Monday, 6 August 2012

August Energy Forecast – Dreams of the past, Dreams of the future

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The energy of July spoke of the increase in intense feelings and experiences, compared to the past. Intense highs and lows were commonplace, and the feeling of heaviness, isolation and internal/external conflict were a theme at the lower end of the scale, with the highs being a greater feeling of freedom from old beliefs, rules, and ideas of how life needs to be, and also a rise in freedom of speech. Being unafraid to say what you want, or give voice to what has been suppressed.

Apparently these themes will all continue strongly through 15th-20th August, at which point a shift takes place.

Self-maintenance and balance were always going to be required more than ever during these times we are in. So a focus on what works for you was always going to be vital. Not an easy experience when that keeps changing, but one that is educational.

Most of us are fast shaking out the old density from our systems, pushed by the planetary shift. So actually, experiencing and thus learning from the heaviness you go through is a vital part of your personal shift, rather than it being a regression, as some people are worrying it might be. Learn to redirect your thoughts when these moments happen and remember that the lows are as important as the highs for our evolution, for they are connected to each other.

Personal and world revelations have been high recently. Personally, seeing more of your old patterns, limitations and shadows as they move out is a strong experience for the self-aware. Celebrate what you're seeing as you come through it, and on days where you are 'in it', remember it will pass, surround yourself with good and light influences to the best of your ability. And be aware that other people and/or over-stimulation will not be helpful. This last point is crucial. Fifteen minutes of alone time can be enough if you notice you are feeling edgy in the company of others. Do not try and cope for the sake of those you are with – that will backfire on you and them and is an old way of being (see the channel at the end of this forecast).

Mothers giving birth do not allow vibrationally unaligned people around them or too much noise in the delivery room, and it is the same for you when you are in contraction releasing your density or overstimulated by the density in others. If you feel internal pressure when around others, that is because the chemistry between you is not flowing, so be the leader and walk away if the other person has not noticed. It is not personal and need not be forever. This is a common experience right now.

Others around you, who are less energy aware, or invested in playing out the density for their own growth, will be unconscious of throwing energy around, so back away from fiery or disruptive people, or meet their energy with your own boundary or fire in order to claim your energy space if backing away is not an option. Whichever feels right to and for you in whatever moment. Follow and trust the body with this – let it do the work for you.

Those of you who have developed your way of staying centred over so many years, remember that this will now be constantly updated, as there is a quickening in mass consciousness. So what you had previously developed was based on your relationship to everyone else and where they were at before. Everyone is different now, so it will no longer apply most of the time. If you feel in shock or distress about this, see it is just an opportunity to release control habits we no longer need.

Levels of control run through us, as we are creatures of habit, even if our habits have become more enlightened. So subtle levels of control may be witnessed in you now, and as you surrender control there can be a feeling of anguish or anxiety. Fear in the body which the control had previously been there to protect. Trust and let it go. We are not in control of everything around us – we are in relationship with it.

Ongoing 2012 symptoms which have been strong in July and will continue through August are:

• Strong Dreams – Dream activity is stronger than normal for most and intense for some – death/destruction featuring strongly, or beautiful visions of the future

• Strong/sudden tiredness – Solar Flare activity and the movement of our planet giving you a kind of spiritual jet-lag experience. Rest and sleep as much as possible.

• Mental conflicts – Mental confusion involving doubting aspects of life/doubting yourself and your decisions. Everything is changing – you couldn't avoid these mental shifts.

• High highs and low lows – New heights of clarity and feeling and/or intense burning off of the old emotional memories within you. The burn is fast if you allow it.

• Fear/anxiety/emotion – working through the body, in response to everything that is changing fast. Breath, re-find your centre and stop 'doing' until you do, let go of a need to control, and surrender the past.

On a world level, as a people we are about to give greater action and voice to what we are seeing around us and mid August onwards will see a rise in the call for this. Justification for war needs to be questioned, just as it is appropriate that we are moving from being a passive people to an active people where the government of our world is concerned.

Government is us – we are one people, with many conflicted opinions and feelings within that group, but life has to be the aim, otherwise we are just obsessed with destruction. Be mindful of what you expose yourself to as the norm (violent movies where aggression is seen as normal, empty consumerism/advertising, and negative views of the world enforced by the media). These promote hollowness rather than fullness within us and so are dis-empowering energies to expose ourselves to. Many of you are leading the charge with creating the new and being voices for change in this.

