Tuesday, 6 December 2011

December 2011 Energy Forecast – 2012 and Gratitude

As we enter the final month of 2011, the year of 2012 and all it symbolises edges closer to our reality. 2012 - a new beginning, and the centre year of a turning point in both consciousness and reality.

In tandem with the approach of 2012, an energy theme of beginnings and endings, death and birth is around us now more than ever. This is because a cleansing continues in our human psyches and emotions. This cleanse is in direct response to our planetary change and the Earth shifts we are in.

 So whether you are experiencing the death energy through the loss or serious illness of loved ones, or are meeting places in your relationships where you can't connect any more in the same way as you did, know that this is the wave we are dealing with right now. It's a wave we can surrender to, or resist. Surrender to the discomfort will move it through us faster every time, whereas resisting can make the emotions compact and twist in us.

 As part of this wave, in personal relationships, anger and un-met expectations are rising to the surface for many. You may be changing the way you see someone or how you see your relationships in general. This is all a natural growing process, but can cause some to want to fight over what is occurring rather than just allowing nature to run its course. Right and wrong is always a subjective discussion, and fighting is debilitating at the best of times. But December is not a month to rise to conflict with anything or anyone. Energies are chaotic and rationale is not high in people who are emotionally activated, so any fights you enter into could be messier than you expect. And there will be invitations to conflict, so be aware of your choices before you act or communicate.

Any fighting in relationships right now is a response to the stress and challenge of our current time, and speaks of difficult inner feelings being thrown around in an attempt to find resolution. Conflict is born of an impulse or idea that through fight, difficult feelings may go away. As a worldwide tsunami of old and past emotions continues to come up and out for many, the mind cannot make sense of this release process fast enough, which is why the words many say right now will not always be logical.

If you find yourself in a fight, being alone with your feelings when they are strong in you, or moving the body/breath is a way to allow the release to happen without ricocheting your emotions with and through others. This ricocheting is popular in fighting, although the initial release it gives doesn't last.

Spiritual and meditative practise, whatever that may be for you, will be the way to move beyond the growing noise and tension in humanity and those around you while this transition/cleanse continues to move through us as a people.

December, particularly from the 10th onwards, will see us blow through a great deal of this death energy (which intensified around the 11.11.11 date). In the 2nd half of the month, a focus on gratitude for life will begin for many of us, at all-new levels. And in counterbalance of the frictional energy in some personal relationships, a great deal of appreciation for and sharing with others will colour many of your lives

As and where you can, be grateful simply to be alive, or for the relationships you have known or now know. This is important for the next levels of ascension available in December. Communicating how much or why you love another person will be high on the agenda for many of you, and this wave of loving communication will ease anxiety for many and promote togetherness.

Many of you will have been experiencing this way of being for the past few years, but December brings a stronger energy to gratitude and appreciation, which will see us reaching new heights of it. This is also highlighted by struggles we are seeing around us, allowing us to be grateful for what we do have, while we observe what we used to have or be, in flux or change.

The energy of gratitude will be a powerful one to harness and play with if you choose to focus it, and will allow the greatest experiences of opening and possibility this month.

If you are not in a grateful place because you are struggling, then first focus on a daily practise of seeing what you are grateful for each day, however small, but also allow yourself to be in struggle if that's where you find yourself to be. Do not judge yourself for it, or deny any emotions or expressions that arise because of it. Be kinder and love yourself through it. Remember, these challenging times are happening for everyone in one way or another, and even those doing well in their own internal balance are adjusting and adapting constantly in order to stay centred.

We in the west, with our privileged life compared to so many, can sometimes forget the simple gratitude for having food and shelter when others around the world have none. We are in a time of waking up to a new world consciousness right now. The realisation is that our world of nature will not be endlessly plentiful without our tending to it and becoming more conscious of what it needs now and in the future. This outlook is occurring in and for everyone at different levels, and as a result, future years will involve more positive community action and support of each other.

As a result of our looming future, old memories and beliefs are currently getting melted down in us so we can create space for a new outlook. Within all these changes, we are attempting to balance ourselves in our everyday grounded reality and continue to 'keep going'. This takes a lot of energy and many of you will be finding your normal functioning or old ways difficult to keep up with at times. So don't worry about this - you are quite on track with what everyone else is experiencing.

So do as much as you are able and want to, but know your limits and the places where you need to rest and be clear about those places for yourself. You are as important as everyone else.

December will hold a strong energy of health change for many of you, where you will find it easier to desire and achieve a better health for yourself than in previous months. You will choose and want to listen to your body and it's needs for well being more than ever before and December will support that call, as a wave of universal agreement toward health evolution starts to grow among people. December begins many months of this focus on health.

The first few months of 2012 will be very strong months of both steady and sudden changes, and set us up for a few years on Earth that will be quite different in focus and experience.

So slowly but surely, and in preparation, the preciousness of life is being remembered and celebrated worldwide. You are a part of this movement and as old memories come up for release, give them their necessary moment. Give yourself the time to reflect and observe. 

Reflection and stepping back is important in these times of 'doing', and will create balance for you personally and universally.

Finally, be careful of over-stimulation this month. The chaotic nature of a worldwide emotional cleanse will not bode well for those of you who are running too fast to reconnect to centre at least daily. The momentum is there for you to either join or observe. Just know that joining it externally (interactions with others that are continually tense, for example) will prove too much for the sensitivity in most of you.

