Monday, 7 April 2014

April 2014 Energy Forecast - The Strength of April, found within....

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(Transcribed and edited from Lee's live Video message.)

Hi everybody. Welcome to the Energy Forecast for April 2014. 

It’s April 2nd that we’re recording this. It’s not REALLY a spring day here but maybe we’re venturing towards it – we’ll see. (Smiling) 

We’re all still here on the planet; which is always nice and unexpected. And the reason that I say that is because today there are two principles I want to touch on. 

Something I’ve said repeatedly through the forecasts over the years is that we never know how long we’re going to be alive. And it’s true – we don’t know that we’re still going to be alive at the end of today. And yet what we can often get very fixed and focused on is the future of life rather than the present.
I keep hearing many people over the last year or so getting activated and worried about things they are hearing or suspecting about the future.  

So for example, someone might be talking about a volcano that somebody has predicted to go active on a certain date or an earthquake that’s been predicted for a few months ahead. Or other speculation on how the future of the world is going to go…and what I want to remind everybody is that all of it is conjecture. 

I’m not saying that you can’t truly believe that one of these things is going to happen, and prepare yourself in whatever way you feel you need to be prepared so that you’re comfortable again. 

But what I have noticed is many people are putting their trust and weight behind some of these dates in the future, and thus putting their fear behind it. And then when that date passes and nothing happens, they repeat the same pattern all over again with another future date they’re given. 

So what I’m asking you to look at here is not the idea of future dates, but more closely than that, your own fear relationship to what’s going on in the world.  

The world is sped up, chaotic and panicky at the moment. And it’s understandable as to why. There are several things that you can see going on in the world that can make you nervous about the future of the planet, and the now of the planet and what people are dealing with. 

But one truth I have come to both learn and experience is that the more centered and stable we are able to stay, the more ready we are for anything that Planet Earth is going to throw our way. 

So if you are living in fear or worry of the future, you are constantly off your center and disempowered. 

You may say, well how do I calm down about this terrible future thing that’s happening?

And I say, well number one; you know that you don’t yet know it’s happened. You don’t yet know what the future outcome is. So even those of you who may be very good with psychic or future predictions, I’ve also met many who are good at those predictions and some of them have come true. But with some of their other predictions, things have not manifested. So perhaps something has changed or it was just a possibility rather than a certainty. 

So ask yourself, are you living in the future or are you living in the now? 

Obviously, the past and the future have to be taken into our relationship with the now. We can learn things from the past that can help us make different choices in the future. But I’m noticing a lot of people, because of the fear energy on Earth and because of the chaos, leaving their own bodies and not living in the now, not living today but living "what’s the future plan" and "what’s the future danger we have to worry about". 

I would propose that to live on Earth is far more unpredictable than we ever anticipated or were taught.  And that’s coming from someone living in, at this point in time, a fairly safe region. 

So what I’m saying is that much of what is happening is our conditioning, our belief that we were in a grid that kept us safe (the outer world), which is now falling away and changing.

And as that falls away, you can get a little nervous that there’s no safety rail. 

So if you’re already nervous that there is no safety rail and someone comes along and says, (Big in breath) “Yellowstone’s going to erupt! Look out!” That nervous fear energy in you suddenly has a perceived genuine threat to focus its target on. 

So try and identify what’s the difference between where you're focusing and targeting your fear in your mind and how much fear do you have in your body? For the way to work with fear is literally to work with it as an energy - not a story. 

So for example, if right now your fear has come to the surface because I’m talking about some of the things that are triggering you, or talking about fear that you’re experiencing, know that the body needs to be trained in the other direction.   

So you could just literally take a moment and breathe (in the video Lee takes a deep, slow breath in and exhales slowly); and just do that a few times. If you just take a minute or two out of your day to keep breathing every now and then, you start to regulate, calm down and open. 
The problem for many of you will be not identifying when the fear or the chaos of someone else is influencing you.  