Remember, we awaken each other and this is an important time for us as a people to cast our vote and our actions toward how we want to see our future world become.

Next year onwards, physically as a planet there will be no denying this time of shift we are in which recent history has no memory of or preparation for. The fighting and the war is a distraction from the bigger picture unfolding. It is nurture and clear thinking we need now.

So harvest these qualities in yourself, as it starts with each of us. Remember the power of thought and energy is influential, and those of you feeling active on these issues as human beings, know that if you step forward there will be a growing wave of support behind you.

Finally, on July 22nd I held a seminar in Sydney, where this message came through me in a 3 Z's channel. It felt appropriate to share this month as it speaks from a different perspective on what is occurring:

Channeled Message (July 22nd)

So at this time on Earth you are all continuing to walk, trying to continue to walk. This is why many of you are falling over. The planet is unstable and we say that not to raise alarms around your fear of what might happen but simply to remind you that the planet is currently unstable, moving very fast, and in fact, oscillating back and forth, very very quickly. This can be felt on every level of you – cellular, DNA, emotional. The whole spectrum of you is moving very very fast and this is why there is such rapid release occurring on the planet.

So if you keep trying to walk at this time, you will feel the tremors. The gifts will be found in stillness. And stillness can be a challenging area for those of you who have not been in stillness for some years. You are 'doers' all of you, but you are now learning how to do through your energy field, rather than your action. It is true is it not that you have heard that some of the greatest meditators have taken journeys they cannot speak of while sitting in the stillness of meditation. Trust and explore this truth.

Many of you are struggling to release roles that you have played on Earth. You give yourselves different terms - Light-workers, lighthouses, strengtheners. These titles are quite distasteful to some, for some people see these words as a betterment over others. For example, the hierarchy that a light-worker is better than a non-light-worker. Well, that is like trying to say that an engineer is better than a builder. Both are required to get the house made.

So there is no energy hierarchy in any roles on Earth, but those of you who have been the lighthouses, the light-workers, you are struggling at the moment to stabilize. For you are being asked to do less. You are being asked to centre. You are being asked to stand in the stillness.

It is not comfortable in the eye of the storm when your way of balance has been to move into and around the storm, organising it. So this is different and it takes time. You are trying to 'dock in' to your new internal reality. It is a shift and it is different for each of you. It has a different form, it has a different face, most importantly, it has a different feeling. But the universal shake-up that is occurring on the entire planet can be felt.

This is why we say be calm, be still, rest as much as you can. We say it over and over and over and over and over, because it is forgotten, over and over and over and over. Why is it forgotten? Because you are a tribe. You are not individuals. You are in one sense, and it is understood by you that you each have your individual energy and your individual sense. But when the tribe is running around, it is very hard to sit down, for you are afraid that you might be trodden on. You are afraid they will not see you. You are afraid that in stillness, you will be invisible.

So those of you who have felt invisible in society will become very very visible when you learn the art of standing still. When you stop yourself from running out there, doing what you were doing before. First of all there will be some grief, some anger, some sadness to clean out. When you haven't been in the house for a long time, there is some housekeeping to be done. It is not pleasant on a human level. But just as you can attest that the housekeeping you keep putting off feels so much better when it is done and you are in your clean, lovely space, that you do not regret doing this work, so too is it with the emotional body right now.

You will come to balance far quicker at this time if you learn to still yourself and feel your feelings. You will simply prolong it if you try to run those feelings through relationships, work or indeed, you step out of what you need to do, what you feel you need to do in order to go and help or service others when you are aware you on half mast. Taking yourself out of the house while you are on half-mast right now will be a struggle. Learn from that truth. You are reprogramming your body understanding.

There is no need to push yourself anywhere. Trust us. You can feel the whole planet from inside your house, more so now than ever. So running around in the storm is going to feel a little challenging and in fact will run your energy down. We understand you will need to do things, we understand you will need to go out. But we specify here that the coming 3-4 months, the intensity you are feeling now, will actually rise in terms of what is going on within the humans on Earth.