So if you have felt fast or over-stimulated for a while, try slowing and see which different views you get to see as a result. Taking a month like this to regularly find your centre, or slow down is very supported as December wants to bring nurture.

So if you can't easily slow down, take regular daily moments of observation of the world and people around you, for that is where the great gratitude, and the stillness, will be found. 

And it wants to be found, so seek...:-)

In love and in gratitude to all of you.



Saturday, 12 November 2011

November Energy Forecast: Gateway to Solutions...

The energies on earth continue to ramp up. This brings in more and more awakening energy to people's lives, feelings and perceptions. More people are beginning to open their hearts, their feelings, and see the importance of love. More people are opening to the truth of life through their feelings, and letting go of old anchors in their hearts or minds. It is a powerful time of shift within humans, and even if not obvious to the human eye, it is happening at great speed now.

The peaceful demonstrations taking place around the world are the evidence of our foretold rising in 'people power'. This group energy is strong and for many of you, will be affecting you in your daily personal lives. Silencing yourself will no longer be an option. Some of you will be burning with truths you need to express to people in your lives. Some of you will have done this and be adjusting to the aftermath of your 'truth speaking' in your life, for to speak the truth creates changes.

You are in tandem with the groups who are 'occupying' right now. This is a time for people to speak, and speak loudly. Remember that even if expression can sometimes seem daunting, suppression is painful and more damaging in the long run. So when you feel you are ready to express, take the chance and do it. This is not a time for compromise.

November has also brought in strong waves of mental/psychic confusion, and a feeling of disconnection/disorientation for many. This will not be constant, but can be very strong as and when it appears. If it comes for you, just accept this state without panic as best you can. Panic or concern over why you are feeling this way will only amplify the experience. Say or repeat to your mind 'all is well' and place one palm of your hand on your heart centre (centre of your chest) and the other over the centre of your stomach (navel). Just breathe for a while and let your hands calm you.

You, like all of us, are simply feeling the 'dislodge' in our planetary centre. Everything is changing on Earth because the core of the earth is heating and has also shifted from it's old axis. We are in constant adjustment to these changes and they affect everyone. We are a planet in faster change than ever before. It is only logical that this speed of external change would dislodge us internally, and take time for us all to adjust to. 

So do not be hard on yourselves if you feel off-centre or a need to rest. This is a worldwide experience. So breathe, and support and love yourself back to wellness or centre when these moments arise. Remember, you are the constant guardian and parent of yourself, so be a loving one. Parent yourself the way you would parent your child. And if you find you are harsh with yourself, work on first noticing and then changing that. It takes awareness and self-love, and it is necessary to do this to become more loving to yourself and others.

In energy terms, it has been an intense beginning to November for many. This intensity will continue until around 15th November. The gateway of 11/11/11 will be felt more by the 14th onwards, as it is not just one day that is represented by this day. Instead the gateway represents a shift into a time of Earth and human solutions and more 'new-ways' coming through for our future.

After the 15th we will still see dissolution occurring in areas of life, and so will you in your personal life. But this has become more accepted as a 'norm' now, and so the solutions to our challenges as a world will start to appear faster and more steadily. The grief and shock being less apparent for people will allow this life-force wave of creation energy to return. This is why the second half of November will have a feeling of more 'future' momentum for many. Even if you live very much in the present, the future will feature heavily in the next few weeks in multiple ways for you.

We are living in fast times and they are only getting faster. So again, the need to remember your personal speed may not be the same speed as everyone else. And that the need to create peace and stillness amid the speed, will be vital for balance. More people are growing tired of the pace and the over-stimulation of our current world. This is beginning to take hold in the minds and hearts of many. There is a group consensus that is taking hold and supporting stillness and slowing down.
The energy of December holds the promise of a very connected time with your loved ones, more so than in recent years. When I tune into that month, there is a glow around it.

So use this November 'gateway' as an intentional month for yourself.
Take moments to simply accept where you are now in life, and where you have been recently, even if you are setting a very different intention for your future. It is all connected – past, present, future are simply one thread of life. The disconnection from this truth is the root of so much of our human mental and emotional suffering. So reconnecting and intending in your own ways, in your own time, will pay dividends for you.

In honour of the 11.11.11. gateway, I offer you below a 'Reconnection' affirmation.
Feel free to say it aloud as many times as you feel to do so.

In love and in peace to all

Reconnection Affirmation

I am here. I am present. I am alive. I am passionate. I am free.
These experiences are mine to remember and experience.
I am everything and through living fully as myself, I will remember this connection, daily.

This world is mine to connect to as I choose.
This world is mine to experience.
This world is mine to love.

Nature is a force, and I invite myself to join with and receive of its power.
Nature is a force and I invite myself to love it and see it as my parent, in that it daily gives me life.

I breathe with nature, I breathe with humanity, I breathe with myself.
Never truly alone, never only human, honouring the spirit breath of life I am a part of.

I can be peace for myself and for this world.
I am growing in peace.
I am growing in love.

Monday, 7 November 2011

November Forecast delayed...

Hi Everyone.

I usually aim to have the forecasts out by the 5th of each month at the latest.
Alas and alack, I am a bit behind with things for this month, so it will appear within the next few days....
Big love in the meantime.
Lee x

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Winds of Calm, Winds of Chaos, Winds of Change....

October is an 'entry month' in energetic terms. This month we enter the year of 2012 energetically and thus an energy of new beginning will exist strongly and support new beginnings for many.