So if I were to be in a fairly peaceful state, but I go home and my partner is there and my partner is kind of going, (speaking rapidly) “Well, I’m worried I might lose the job and what are we going to do about money and da-da-da-da-da…” - all of that energy that’s coming off the partner, I’m interacting with. And even if I’m standing a meter away, it’s still in my zone. So the question is, does it catalyze me?

The question for you is, how catalyzed are you getting by others right now?

So for those of you living busy lives around lots of people, know that more people are in chaos than before. But the difference is a lot of people aren’t aware of why they’re in chaos, or the fact that they are focusing on certain chaotic or fearful stories in order to process what their inner body is doing. Their inner body is going, “Aaah, the safety rail is going! This isn’t the Earth I thought it was going to be.” That’s a truth for everybody. 

So, at this point in time, 2014, we are looking ahead at the coming decades and realizing things are going to be different. And that’s a certainty. The solutions as to how we are going to arrive at putting the new in place take place every day.

So just to focus on you and your personal life, you are constantly creating “new” every single day. For us as a world, we are constantly creating “new” every single day. 

So today is where we can focus. And many of you are overwhelmed and freaked out because of this big future that you can sense or feel is coming. Yet what you have to remember that what you can feel or sense is coming is related to how you’re feeling today.

So I just want to share a quick exercise with you. I just created something called ‘7 Days of Peace’ , which is 7 daily short meditations to help you access and invoke peace in your life. And in one of these meditations, I talk about the “hollow body”.

So let me explain this to you. Imagine yourself for a second as hollow inside. Imagine that you have no physical organs inside this body and not only are you imagining this inner body of yours as completely hollow and spacious, but let’s include around 12 inches outside your body too - your energy field. See this inner space and outer space around you as your hollow energy field.

A quick exercise you can do a few times a day is to imagine yourself in your hollow body. Closing your eyes will help. 

So, first take a breath, (in the video Lee takes a deep breath) then through your imagination and senses, feel the hollowness of you and feel the spaciousness of it. 

Then, imagine light coming from above down through your head and filling you. Light is filling you.

Now – quick caveat – for those of you who imagined your hollow body and suddenly went, “Whoa, I’m full of everyone’s stuff!”, that’s the point to first say, “I release everything that is not mine. I release everything I am carrying for others.” Whatever words come to you around releasing what you are carrying for other people. Do a quick verbal release, then focus on the hollow body and bring in light. 

And just breathe it in, this light. Feel yourself just being filled for a while. However long feels comfortable to you.

And the reason this is so important is it just allows you to come back to you for a while.

Now I know many of you who are very sensitive or empathic are working on daily principles to be less affected by others. This is one you can add to that toolbox - just imagining yourself as you and only you for a couple of minutes a day, a couple of times a day. Just you and your energy field.  

The reason to do this is it will bring back your sense of peace and balance. But also, it will give you strength that you might not be accessing if you’re trying to find strength in the outside world right now. 

Maybe you’re used to your friends giving you your strength. But all of a sudden, your friends all seem in crisis. So you’re a bit panicky, because the place that you used to go to feel good (your friends) is no longer making you feel good.   

Maybe you just lost your job and the security that you used to feel around having that job is now taken away. So you’re feeling a little nervous and asking yourself "What am I going to manifest next?" 

This level of change is happening all across the world. Things that used to be safety zones for people, things that used to be trusted, and things that used to be known - they’re all moving. 

So what we have to do is go within. And within ourselves, we find new strength. 

In April, strength is going to be a theme.

Yes, astrologically this is a very strong month, so you can expect explosive things to play out world-wise and personally. But how those explosive things look is going to be very distinct. It might not be the worst case scenario you are thinking of - it will just be a strong energy.

So that means you can harness the strength of these times and be a conductor of that strength in your own life. But only if you are taking the time each day to figure out who am I in the middle of this crazy planet? I can see that there’s all this stuff going on around me. I can feel and be affected by all of that. 

