving from being a passive people to an active people where the government of our world is concerned.

Government is us – we are one people, with many conflicted opinions and feelings within that group, but life has to be the aim, otherwise we are just obsessed with destruction. Be mindful of what you expose yourself to as the norm (violent movies where aggression is seen as normal, empty consumerism/advertising, and negative views of the world enforced by the media). These promote hollowness rather than fullness within us and so are dis-empowering energies to expose ourselves to. Many of you are leading the charge with creating the new and being voices for change in this.

Remember, we awaken each other and this is an important time for us as a people to cast our vote and our actions toward how we want to see our future world become.

Next year onwards, physically as a planet there will be no denying this time of shift we are in which recent history has no memory of or preparation for. The fighting and the war is a distraction from the bigger picture unfolding. It is nurture and clear thinking we need now.

So harvest these qualities in yourself, as it starts with each of us. Remember the power of thought and energy is influential, and those of you feeling active on these issues as human beings, know that if you step forward there will be a growing wave of support behind you.

Finally, on July 22nd I held a seminar in Sydney, where this message came through me in a 3 Z's channel. It felt appropriate to share this month as it speaks from a different perspective on what is occurring:

Channeled Message (July 22nd)

So at this time on Earth you are all continuing to walk, trying to continue to walk. This is why many of you are falling over. The planet is unstable and we say that not to raise alarms around your fear of what might happen but simply to remind you that the planet is currently unstable, moving very fast, and in fact, oscillating back and forth, very very quickly. This can be felt on every level of you – cellular, DNA, emotional. The whole spectrum of you is moving very very fast and this is why there is such rapid release occurring on the planet.

So if you keep trying to walk at this time, you will feel the tremors. The gifts will be found in stillness. And stillness can be a challenging area for those of you who have not been in stillness for some years. You are 'doers' all of you, but you are now learning how to do through your energy field, rather than your action. It is true is it not that you have heard that some of the greatest meditators have taken journeys they cannot speak of while sitting in the stillness of meditation. Trust and explore this truth.

Many of you are struggling to release roles that you have played on Earth. You give yourselves different terms - Light-workers, lighthouses, strengtheners. These titles are quite distasteful to some, for some people see these words as a betterment over others. For example, the hierarchy that a light-worker is better than a non-light-worker. Well, that is like trying to say that an engineer is better than a builder. Both are required to get the house made.

So there is no energy hierarchy in any roles on Earth, but those of you who have been the lighthouses, the light-workers, you are struggling at the moment to stabilize. For you are being asked to do less. You are being asked to centre. You are being asked to stand in the stillness.

It is not comfortable in the eye of the storm when your way of balance has been to move into and around the storm, organising it. So this is different and it takes time. You are trying to 'dock in' to your new internal reality. It is a shift and it is different for each of you. It has a different form, it has a different face, most importantly, it has a different feeling. But the universal shake-up that is occurring on the entire planet can be felt.

This is why we say be calm, be still, rest as much as you can. We say it over and over and over and over and over, because it is forgotten, over and over and over and over. Why is it forgotten? Because you are a tribe. You are not individuals. You are in one sense, and it is understood by you that you each have your individual energy and your individual sense. But when the tribe is running around, it is very hard to sit down, for you are afraid that you might be trodden on. You are afraid they will not see you. You are afraid that in stillness, you will be invisible.

So those of you who have felt invisible in society will become very very visible when you learn the art of standing still. When you stop yourself from running out there, doing what you were doing before. First of all there will be some grief, some anger, some sadness to clean out. When you haven't been in the house for a long time, there is some housekeeping to be done. It is not pleasant on a human level. But just as you can attest that the housekeeping you keep putting off feels so much better when it is done and you are in your clean, lovely space, that you do not regret doing this work, so too is it with the emotional body right now.

You will come to balance far quicker at this time if you learn to still yourself and feel your feelings. You will simply prolong it if you try to run those feelings through relationships, work or indeed, you step out of what you need to do, what you feel you need to do in order to go and help or service others when you are aware you on half mast. Taking yourself out of the house while you are on half-mast right now will be a struggle. Learn from that truth. You are reprogramming your body understanding.