We tend to look at dates and times in linear terms as 21st century humans, which for scientific and mental purposes is a useful and appropriate 'measure'. But in terms of energy, this month begins the cycle of 2012, and a 15/16 month cycle of cleansing, renewal, transformation and power. As a result, these four words will be experienced this month in ever growing ways. Winds of calm and winds of change will sweep the earth and our lives, and renewal and transformation will be high on the agenda.

Extreme energies will once more be present in October, and this will show up globally and personally, though you will have the choice to engage those extremes or not. As an experience, this duality will rarely be as chaotic or grief stricken as it was in earlier months of this year when the extremes come in. The shifts of 2011 are ingrained in us now, and we have adjusted to them. So little can surprise at this point, even if you are still dealing with sweeping up the debris in your lives or unhappy with your current life situations.

This is why there will be surprises in store for all of us in October, as the Earth will be shifting once more, and this will change the game for all. And we will be asked to see our lives, our world and ourselves differently once again.

This change will be constant for the next couple of years, which is why ultimately it does not pay to panic about any particular details of change you see in the now. We are shifting our lives and our world over a longer period of time than the news, for example, would like you to believe. In terms of the news, there are so many more elements to this than a struggling economy, so to focus on one thing as a perceived armageddon loses the bigger picture. The bigger picture will be revealed over a series of years, and we will live through and deal with each new change and shift in awareness as it comes. Again, this is both personal and global.

But fear is still being processed through those who need to awaken to real life some more, and this is very true right now for those in perceived 'power' roles. Roles that their minds have allowed them to believe protects them from potential challenges or their simple human vulnerability. That which we all carry within us, and that being the underlying truth of our births, lives and deaths as humans.

In human terms and how this October energy will affect us, these winds of calm and change will show up strongly.

Many of you will use this month to stop and reset as much as possible. By hanging out in the 'calm' that will be available and through recognising that despite your external world, calm can and must be created personally. Creating calm and space for yourself will be so powerful in you then making a few positive changes to how you are doing things. Reflection is vital for change. If you want to consciously change patterns, experiences or relationships in your life, reflect on them a while and see what your awareness shows you. For example, if you are consistently in unhappy relationships, ask yourself what's your pattern that you can't let go of? Not with judgment, but with curiosity. For we are the one consistent force in our repetitive experiences, so to change these, look at what you are doing to create what it is that you don't want anymore. See it fully, to allow yourself to release it fully.

Our fast 'outer' world can leave little time for reflection and awareness, yet without these practises in October, winds of change will manifest as winds of chaos for some of you. Chaotic events and happenings will get you to 'stop'. If chaos is appearing, step back and see it like a wildfire. You may choose to run at it and into it, in order to burn off some more of your own emotional anchors and past experiences, but you can also choose to step back from it. Either choice is possible with awareness. Neither is wrong, but if you feel overwhelmed by chaos, ask yourself to stop for a while and step back. When you are physically ill, you step back from your world to heal and everyone understands and things change. You can do the same when you are energetically overwhelmed. We are just less programmed to allow ourselves this, so be your own guardian where that is concerned.

Finally, great hope will appear this month. It will not appear in or for everyone, but a series of you who are beginning to 'see' a new future, and ways we can move forward as a people while supporting our planet and it's needs, are feeling a new charge inside you. The creator spark for new energies and technologies will amplify, because of our entering this new and rapid phase.

Trust the perfection in the timing of your creations. Some babies are born early, some late. Nature has a way, and is not separate from energetics in our world. The energies for birthing innovation will now get faster and faster, but as with an awakening human, it takes time to ground things so that they are ready to be physically on the Earth.

Trust the timing of what you are creating, and trust your visions. Many of you are now strong in vision at an all new level. Just because you can see new roads, it doesn't mean you must immediately run at them. By observing a little longer before setting off, you may find more desirable paths, so allow the timing to come through you, rather than trying to control or rush at it.

The new and old energies in human beings are still shifting over – a 'changing of the guard'. So as this happens, you will likely hit moments of inner conflict. Walking rather than running will be preferable to many during this phase, and will mean the difference between calm or chaotic change.

Be patient with yourselves and be kind to yourselves. It starts with you.

In love and in peace to all of you.


Monday, 5 September 2011

September Energy Forecast – Opening the Dream door...and keeping it open.

Why are you here?

September can be a month for feeling renewed purpose in your life, especially in those of you who have felt passionless for a while. This will be a month of openings, opportunities and new beginnings, as life begins to come back to many people after a long period of 'death' energy. This is the first time in around 4 months that this much positive energy is going to be available to a great many of us. And we need that, in order to weather and navigate the creation of our new and changing world. This month, dare to dream, and allow yourself to constantly see others clearly in order to hold your own space in life and follow your own path.

Collectively, we have forgotten to dream and vision for a brighter future. In all the loss, shock, and concern about the now and the future, so many people have spiralled downward, although of you reading, only 20-30% of you now will be in the 'deep grief' process. The more we wake up to ourselves and our planet, the more this grief gets encountered. Grief takes away the desire and the ability to dream and believe in life. And so if you have gone through an awakening or personal grief in the last year or so, September is the jump-start energetically to come back to life. September offers this, but it also calls for boundaries.

Grief is a great change. After grief, you need to rebuild yourself and your boundaries, and it is typical that you change certain relationships as a result. This was my story a few years ago, when during the worst year of my life (post an awakening), so much I knew, loved and trusted fell away, as is a common story in awakener's. It left me raw and feeling vulnerable to life at an all new-level, and not connected to life in the same way for many many months. This was a gift once I had recovered, for it gave me a truer perspective on what to be grateful for in life and how to see things. It made me a stronger and more compassionate person than before and once these pieces were in place in me, I could dream once more.