But I also have to remember that I am sovereign in here - my heart (in the video Lee puts his hand on his chest). I have a place that is untouchable to anybody. Even if I’m in reaction to things going on outside me, there is a place inside me that is just mine. 

So, spend a little time this month taking a few times a day getting in touch with just you. 
And what will come to you this month is greater strength than you’ve previously had. 

Look after yourselves well everybody and I’ll see you in May. 

Big love, bye-bye.

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

March 2014 Energy Forecast - Finding the Present in Every Moment....


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(Transcribed and edited from Lee's live Video message.) 

Hi and welcome to the March Energy Forecast.

I have not done one of these for a few months. So it’s nice to see and feel you all again, and I hope you’re doing ok out there.

These are certainly amplified times for all of us right now. And I have noticed a few different patterns over the last month to 6 weeks that people have had as a shared experience.

Death has been a very big theme. Many people are having loved ones around them die. Some people are having pets die. And then the theme of death just in general in the world is happening globally with certain areas experiencing more conflict than we are used to seeing.

And, secondly the environment; and all that we are seeing going on in the environment right now and actions that are very obviously destructive for the environment.

So, when you question why you’ve been feeling perhaps a rising intensity in your life (and for some of you it will manifest as anxiety), you don’t have to look very far to understand that there are actual stimuli for this. 

And this is often the tricky area for us as human beings in our minds. Because if you are confused about something in your life, nervous, or afraid about something in your life, what tends to happen is if your mind starts becoming overactive, it is because it responds to the anxiety levels in the body. 

So as this anxiety energy travels upward in your body, what you start having is thoughts that circle - thoughts which I often call ‘anxiety mind loops’. These loops are where you start obsessing over details, and obsessing over things that are going on.

This is why when recognizing anxiety and fear experiences, it’s really powerful and important for you to ask the question "How is my body?  Never mind what my mind is thinking about what’s going on outside me or what’s going on over there - how is my actual body today?"

And in the last month or so, even though many people have talked about having more open, flowing experiences of life in some areas, many are using the words ‘intense’ or occasionally ‘challenging’ for their daily life.

 And if you look at the prophecies that we were given thousands of years ago about this time in our history, it was always going to be a turbulent and challenging time; but within that, for those of you who ascribe to the understanding that we are souls having an often repetitive experience here on the planet, this is why so many of you will be tying things up in your lives right now – or feeling like you’re tying things up.

So February was a very strong time for many people around purging or cleansing or changing details in their life. There is also this theme that has been going on for a long time where you might be having dreams of significant people in your life. Or in your daily life, you might be thrown back to 2002 in memory, and to something that happened to you there; and you’ll have a very different experience about that memory as you look at it now and as you feel it now.

So as the outer world is changing very rapidly, we too are called to change very rapidly in our inner worlds.

And one very, very big theme that came up in the Live Q and A broadcast that I did two weeks ago in The Portal (which is the membership club that we have), was 'Fear'. Fear was very high on everyone’s radar. 

So many people were talking about the fear they were experiencing about the world, the fear they were experiencing in themselves around their own lives and their health.

These are very prevalent issues today. They aren’t phantom ideas. Wherever you look in the world there are as many threats as there are supports to both the planet and to the livelihood of all that live here – humans, animals and beyond.

So one of the things that I have learnt as a sensitive person is you tend to have an amplified nervous system if you’re a sensitive person or you can have that tendency.

So if you can just work with your body a few times a day to help you come back to center and to calm, you’re going to see a lot more flow and a lot more openness happening for you on a daily basis. 

Why this is important is you are going to be more useful energetically and practically to the kinds of changes you would like to see in the world.

One of the arguments I’ve often seen on the internet among people is “Well, why self-love? Because if you self-love, what about loving everyone else?” 