There is no need to push yourself anywhere. Trust us. You can feel the whole planet from inside your house, more so now than ever. So running around in the storm is going to feel a little challenging and in fact will run your energy down. We understand you will need to do things, we understand you will need to go out. But we specify here that the coming 3-4 months, the intensity you are feeling now, will actually rise in terms of what is going on within the humans on Earth.

So it is very important for you to understand the vital need for you to rest, recharge and regain your composure. Composure being not an act of 'front'; not what you 'show to the world' but what you feel when you are in the world. That is vital. It will stand you in good stead. The other truism of this time is that higher energies are far faster to integrate within you than ever before. So if you focus with intent, and if you allow yourself to tune 'up' regularly you will find it far more effortless than it ever was before, to both bring higher energy into your body, and sustain it.

Energetic maintenance will be easier to maintain than ever before. This is good to know, and to use, but you will have to use it. It will be like wanting to run down a one way street when all of the rest of the traffic is driving toward you. It will feel counter intuitive if you pay attention to what everyone else is doing around you. The tribal part of you will want to go with the group down the one way street.

Now, many of you, when we say all of these things interpret it as isolation but we in fact propose that the opposite then becomes the result. You will need to isolate yourselves less. You will be capable of joining more with the right people than if you try and struggle, to quote another source on Earth, 'upstream'. So these are important times for all of you to understand your own mastery, but for many of you who have lived in other paradigms at other times (Atlantis has already been mentioned today) you are having the opportunity to reground some of those gifts. In a very different world, yes, but to bring some of the energetic prowess into you that you understood and worked with then. That which we would call 'Energy Technology'.

You see for a long time on your planet, magic, such as intentions and affirmations – simple acts such as these you have been exploring today, were somewhat removed from the human society. In fact they had been removed from the human society, just as much of the energy knowledge was stamped out of your history. But the energy knowledge exists for a reason, and a human can access it.

So if you cast an intention for what you would like to bring into your life, it will come. What you are struggling to integrate is what the human has to go through in order to rearrange for what comes. This is also a wonderful lesson for each of you in realising that actually, not a great deal is needed when emotional well-being is present. There are not many outside structures or experiences that become required when you are able to stay centred and balanced in yourself.

So what you will intend for is something very simple, and it will be state based. So if you intend for greater well-being, that will become the reality – the details can form themselves. Releasing the details will be the important aspect.

Which brings us to the final piece we will say for today. Releasing the details is the process that humanity is currently going through. Stabilising the core of the Earth is the stage you are in. These next few years, the stabilization of the core of your Earth will dictate how stable everything on the Earth and among the people becomes.

So work that process in yourself to contribute to the easiest shift for humanity and the planet. The more you learn to centre yourself, the more you offer an opportunity for a centred planet to move forward, with centred people upon it who can help facilitate that shift.

Good. Our message is delivered for now.

In peace and in love to all of you.

Thursday, 5 July 2012

July Energy Forecast - Shifting To Action In Our Spiral Of Evolution

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*I abandoned the first draft of this forecast as it felt repetitive to so many other months this year. It was almost fully written and yet did not feel quite right. In some ways the repetition was a truth, as the symptoms I have mentioned throughout 2012 are still showing up for many. So you may want to go back through the first six forecasts of the year to harvest some of the seeds there, as some of you will now be experiencing aspects I mentioned in recent months.

Shifting To Action In Our Spiral Of Evolution

The second half of 2012 has begun, and the time of action is now upon us more than ever. We will see this playing out everywhere. The coming six months will see more external and practical movement than the first. We will each play our part in the action, and the way our bodies feel about what is happening will guide us to our place. We will all have moments where we are tired and trying to catch up with what is going on, as it is intense on the body. So honour your needs as much as you give out to others, especially if you recognise yourself as a giver or a lighthouse for the troubles or needs of others. Women and those strong in the feminine/nurturing especially, take heed of this. Need is on the rise, therefore so too must self-care become stronger.

Invite yourself, where possible, to turn your feelings into action in July.

How do you want to live your life now?

What do you want to change in the coming weeks and months?

How do you want our planet and its life to look in the future?

This is a time of so many questions. And that is not an easy process to go through.