But a wider heart called for seeing others and operating with them at an all new level too.

Being compassionate and opening your heart REQUIRES boundaries, strength and awareness. Not all people will be gracious and receiving of you and your heart, and this will be the learning of September for many of you. Knowing your boundary with people, and 'naming' it when they cross it.

As a younger man, whenever I met or saw environmentalists who were angry at people because of the state of the world, I never understood the anger. I understood their sadness at the state of things and I knew that their message was important. But their anger and resentment at human beings didn't make me want to open to them as their anger pushed me away.

You see this often in life. People with a personal emotional agenda that outweighs what they are saying to you or asking you to believe. I have learnt (the long and hard way) to walk away quickly from those who are projecting their own emotions onto me. Those calm beings with peace in their eyes who do good for the world are the ones I resonate with and understand. Even if they get frustrated at times with what they are trying to do, which is simply human. But with the constantly angry others I see, a different game is being played by those people. A 'blame' game.

Blame is pointless and empowers no-one. Be very suspicious of anyone who blames you for 'making them feel' a certain way or those now blaming humans for the state of the world. That is like shouting at a child that it needs to come and get a hug from you right now.

People's negative emotions are talking very loudly in the world right now, and filling their life stories. So September is an opportunity to be VERY clear about what kind of emotions you want to be around, or not.

The upside of this emotional clearing and the struggles that we collectively have gone through in recent times (practical, emotional and energetic) is the growth of heart, strength and community in our world.

At different times in different places, hearts are opening and new energy is pouring forth. It is beautiful to see, witness and be in and around, and it grows everyday. This spirit will breed more growth of positivity.

So what do you want for and in your personal future? Have you asked yourself that recently?
It is important to dream, intend and vision. The answers and ideas that come through you are less important than the act of doing it. We create through our dreams and visions, and so after a long period of loss or destruction, the 'creator' parts of ourselves need re-awakening and inspiring.

If you are finding that hard to do, simply practise gratitude daily for what you have and experience in your life. For the food you have when many are without, the air you breathe that allows you to keep living, loving and learning, or simply for the fact that tomorrow is a different day and you can create new things for yourself and your life on each new day. From the simple to the profound, gratitude and it's power is rocket fuel for creating new dreams.

Life is happening everywhere, and people are living more fully and truthfully than before. Those of you that have been 'waiting' for the shift to happen in the rest of the world, why wait? To quote one of our wisest grandfathers 'Be the change you want to see in the world'.

Your vision is unique, so don't wait for others to do it the way you would like to see it done. That is your role in this tapestry of interconnected people.

'The world is full of armchair critics' a friend once told me, as a reason to not go out into the world with her visions.

I decided a long time ago, an armchair was not my place, and that when I encountered those people, I could let their opinions deter me or simply get on with my life.

Be bold in September.

Why wait?

(c) Copyright by Lee Harris, 2011, LeeHarrisEnergy.com

Friday, 5 August 2011

August 2011 Energy Forecast: Rising Pressure, Rising Peace.....

There is no more 'trying' needed in you or in our world. In terms of the changes we are in, we have now reached the 'simply surrender' point of 2011. 

Surrendering to 'what is' can be an almighty challenge if what is happening in and around you does not feel or seem good. So if you find yourself moving through emotions to do with the past, bring yourself to the present when you can, as best you can. 

Focusing yourself on the power of positive intention and prayer for the now and the future, will also help lift you this month. Grief will wash through people in greater waves than we have yet seen in 2011. Much of this is karmic, with old memories of fear/destruction rising to the surface in peoples dreams, both at night and in daydreams. The old density of thought and feeling is leaving us. Just allow the release, recognise the intensity of our times, and nurture and soothe yourself as best you can through these moments.

Our world is shifting - literally, metaphorically, energetically. The pressure is rising and everyone can feel it. Many of you will have felt this rising emotional intensity since the middle of July, and as we move through August, it is expected to keep building until the 3rd or 4th week of the month. At that point there will be a release of the pressure. Until then, expect a continuance of certain 'death' symptoms of your old life as we and you move into the new one.

Confusion, boredom, anguish, worry, frustration, apathy. These are all symptoms moving through and they are moving through everyone at different times. When fear reaches a fever pitch in people, strange events will start to occur. Some will act out, at you or at others. For if they are not able to find peace in themselves, and they cannot or do not choose to transmute the emotion through themselves, it will ricochet.

In the 2011 Year of Illumination message and video, delivered in January, August was mentioned as the second of 3 gateway months this year (March being the first, November the third).

I have been feeling an energy rising around August for a while now. I have gone through many wide and varied emotions in myself for myself, feeling the energy of our world and the shifting ground beneath our feet. In every scenario, surrender is the only place to come back to, to find peace.

So surrender this month. Life is changing faster than many can keep up with, and challenges are rising and will continue to do so.

Remember we are a waking planet, and sometimes when you wake up, you do not feel prepared for the day ahead of you. As souls in the human body having a human experience, this was the period we signed up for. The key is breathing your way through your release moments, and allowing yourself to keep rebalancing in your spirit. Focusing on this will clear you faster than focusing on the fear.

Humans on their deathbed are only concerned with love. Resolving love with those they maybe had conflict with, or resolving inside themselves places where they didn't allow their hearts to open.