So it is very important for you to understand the vital need for you to rest, recharge and regain your composure. Composure being not an act of 'front'; not what you 'show to the world' but what you feel when you are in the world. That is vital. It will stand you in good stead. The other truism of this time is that higher energies are far faster to integrate within you than ever before. So if you focus with intent, and if you allow yourself to tune 'up' regularly you will find it far more effortless than it ever was before, to both bring higher energy into your body, and sustain it.

Energetic maintenance will be easier to maintain than ever before. This is good to know, and to use, but you will have to use it. It will be like wanting to run down a one way street when all of the rest of the traffic is driving toward you. It will feel counter intuitive if you pay attention to what everyone else is doing around you. The tribal part of you will want to go with the group down the one way street.

Now, many of you, when we say all of these things interpret it as isolation but we in fact propose that the opposite then becomes the result. You will need to isolate yourselves less. You will be capable of joining more with the right people than if you try and struggle, to quote another source on Earth, 'upstream'. So these are important times for all of you to understand your own mastery, but for many of you who have lived in other paradigms at other times (Atlantis has already been mentioned today) you are having the opportunity to reground some of those gifts. In a very different world, yes, but to bring some of the energetic prowess into you that you understood and worked with then. That which we would call 'Energy Technology'.

You see for a long time on your planet, magic, such as intentions and affirmations – simple acts such as these you have been exploring today, were somewhat removed from the human society. In fact they had been removed from the human society, just as much of the energy knowledge was stamped out of your history. But the energy knowledge exists for a reason, and a human can access it.

So if you cast an intention for what you would like to bring into your life, it will come. What you are struggling to integrate is what the human has to go through in order to rearrange for what comes. This is also a wonderful lesson for each of you in realising that actually, not a great deal is needed when emotional well-being is present. There are not many outside structures or experiences that become required when you are able to stay centred and balanced in yourself.

So what you will intend for is something very simple, and it will be state based. So if you intend for greater well-being, that will become the reality – the details can form themselves. Releasing the details will be the important aspect.

Which brings us to the final piece we will say for today. Releasing the details is the process that humanity is currently going through. Stabilising the core of the Earth is the stage you are in. These next few years, the stabilization of the core of your Earth will dictate how stable everything on the Earth and among the people becomes.

So work that process in yourself to contribute to the easiest shift for humanity and the planet. The more you learn to centre yourself, the more you offer an opportunity for a centred planet to move forward, with centred people upon it who can help facilitate that shift.

Good. Our message is delivered for now.

In peace and in love to all of you.


  1. Thank you so very much for sharing!

  2. Unusually helpful update, channel and comments this month, Lee. THANK YOU!

  3. Lee - Wow. Thank you so much for all you do. This August info from you & what you channeled captured much of what I've experienced the past few days and it has information that will help me move through my clearing and changes. I'm sure I'll re-read this often this month. With gratitude, thank you !

  4. Jill Gildersleve6 August 2012 at 20:15

    This is perfect so thanks AGAIN for everything that you do Lee - it is making such a profound difference!!!

  5. Some really wise information here. Hang in there lee, seems like you're struggling a little bit right now, as am I.

  6. I am right there with you Lee. I'm feeling the shift and the call to trust my abilities as a Clairsentient and Claircognizant to serve humanity in a greater way. These are challenging times and I'm feeling energy that I've never felt before. Drastic decisions are to be made soon before the weather changes here in Alaska. I'm being called to Boulder, CO. Maybe I'll meet you there.

  7. thank you Lee! you are so very loved. <3

  8. Thank you Lee, your forcast helps us to understand so many things about ourselves in this particular moment of time. Lucia (Sardinia)

  9. I actually felt the message in my body and soul. Thank you.

  10. Thank you, Lee, for the very helpful energy update, and especially for being your beautiful self! Love you...

  11. Thank you for being a beacon of light in the turmoil and I really like the beard. ;-)
    I feel the deep need to refocus myself, doing nothing, but it is not easy with the necessities of every day, not easy with bills to pay. I saw exactly what you're talking about, I do not have a vision of what I will do in the near future and my past dreams no longer speak to my heart, but what I find most difficult is to make account of people to whom I committed earlier this year. I would be rather than to social pressure but makes me sad, anxious and helpless, while most of what I do by "should" fail, of course. This is really not a good time and I feel it has lasted an eternity. You give me the courage to continuity as you confirm my feelings. thank you very much. Big hug, wish to meet you sometimes, somewhere.