We are being asked to step out of what we have known as a way of life for decades and to look a little closer at what is going on. To peek behind the curtain, however scary it may be. It can be disorientating to notice change happening. Even if we think the structure of life still looks the way it used to, it doesn't feel the same way. And the strong sense of fast change is in the air in July, more so than in any month this year.

We are being called to ask questions about our future ways. Questions about planetary resources. Questions about banking systems and our governments. Questions we have perhaps never previously asked, with answers that don't seem clear. More people are beginning to wonder about how we are doing as a race on a planet at a unique point in time. More people are looking outside the four walls of their home and at the bigger picture unfolding. A picture that has unique circumstances which our more recent predecessors did not have to go through.

We are now asking questions that previously, a government, or a parent, or a company we work for took care of for us. This is a collective change.

What does this change create in us? It creates ongoing ripples and waves in the energy and physical body. The energy body holding the feeling, thought and spirit of you. The physical body holding the grounded and historic part of you.

Some of the experiences brought on by these waves are; confusion, fear, liberation, grief, claustrophobia, excitement, anger, awakening, sadness, enlightenment.

This is a universal energy experience, however you might be going through it. Some will go through it via the catalyst of cancer, some through the catalyst of losing their job and others just through their sensory experience of what is taking place in the world.

Several routes, same destination.

Most of you reading this will not relate to every reaction I just listed. But all of you will relate to at least one of the experiences. For that spectrum of experience is currently 'us'. We are each a unique part of the human tapestry, but contained within a range of reactions and feelings. Contained because we share in (and pick up on) the group reactions we are surrounded by. And these are intensely feeling times, so if you aren't directly in crisis yourself, you will have an increasing number of crises around you in those you know.

Life on Earth in general is exhibiting crisis, and we humans are mirroring the state of our planet. When in crisis, things can look very bleak and feel very painful. But as those of you who have been through great crises in your life before know, if you are lucky enough to have come out stronger on the other side, you understand the possibilities of renewal and rebirth that crisis points bring.

So, we can allow this reality to be depressing or inspiring. And there is no prescription for how our situation should make you feel. The best we can do is be honest with ourselves about where we are at, and work with that place within us as honestly as we can.

I have heard stories from those imprisoned in concentration camps during the second world war, as to how different the reactions of prisoners were. There were those prisoners who withdrew into devastation and those who kept the spirit of the group alive. And that these energies could move and shift through the group, as time went on. So, the devastated would refind their will to live, and the spirited would become devastated for a while. This reminds us that the human spirit is ever moving and resilient, even in the most challenging of circumstances. And that humans can inspire other humans.

We have an opportunity now to inspire and affect positive change, but to effectively do this, we must equally honour and become aware of what is going on inside of us. So if we are depressed or in grief, then that is the feeling we must honour and learn to work with, or seek support for, until we reset ourselves.

Not everyone will feel depressed, just as not everyone will feel excited. But the excited people will have the strength inside themselves to see the potentials, and powered by their strength, will lead the way toward creating it. And when or if their strength disappears or dims for a time, the baton of strength can be picked up by someone else in our human tapestry. Someone who the previously strong people perhaps helped to get back onto their feet when they were down. This is the 'wheel effect' of human energy in motion. The sharing planet, sharing the leadership, sharing the strength, supporting those more in need.

The depressed people will go through their grieving process and return to their strength if they can find the right direction and support. Their direct experience of grief will then help them in nurturing and guiding others in depression. Nothing is wasted as we can use our empathy to help us find our action. For example, if you feel sad about the struggles of the elderly in life, this is a sign of direction for you, and you may wish to lend your time to helping the elderly in your community. Many sensitive people feel sad right now because of what they are picking up on in the outer world. Often engaging in helping in the areas you feel most touched by, is the remedy for this. The body and its feelings can be a great compass for you in that sense.

I am conscious that many in the spiritual community want solely to focus on the 'heights' we can attain, but in my view and experience, the greater heights are only reached by being uncensored in ourselves about the low points you may experience or witness. The difficult feelings, or thoughts which come up. The difficult experiences which play out around you.