There has never been a more potent month than August for us to open our hearts and minds to others, and surrender to what is. Life is not promised to us, and at any moment, we can go.

Enjoy every moment, and hold an intention for a bright universal future.

This is the time.

One people. One heart. One love.

In peace and love to all

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

July Energy Forecast: Elevation of the Extremes

Life is a continual process of letting go. This is one of the great truths of human life.

You love, you let go.
You win, you let go.
You're heartbroken, you let go.
You create, you let go.

Change is the only constant in the ride called life, and this is a time of massive physical and emotional transformation on Earth. It is occurring faster than we have seen, and in time terms, I am told we are still only just approaching the centre of this period.

With speed and change happening at this heightened level, overwhelm is a common feeling for most people. Even if maintaining a good balance in yourself, you will see and feel this overwhelm at work in others. At times, many of you will feel overwhelmed by the speed of life or by your personal levels of feeling. Overwhelm speaks of not keeping up with everything around you, or experiencing great pressure inside or outside yourself.

It is therefore helpful to recognise how much more you are now experiencing and feeling at a faster rate than before. Even if you are just living a quiet life, you will be processing thoughts and feelings quicker than ever. 

Everyone has a different 'story' in life right now yet the intensity is a shared experience. The trick is in recognising that this energy wave is not slowing down but that you are in charge of your own volume dial now. So you need to be in charge of giving yourself breathing space as needed. Not because you have to stop for a long time necessarily, but just to keep an eye on your balance.

For example, anxiety is a common experience right now and yet many are running this emotion through the body while trying to 'do' more, or solve things in their life. This will just amplify the anxiety in most cases, so if you find yourself anxious, stop and step back for a short while. Let it release rather than use that energy to power your next steps. Keep your next steps 'clear' of these old energies you are releasing. Stepping back and feeling how you are doing is important and will heighten your greater awareness while allowing the feelings in you to release.

Some of you (the 'rebirthers') will be the opposite to this. Those of you in this group will feel more joyous and free than ever, and like you are living on rocket fuel and could power a small country with all the energy you are generating. For you people, you do need to regularly 'pause' and check your feet, head and heart are also on the ground. In order to avoid a crash.

I call you the 'rebirthers' for good reason. You are running a lot of new energy through your body, heart and mind, and are in the heart of big awakenings. Think of the body as your computer and it is currently going through an upgrade to its operating system. You are becoming a new person in effect, so will need to physically stabilize this transition every now and then. Taking just 5 minutes out, even just a few times each day to be alone with your feelings and thoughts, will help you greatly if this is your experience. It will also take away the fear some of you have of a potential crash. 

Remember, human life is a wave. Some days we are tired, some days full of energy. Surrendering to where you are at is the first key to well-being, and then guiding yourself through your state is the art of human mastery.

Fun is important! Laughter, play and joy are vital to well-being and balance – they are not just luxury ideas or concepts. All of these are greatly needed to remedy the intensity right now so don't underestimate their importance. If these have been missing for you recently, get pro-active and do some things to experience them now.

And if you find yourself feeling bleak about your life or what you are personally facing, remember that this intensity is a collective experience. Whatever you are experiencing, good or difficult, will be a very alive feeling inside you.

This can be tough on the spirit if the 'alive feeling' is not a nice one. For example, depression is fast to move through people in times like these, especially if you are prone to it. The strong energies spiral the dense energy of depression through the system fast. But it can also feel bleaker than ever if it hits you.

If you find yourself in a rock-bottom moment, remind yourself that 'this too shall pass' and allow yourself to simply breathe consciously through it. If your mind is in panic, remind it that you are alive. Depression contains a great deal of 'death' and grief energy, so it may sound strange but regularly reminding yourself you are alive can be important as a first step to recovery. You may also need to get short-term support until you are back on your feet again. For example, taking supplements from a health store to keep your immune system and mood levels up at a time like this can be very helpful, as can the love of a friend, simple meditation or exercise. Don't be alone with the struggle is my message. It will shift quicker if you allow yourself to support yourself through it and there is no need or benefit in suffering through anything. Make yourself as comfortable as you can in every moment right now.

Last month I spoke about the 'Revolution Spark' growing in people and evidence of this growth will continue to be seen, felt and heard in July. Extremes will be occurring, both in people and on the world stage. This means polarities will be on the rise in July, and strong opinions and actions will be around and inside you.

It is time for this next level of strength to arise in people, as we need it for the shift we are experiencing on the planet. But it can create divided opinions and make conflicts/arguments appear and escalate very quickly.

So don't take anything personally and don't be alarmed if you do find yourself in a conflict with another this month. Many of you are likely to experience people close to you in 'highly reactive' mode as feelings are releasing fast. If you find yourself in a conflict, just know what you want and need, state your truth and move on. State your boundary and if that doesn't work, walk away. Conflict energy that gets fed right now will just perpetuate itself and come back to you, so don't fan any flames.

This is part of the ongoing theme of letting it all go and knowing where you need to be in each moment, regardless of the will or desires of others. The world will be full of this eruption energy and the trick is to not engage in conflict, but also to know when it is important to give a boundary to a bullying or dominating energy in your life. Those of you with these 'figures' in your life will recognise and experience a shift in those dynamics this month too.

Finally, this ongoing 'consciousness wake up' we are in as a society continues. It centres on the use/abuse of our physical environment, our faith/mistrust in our leadership structures and global and personal financial and environmental stability.