  12. Thank you, Lee, this explains why I'm no longer carrying on with my regular absent healing activities. It must now be happening in another way.

  13. Thanks Lee, resonated so much with your words, I listened to the video lastnight and then re read it tonight and have a feeling this will be a welcome companion which will accompany many of us through this month.
    Much appreciation and love xxx

  14. Hi Lee...

    Thanks for all...You are right....I´m feel tired all the time...Sometimes I feel that the people around me is in a rush and in that moments they stole my energy...I will keep still from now...

    Tashi Delek


  15. Thank you soo much !!! And YES! Feels soo right you wrote!
    I already feel so free - inside & outside... tralllalllaaaaa :-)

    AND: What is a 3 Z´s channel?

  16. Thank you Lee <3

    You have such a graceful, loving way of presenting information. It is always a reassuring pleasure to hear your reports, thank you!

    My experience (while rather esoteric) are right along the same lines. We are now at a crossroads of alignment of CHOICE, either 3D=old paradigm (dream of the world... =should/must/same as it ever was/external guidance) or 5+D=new earth (living in our Truth/Divinity/each of us an aspect of ONE/internal guidance) and there are no wrong choices. Everything is perfect & in Divine Order. Honing our truth.

    Many Blessings to All on this journey, we are not alone or separate from all that is. LOVE!

  17. Dear Lee,
    All the best for moving to your new home! I am so happy for you!!!
    Letting go of the details, I love this one! Thank you!

  18. Lee,

    A friend of mine sent your link to me three months ago. Your readings are such a life raft to me here in this conservative place I live in. You have fans in Nebraska who are thrilled to hear that you are moving to Boulder.

  19. Dear Lee, thank you so much for this month's forecast! I've been awaiting it anxiously, and it's immensely reassuring just as I expected! The first nights of August have been full of powerful dreams that have a new energy and feel to it. Also, the channelled message about people wanting to shed the skin of old roles rings true with me. At times, I feel such a rush of emotions coming fron these false self- images, it's almost like an onslaught. I allow the waves to rise and fall and try to dive through them with consciousness, but it's not easy. Often, these thunderous waves bring me to tears, and I pray that they may pass soon. Then things are suddenly quiet again, and I feel a new strength and self-assurance and have beautiful visions of where all of this may lead us as a people: we're in for a big and beautiful surprise! The self as an expression of the Goddess or of God is so much brighter and miraculous than can imagine! Thank you very much for your forecasts, they are a blessing! My best wishes to you, especially for your move to America! With love!

  20. Thank you so much Lee :)

  21. Welcome to America Lee! I just stumbled on your post- what a delight to find another soul friend sharing the Truth. A big hug of thanks.

    1. Actually, I wouldn´t really call anything "the truth" to be honest!

  22. As always, your forecasts are spot on Lee. Thank you for allowing yourself to be a channel for information that is helping the rest of us make it through this shift with grace and ease. Blessings...:)

  23. How reassuring to read all this,thing
    is, I haven't been able to move for days! My sanity is restored, real huge hug!! Diolch yn fawr cariad!xx

  24. Thank you, Lee, for sharing! Welcome to America -- and Boulder is BEAUTIFUL! The energy there is awesome, too. You are an inspiration!

  25. I'm so glad you/this post bought up 'energy hierarchy' - I can't stand the label 'lightworker' for that very reason! It makes me wanna puke- so much spiritual smugness associated with it.

    If anything, the process of waking up is all about dropping labels (of who and what you thought you were) so it makes no sense to me to adopt a new 'role/label'..and doesn't that just cause more seperation - a 'us and them' scenario?!

    Ugh. Well thats my 2 cents anyway! Light and dark - gotta learn to love them both! We need both :)
    Thanks for your posts Lee

    Love yer work!


  26. Oh yes ... it is all so clear!!!
    The need for stillness and the human part being so busy.
    Let go and BE peace.
    Love and light on this insanely beautiful journey

  27. hey lee, you are much better than the energy alerts I think.
    I do have a question, though. No one in my environment feels as much violated by the energy of others, even though there are some crystal children I know who should also be highly sensitive, or not? Everyone just seems to be going all those places at like so much speed. So what did you mean it is the same for all of us? Do others just not feel it as intense and why are they not being thrown that much out of balance as I do through the presence of others?

  28. Thanks for putting your efforts in sharing such nice post. Keep up this good work.