Life is a spiral path for all of us. We are constantly invited to evolve upwards in life, but we move up and down within that spiral of evolution. With the down moments, we are invited to take the time to stabilise our new heights reached. This is why we are often returned to replays of the past to see how we are doing with moving on. So for example, you may see old relationship dynamics you used to experience playing out with a new friend, albeit this time at subtler levels than before. If you notice this, recognise there are two opportunities. One; to show you how you have moved on from a dynamic you used to be caught in. Two; to give you an opportunity to change the dynamic this time, or to simply recognise you can walk away from it if the person is exhibiting behaviour that you've identified does not work well with your chemistry.

One of the low points we can get into as human beings, is in not trusting that we each have our role to play – losing our sense of purpose, which is strong for many right now. It can be a great gift to feel purposeless for a while, unless you are angry at yourself for that experience – then it can be a painful experience. Low self-esteem can get in the way of you living your purpose, but perhaps more destructive to human growth, is the judgement of others.

I sometimes meet those on the spiritual path who believe that the revolution on Earth has to be a 'certain' way. That a certain tradition or practise which they follow is superior to all else. If any of you are holding that energy, now is the time to closely look at it and ask yourself why you feel so convinced of what the rest of the world needs? How could you possibly know what will work for everyone else? The greatest knowing you will ever be able to master is the knowing you will come to inside yourself. Whether you call that knowing God, or your higher self, or just knowing you.

So honour and love your own practise but deeply commit to it for yourself, without distracting yourself by needing others to join you in it. Remember, several routes, same destination. So whenever you catch that need for others to do it 'your way', recognise how your energy is externalising onto others. Projecting your belief outward, rather than deepening inward with your belief, thus losing your own energy.

The seed of war that exists in us as humans runs deep and that is what this energy of projection speaks of. The effects of war energy are what we are dealing with in the world on a major level now, and it is becoming more exposed every day. So do not be surprised if those around you begin exhibiting this energy in subtle and bigger ways.

The seed of war is: wanting/needing power over others and their ways of being, or a belief there are lesser people than yourself. Both of these speak of energetic disconnection from the heart of yourself and your fellow man/woman. And it shows up in subtle ways for all of us, as it is an energy we have shared in over time.

Judgement of the ways of others, feeling superior to others or believing you are more advanced than others are the evident traps in the spiritual community. None of these thoughts or projections will help the 'others' you are viewing that way to evolve. It will just dim your own energy to create the good you are capable of creating, and puts back out into the world further seeds of war energy, thus encouraging others to contract in fear rather than expand in love.

If you find yourself being judged by another, step away or say something to them, as it will not help you or any of us to be on the direct receiving end of judgement right now. And that energy will be flying around as the ego and male shadow energy shake through us as a collective in transformation following the Venus transit and rise of the feminine.

Finally, the speed of our time is rapid, and the third eye and crown areas are opening fast right now. So the intuitive among you will be noticing that visions and intuitions you have will be transforming and changing, sometimes within hours or days. This is due to a higher level of consciousness arriving at a planetary level. Metaphorically speaking, the psychic ceiling just raised by 100 feet on Earth, almost overnight during June. This invites a more intuitive space for everyone on Earth to walk into, which is a good thing. But for those already developed with the psychic highways, it will be a little crazy up there for a while as you adjust to the new level of speed and information. It's the difference between road traffic in the countryside and the city (for a clear picture, imagine Delhi, India!!).

So take time to get used to it, and don't be surprised if timelines and possibilities that you see and vision for yourself or others, are rapidly shifting for a while.

Much love to all

Affirmation for July;

I will be clear in my actions and do as I feel to do

I will be kind to myself when I stumble or am tired

I will be compassionate toward the pain of others

I will not ingest the judgment of others

I will be free of expectations and live more in the now

I am open to love and support for myself and our world, for it is out there, always

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

June Energy Forecast – Loving the Feminine Road Less Travelled

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The feminine energy is enormously powerful, and we would not be here without its presence. Yet for so long, the power of the feminine has been feared and suppressed within the psyche and attitude on Earth. The feminine represents the felt and unseen. The feminine power is nurture, creativity, intuition, and heart-centred living and loving. In recent years, these qualities and their value have been rising and are increasingly demonstrated in many men and women worldwide.