This is a worldwide wake up, and many of you are already focusing on how you can help shape a new future. This energy is birthing in many right now, as expected, and so some of you will be sensing a real passion around the planet and people in the future. Ride those waves and visions – they will manifest in the form of projects and ideas you can make concrete in the near future and bring you a great deal of personal fulfilment.

Things are fast and often surprising right now. Surrender to the sometimes strangeness of that, love yourselves and others more than ever, and be ready to adapt to the changes as they come your way.

As always, focus on growing and nurturing your internal state, and surrender the externals.
It will be the easiest way to lead and experience yourself through this transformation.

A new world is in birth, so the child and the parent inside you are growing up.

Happy Birthing and in love and peace to all.


(c) Copyright by Lee Harris, 2011, LeeHarrisEnergy.com

Monday, 6 June 2011

June Energy Forecast - The Revolution Spark Marches Forth...

How are you seeing your future?
What are you wanting to see in your future?
Are you visioning or feeling into your future possibilities as much as you are reviewing or remembering your past experiences?

This focus on forward intent is a good awareness to encourage in yourself during June, and not just because this month sees a lunar eclipse and the summer solstice (a great time and energy support to setting future intentions).
But due to all the release, change and shift that is continually going on in our world at accelerated levels, there are enormous spaces in which to create the 'new' in the now. And traditionally, looking to the future can help us to rebalance and reside in the now if a lot of time is spent looking at the past. This brings more balance to our very 'past' weighted societal minds.

Holding vision, desire and intention for your future is a very powerful act. Rather than being overly attached to how or when an outcome will arrive, if you are relaxed about it and see it as the game it is, your own personal magic will start to develop quickly through using intentions. And this month is the brightest of 2011 so far this year in terms of manifesting and using your personal magic to create what you want for yourself and for your world.

So, given all the release recently, how are you doing with your own personal shift?  
Have you noticed how different you are now, to how you were a year ago? 
Or even just a month ago?

I am told by the Z's (those that I channel and communicate with) that 2011 will come to be seen as divided in half energetically, and that the two halves will be markedly different.
June is the 6th month of the year and will energetically for us represent a closure on a specific phase of the year. July is when a whole new wave of energy begins for us personally and as a world society. And they say that if the first half of the year felt fast to you, prepare for the second half of the year to be fast, fast, fast

If that seems impossible to imagine (as this year may have already felt like a speeding train to you), or if the idea of 'fast, fast, fast' just makes you feel exhausted, know that you are not resting enough and you need to focus on rest NOW. So take a day or a few off, build more hours into your day where you just get to sit and be with or by yourself (if taking days off are not possible) and look after yourself better. Feeling exhaustion as a response to that sentence is a sure sign you need to stop and rest to catch up with all that has happened to you recently. Remember that sitting and watching the speed of things can be as, and is often even more pleasurable, than diving in and swimming with it.

So as we approach the end of the first half of 2011, take a moment to sit with how you would like your world, your life and your feelings to be in 2011 'Part 2'. You may wish to intend aloud, or write a few sentences down here.

How would you like your spirit to feel in the second half of the year?
What would you like to see happen in your world?
What balance or changes would you like to see happen for the planet, you and its people?

This is a great month for intentions, every day, so give yourself the gift of that. Intentions, and the energy of stating them, creates new life and possibilities alongside generating gratitude for what you already have in life. So give yourself time to do this and it will also be a gift to our rapidly changing world if you choose to look ahead more.

In energy terms, June will be a month of recovery and consolidation for many. Any ongoing life themes/events of the last few months will start to resolve, change or draw to a close. This month will also put the pressure on you to change or finalise anything you've been resisting. Actions will happen around you to force your hand if there is a change for your highest good that needs to happen. So don't resist the flow and remember to keep adapting with the changes.

Some of you will have felt recently (or will soon feel) that these shifts are like experiencing a physical birth – a sudden or long labour process of rebirthing yourself. Many of you will already have felt this energy of birth and intensity these past couple of weeks, and those with higher sensitivities are currently having strong physical reactions to the heart opening/release catalyst energies around right now. Joy and Desire/Passion are the high-end experiences of this birthing, with the continuing 2011 themes of Anxiety, Worry and Exhaustion, being the labour pains along the way.

Physical symptoms are being experienced around the head, heart and stomach for those of you shifting your energy into a different or wider place around your heart, your visionary abilities and emotional relationships with others. So headaches, heart flutters/shifts, and digestive problems will be a common experience for a while as these physical shifts settle within you.

You will notice a circular energy at work too in June. You may find yourself having to repeat yourself to others, or retaking actions you thought you had already completed. This will be one of the ways you will know you're on track with all that's going on energetically as this is the resolution energy I spoke of earlier - tying up the past 6 months and prior. This circular energy may also show up in you via surprisingly compulsive or circular behaviours and thought patterns at times.

So if you find yourself obsessively worrying or repeatedly going over something in your head, breathe, let it go, focus on something else mentally or meditate on the emotion or on stillness for a while to shift the pattern.

Finally, the revolution spark will be strong in June. Revolutions are sparking around the world in individuals and communities, and this comes from an increase in fire and personal responsibility within people. Fire was a big theme in May, and with all of the burning and release it invoked energetically, now in June, your inner fires will be re-ignited.

So invite yourself to your own personal revolution in June. Go beyond what even you thought was possible. Invite a revolution around your creativity, your love-life, your consciousness, your relationship with your body. Wherever you focus intent on a revolutionary change this month, it will be supported. And don't be shy or limit what you feel you can achieve. This is an old human habit that this generation are slowly evolving. 