This month, the lid comes off the volcano where the feminine is concerned. June 5th, the day I finish writing this, is the day of the Venus Transit. The first in 8 years. The suppressed feminine will rain on and through all of us throughout June, and the results will be electrifying and destructive in equal measure, depending on your relationship to masculine and feminine energies in your life.

Experiences will be:

• Speaking your truth (regardless of reactions or disagreement with your words)

• Clearing out anger (ingested from others or suppressed in yourself)

• Recognising the magic, beauty and power of being incarnate, alive, and in the moment

• Grieving for life moments, relationships or loved ones lost (emotional purging for renewal)

• Celebrating the loss of a need for 'structure' around your experience of being human

The irony of the gender imbalance and suppression of women that our world has created this past few thousand years is that every single man is born of a woman. The gender war seems almost laughable then, where many men throughout history have chosen to reject the equality of women – their point of birth. It is an act of disconnection and fear of inequality, both of which are rooted in unconsciousness and shadow. Yet the ways that women and feminine energy have been suppressed and subjugated in our society is anything but laughable.

The tide has turned now, and this month sees the rise of the feminine in all it's glory and fury. This will deeply affect the experiences around male and female energy in all of us, to subtle or great degrees, depending on your own personal balance and place on the scale. Reading the following paragraphs, you may apply the 'energy' analogies to yourself or those around you, but don't see this as 'gender' I am referring to, for that would be misleading. Remember, there are many men who are deeply rooted in the feminine and many women who exist dominantly in their male energy. But at a societal level, we have been male-energy led for a very, very long time.

The 'old' male energy is currently lost in its leadership on Earth, which is why many men (and women who lead with their male side) are bewildered, burnt-out and direction-less within a male energy engineered society which is currently reaching an inevitable point of collapse.

So if you are trying to make the 'old structure' work in your life using male energy (seeking external 'success', achievement, society position, accumulation of wealth or materialism) you will likely be in great suffering or frustration right now. For these ways are exactly that – old. The male shadow energy can also be found in competition with others, or comparison with others. Comparison is of course an illusion, as we cannot be anything than ourselves, and we are all connected. But the inner wound which can drive this illusion comes from fear of survival, thus the need to fight or take from another in order to survive.

So be aware of others unconsciously burning off these fragments around you, as some will be fighting their way through this 'power struggle' in themselves throughout June.

Or if any of these thoughts or feelings arise in you, ask yourself if you too are burning off the male shadow in yourself, as part of your opening process. If this reveals itself to you, do not be afraid if you see it, but consciously bring in some feminine energy, and you will balance.

The way to do this is nurture yourself, stop achieving, stop trying to control, and don't attempt to remove emotional discomfort through displacement action or organisation. STOP. Just sit with the discomfort for a moment and allow it to be present and invite it to move through you.

There is a great grace and heart energy coming into our world in June, which will allow the emotional movements to be fast and deep if you are willing to let them go. Conversely, if you resist or insist on sticking to 'the story' of your pain or suffering, things will feel chronic to you until you start to feel rather than 'think' your way through.

So invite the growth of the feminine to become your new way. Start taking moments to slow down, stop, and take in what is going on around you more. Even now, as you read this, stop, look out of your window at a tree, or a person nearby, a picture on the wall. Just take a moment to practise stopping and come back to your senses of the world around you, outside where you are placing your focus right now. This is the feminine in action – sensory, feeling, and perceptive.

In surrendering to feeling more and more, and just allowing each moment to exist in you, you are surrendering to the inner flush of the old and ingested masculine drive.

One metaphor for this drive is that in your male energy you have been driving along a tarmac road, always happy when driving to your destination, but less comfortable when you arrive and have to stop. We have now run out of tarmac road in our world, so it is time to allow the feminine driver in you to emerge, whether you are man or woman. This way of driving will involve getting off the usual track and seeing instead what is to your left and right – the wide open grasslands that are the feminine roads less travelled. The spaces you hadn't before seen which are fertile for you to plant new seeds of life within.

The rise in feminine energy will beautifully and abundantly support heart and community-centred growth this month. Community building, and heart centred actions will flow easily, and you will find yourself connecting quickly with others who are also in this flow. Energy shared with others multiplies within you, so stay open, get eye contact with those who are willing and open to meet your gaze with heart. Be present. Allow love through the eyes as often as you dare. Both giving and receiving.

Have gratitude for the feminine you have already experienced on Earth, as this way you celebrate what you are inviting. You may wish to thank your mother and your father for their feminine nurture of you. You may wish to thank our Earth, who holds and carries us. Also thank yourself, and the feminine in you which leads you everyday, nurturing you, loving you, supporting your life on Earth.

Finally, love the divine masculine within you. Do not reject any wounded parts of your male energy or the wounds you see in the male elsewhere. The healing of all sides of us is always possible, as rejection of any part of you simply creates further wounding. Compassion and openness for healing are vital energies. As an Energy Master of yourself, this is why learning how to be in your centre is so vital. For then you are not knocked or engaged by the wounded behaviours of others. But can be a silent, compassionate observer of their process and an advocate of positive, heart-centred action in the world.

The Divine masculine and feminine in each of us is rising to create a more heartfelt way of being and living in unity with our planet and each other. We simply need to invite and allow the process.

The life of the soul is infinite.

The life of the human, is momentary.

Enjoy the moments and trust that what arises in you as each moment occurs, will also, move. Just as the mother who births the infant knows that one day, that infant will be grown.

Message from Zachary:

There is a great balancing taking place on Earth, before your people and planet move into the next level of life and evolution. The importance of this year, 2012, is often spoken of, but we say to you it is 2012-2015 which will shape the immediate future of Earth and your people, and in many ways your perception of '2012' energy began as early as 2008.

The offering of this time for more people on your planet than in the last few thousand years, is a leap opportunity where many at one time will be able to wake up to the cosmic mystery of the energy of life, which until now on Earth has been heavily veiled for the mass.

 Many of you have been aware of this rising intensity ('the quickening') since the leap points in 2001, 2003 and 2007 which accelerated the evolution of linear time and physical matter, and in response, the experience of being human.
 As human bodies, you are physically 'following' this curve of planetary evolution rather than leading it. As souls, you are aware of all aspects of what is occurring and very 'in the moment' with your process.

 So, rather than being in 'the quickening' as some of you knew it, you can see yourselves as in 'the happening'. You will move through this time with the most grace if you attend to working with your body and your consciousness in equal measure. Balance the body and its consciousness as much as possible. For balance will be hard to maintain during the rising geomagnetic intensity you are experiencing, so extra diligence and new approaches will be required with these physical vehicles of yours.

 Many of you wish to know what is coming, and feel fear around this. Yet ask yourself what is this fear? Why is the fear of 'what is future' so great that you are anxiously focusing on the future and forgetting 'what is now'. In fact the fear is of 'now'. So get in touch with, and befriend the fear in your body in the now, so that you are once more clear and open to everything and prepared in yourself for anything. Catch the parts of you still living in the old story of physical survival. You are more than physical. You have always been more than physical. And if you deny this part of yourself, you deny the truth of what is occurring in this stage of 2012. Resistance to what you experience within your body emotionally will only lead to struggle and prolonged suffering. Willingness to live internally, and allow the external to shape itself around you according to that, will provide the most illuminating moments.

The balance of the feminine is a power balance. The full power of the human has been suppressed and denied for as long as this imbalance has existed. Even in those already developed in the feminine, even greater power (of seeing, of feeling and of creating) will now be released into the feminine within you. This is due to the shift taking place in individual consciousnesses and then, politically and culturally around the globe. For politics and culture, also 'follow' the curve of planetary evolution, with politics being the slowest to change and having the strongest resistance currently. Politics is a wonderful marker of human resistance to change. It shows you where the 'weight' is heaviest. In most countries worldwide, it is still dominated by male 'old' energy, so be conscious that this is what you are focusing on when politics frustrates you.

So when your 'story' about yourself, your life, your politics, or even 2012, becomes tight or constricted in you, remember that to release the limited definition of the story in your mind is to release the internal struggle in the body and the emotions. Thus freeing yourself back into the width of the universal matrix.

And remember that you are not alone, that the Earth is her own being, and that this, is a very big universe.


I open to the feminine within me, and I invite balance into my energy field.

I open to the feminine outside of me, and with new eyes, I see and feel its presence, everywhere.

I open to meet the heart of the world through the heart of myself.

In love and in peace to all