We are capable of so much more than we dare to remember. 
Remember that, if nothing else. :-)

So this June, intend for your life and let that revolutionary spark take charge of you.
The body knows exactly what we want and how to walk toward it. The gift of awakening is that once you clear through enough mental control and bodily fear, the body starts to move freely again, just as young kids do. 

So, are you ready to play? 
Because no one is stopping you. 
Apart from yourself.

As you read my line 'are you ready to play' does your spirit lift and feel ready to play?
Or do emotions and thoughts come in that stop you from playing?
If so, these are the energies you are clearing out to create a space where your revolution spark can grow. It may help to investigate these energies by writing a few of them down so you can fully see and be clear on what you are moving through. 

Awareness always speeds the process of transformation....and then you get to play again.

Life can bloom into a beautiful experience when we allow and encourage it to.

I wish you all bloom, and revolutionary sparks for this month.

In peace and in love to all

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

May Energy Forecast – Stop, Burn, Go….into Endless Possibilities

The light-wave continues to spread itself across our planet. As it does, it shines its light on the darkest areas, just as equally as it amplifies and illuminates the highest lights visible in our world.

This world is becoming more alive by the day to our human senses. Although we are seeing and feeling more clearly than ever, this is not always purely beautiful as an experience.
Yes, we will continue to see the greatest, most defined beauty, at levels we have never previously felt or seen. But this light-wave and our awakened senses will also reveal distortions, destructions and things that initially disappoint our eyes or hurt our feelings. Until we are used to seeing and feeling the full spectrum of humanity and allowing it all to ‘be’.

This current divide and polarity showed itself a few days ago around the death of Bin Laden. Many were celebrating this man's assassination, and with his death came a temporary energy of relief/release for those people. Others were saddened that this was how people reacted, seeing it as 'revenge' energy and yet more celebration of killing.

This divide will continue showing up on world and personal levels. Differences of opinion and differences in emotions. So all you must do is know where you stand within it, and hold your own feelings and ideas as they feel good and right to you. Let others go through what they need to go through and most of all, release your fear of their 'release' process, however scary it may look to you.

This is a year of enormous fear release, and it will keep occurring in multiple ways for everyone. The stories will be different but the fear release will be universal.

As children, the vast majority of us were taught to fear certain people, their actions, to be afraid of what other countries might try to do to us and how that would or could lead to war. All of this is in our history and is what we grew up seeing, believing and agreeing to at some level.

So as these fears disintegrate in the mass, the mastery tests arrive to test us.
Can we withstand seeing suffering?
Can we withstand seeing conflict and violence around us?
Can we withstand, stay open in our hearts, and then choose different and better ways?

We can and we will. Of course we will.

We are not personally in charge of how the planet should or could be, nor can we change our world or personal history. We are a big planet and so we must surrender fully to it, dark and light, in order to remain steady in our own centre and to move forward into creating new ways and attitudes.

Within our big planet, you have a lot to offer and experience through your life. And offering yourself a life with freedom from fear, will be the key to everything. The key to personal and planetary evolution.

So the month of May will see a great number of you shifting out of the heavier energies you’ve been in, and lifting to some of the heights I’ve spoken about this past few months.

Much of the shock that coloured March and early April has now died down for many, and as would be expected in a world grief process, anger and frustration were a theme in people during April.

The message all year has been for us to keep surrendering to the speed of it all but at the same time, going at a pace we feel comfortable.

And you can feel the speed can't you? How is your personal speed right now? 

Are you feeling comfortable with the speed of your life or is too much, too soon? Ask yourself that question regularly to keep a check on your wellbeing.

Feeling your way through your life, navigating away from things and people that do not feel good to you, will reset your speed if you are currently moving too fast. As when we move too fast we can leave our feelings behind, so when we stop, we catch up with them.

And remember, none of it is wrong. Whatever you are doing right now is just what you are doing, and you can change this anytime you feel ready. Sometimes we make big changes through walking towards ‘difficult’ events in order to burn a few more emotions inside ourself or learn a few key lessons that will alter our way of living.

But it needn’t be painful, so if it is, just stop for a while. If you are in constant suffering right now through your choices or circumstances, the month of May will be the final battleground for you to walk through before you emerge into a clearer and freer sense of life. Why? Because you have to bring in more light now. There is simply no choice if you have been starved of it recently. It will find you, and slowly, the light in you will start to grow again.

So know too that even if the external details of your life feel messy or lacking, if you can find yourself well-nurtured in your heart, an enormous flow of positive happenings will come for you in May.

For those of you who have been experiencing mostly joy or peace in the last few months, May will see much in the external details of your life begin to cement and crystallise. You have stabilised a new ‘internal’ level of well-being and so will now see your external worlds become more solidly supportive and reflective of that.

Good energy is very magnetic on Earth right now and is fast to grow and multiply wherever it goes, so if you are mostly living in that space you will be having on-going heart experiences. This is because you are the ones currently riding and contributing to the wave of bigger heart that is existing everywhere. Even in the middle of a crowd where maybe most are in fear or confused, Heart energy is strong and well-supported at the moment. 

Take a moment to recognise this. 

People are ready and hungry to open up and connect, even if their faces tell a different story.

And despite some of you happy people occassionally wondering “when will my luck run out”, surrender to that little bit of fear. Remind your mind that you have crossed into a new level now, so it is bound to be nervous that this new state isn't possible to maintain. Trust that if you choose for it to remain, it will.

And for those of you reading this and craving such a sense of  happiness and possibility, know that it is only born of complete surrender to life. The reason a large group of you feel so good right now, is because you have surrendered to whatever life wants to bring your way, even if it is challenging or difficult. It is also because many of you already went through a great fear/grief purging in the last few years. The same purging that many are now finding themselves in.

Once through the purge, you live life at a new level, and as a result magnetise new experiences and people that mirror and enhance that level for you. This ‘level-up’ experience will follow for many others at some point in the coming months and years, and those purging their way through it now in these faster times, will release even faster than you did.

For those in struggle currently, and even those who are not, there will be an energy pattern at work in May that will find most of us at some point or another.

It will be STOP, BURN, GO!

Think of road traffic lights and their Red, Yellow, Green principle. Many motorists are frustrated when they are made to stop at a Red light and then anxious to go when they see Yellow (wait). But if you are stopped in your tracks this month by plans, or your mood suddenly changing, it will likely be followed by an immediate energy of burning. This will usually be intense and last for a short period (1-2 hours/days maximum). It may also be accompanied by many chaotic and not so pleasant thoughts, as while you feel what you need to feel, your mind will do a big dump of limited or negative thoughts you had held in yourself. Thoughts held around those emotions and the stories that attached to them.

We tend to lose this trust of our feelings and their need to release and purge, while going through our own 'stories' and ideas about how we 'should' feel. But our emotions are always bigger than the stories and ideas. That is how powerful they are – we need stories and ideas to keep exploring ourselves emotionally. Usually the more repressed emotions in us, or the largest amounts of emotion we need to burn through are accompanied by the biggest stories and judgements.

So if you recognise this principle at work in you in May, hold to simply knowing it will pass and support yourself through the release WITHOUT trying to solve it or figure it out. Just let the mind do its thing and burn off the layers while you nurture yourself through the feelings.

Following this BURN, you will reach GO and be able to walk, run, or skip (!) forward again, with confidence, strength and a greater sense of the bigger picture.

When we remember we are a part of the tapestry of life and the ebb and flow of it all, the emotions balance and stabilise, and all of the old struggles and limited beliefs in the mind step away. They realise they do not need to protect you from your feelings which can all be trusted now.

For most of us, the way we reach these higher levels of being and feeling are through burning deeply these very inner limits we hold.

It is time to fully surrender to your life in May, as it will be a month of stopping, burning emotions and then continuing with the opportunity to experience higher. The burn is important and needs to be honoured.

Many are currently frustrated that they don't know how to change things. This frustration is marrying itself with exhaustion from the journey for a good number of you. The emotions of frustration and exhaustion, when run through a mind that is not high in self-love but high in self-judgement, can equal stronger suffering than is needed.

If this is you, commit now to letting May be the month to change the suffering you feel and experience. For there will be a great deal of support for that shift energetically, so as you read this, make a choice about what you wish to increase in your life. 

Make a choice, said aloud, to shift your life this month. 

Or say aloud what you wish to change in a specific area of life this month. Hold it in your minds eye for a few seconds, decide you will change it this month, then let it go. 
And then forget all about it. You don't need to make it happen. You don’t even need to worry if it doesn’t happen within the month. You just need to add to the energetic support and magic available, by stating your intention and practising your ability to command change. It is an important practise.

Finally this month, keep your eyes open to the wave of endless possibilities.

When a building falls to the ground, a new space is revealed on which a new building can be built.
It is the same with our world right now. Even as we are surrounded by disintegration and change of the ‘old’, there is an enormous birth energy available and a wave of endless creational possibilities.

There is so much new ground available on which to build. There is so much of a new 'you' birthing that will build new life for you and others. This is happening every day and many of you are just seconds, hours and days away from inviting it in to your feelings in a deeper way.

So to open to these new possibilities in May, ask yourself these 2 questions:

Are you being braver in your actions than you usually are?
(If not, do something brave or new.)

Are you being braver with your words and saying what you wouldn't usually say?
(If not, open that beautiful mouth of yours and say something you would usually censor.)

You will be surprised how much doing one or both of the above will make you feel better.
This is the month for giving yourself to authentic action and speech, and the month that many will start to live more this way. This is how we can birth a greater wave of consciousness, authenticity and love for one another as we do.

Bringing more of your true self into your life will be of great benefit to all of us as a society.

So don't deny yourself your dreams or your bigger visions. It takes strength to have great visions or even simple desire in a chaotic time, just as it takes courage for some to step outside the society we all live in and do something different from the norm.

And be conscious of how much you believe what you see on the news channels, now more than ever. The news is always coated in fear and drama, and also statistically not reflective of our society in daily life. The news channels and newspapers will report 80-90% negative stories, opinions and events to you every day. Yet very few of you are having an 80-90% negative life or surrounded by that much negativity every day.

So if you believe by reading the newspaper or watching the news that you are authentically learning about the world at large, think again. You are connecting to information weighted in fear, and judgement. The more you expose yourselves to these energies, the more you either burn through them in yourself or buy into them.

It is not that the news isn't useful to keep you informed of some of the facts in world events. It’s more that if you use the news to get a picture of the world, your picture will look and feel very distorted and depressing. It won't help you to feel positive about the possibilities of transformation we are all here to co-create.

A better future is, of course, always possible. We just have to build and become it.

And we are and we will. 

One day, one heart and one love at a time.

In love and peace to all

(c) Copyright by Lee Harris, 2011, LeeHarrisEnergy.com