Well, those of us who understand the principle of self-love know that you don’t become more loving toward yourself and then be more selfish towards others. The opposite is actually true.

It’s the same with looking after your own energy field in these times. And for the sensitive among you, you can feel a lot of empathy, a lot of pain sometimes in your own body around the suffering that you’re seeing going on in the world.

But if you travel off your center, and start to merge with that fear and suffering, you’re in a wobbling state. If you’re able to see and experience suffering energy outside you, but can come back to a place in yourself where you can be calm, you will be useful to the transformation of that suffering state. 

Because you will be able to hold an energy of peace and openness that will actually positively influence those in the fear or the suffering state.

And beyond that, those who are conscious activists in the world who are working on behalf of the planet and the people around you, to try and give us a healthy and more sustainable future, will also benefit from looking after their nervous system.

So if you don’t have a practice in your life like Yoga or Qi Gong or any of the other meditative ‘arts’, that help you work with your energy body on a daily basis, just take a few moments each day to ask yourself how you are doing, check in with your nervous system and to see how stimulated it is. It’s a very stimulating world, as we know. 

Those of you who are on Facebook for example, will be experiencing a lot of stimulation; and I’m not saying that’s a negative thing, but I am aware that for all of us, the younger generation are an exception perhaps because they were more born into this speed of life. 

But for most of us who didn’t know the internet in our earlier lives and didn’t know the speed of information and assimilation that we now have in our world, if you add all of that information attention that we are now dealing with daily, along with the rise in intensity on the planet and around the world, then you start to understand why many people are wobbling in themselves. It’s an instinctive and a sensory response.

So a couple of quick things you can do are literally just to use these wonderful hands of yours. The nervous system calms down very quickly with touch. If you think of babies, when you hold a crying baby, the baby often calms down.

So just take your hands and literally first of all start with your head, and gently place your hands on and over your head. This is especially effective if you notice that you are having many thoughts, because the thoughts are circulating in that area of your body. 

So take your hands and support your head with touch for a few seconds – the very area where everything is going on. Just put your hands there for a few seconds or a few minutes, as long as you feel you need to.

And what it will do is it will help to re-center all of the energy in your body that has perhaps started to spin out in the directions of others or in response to everything that’s going on in the world. So then move down to your shoulders; then you can take your hands and put them across this top of your chest and just keep moving down your body. (In the video, Lee demonstrates all of these movements). I’m just giving you an example here, but you can go wherever you feel to go on your body.

And as you do this, as you start to support your torso and your head with your own touch, you’re going to notice you will come back into your own alignment. 

5-10 minutes of this touch exercise will be the most beneficial, especially if done a few times a day.

Lots of people have spun out recently - spun off their center. 

This doesn’t make for clear decision-making; this doesn’t make for being useful to yourself, or toward your loved ones. And what tends to happen when we spin out is we keep looking for the answers outside ourselves. We keep trying to find support outside ourselves or a solution outside ourselves. 

But this is simply an internal energy state that’s in need in you. There usually aren’t external solutions for it.

And if you think of the speed of change that we’re all going through, it’s a lot to take in. I said to my friend the other day, “It’s not the 80's anymore.” And we both laughed slightly nervously as well because there is certain nervousness in the air of where the world is going. 

One of the things that The Z’s, who I channel, have said to me for many years is that there is often a fear of future that people have, especially if they’re futurists. 

So if you’re somebody who has been used to using your psychic mind, your intuition to see down timelines to possibilities, you can travel into a future scenario and it can feel horrific to you as you travel into it. 

But the truth is you’re traveling into it without true knowledge of what it would feel like if you did arrive in that future reality that you most fear. Because this body that I am in experiences up to today, which is March 4th

So if I am worried about a reality a year from now, I will not feel equipped to deal with what’s happening a year from now. But by the time I get there a year from now, and I’ve gone through all the other days and months that have energetically prepared me and have got me used to being in the present moment, in a year, I’m going to have a much better time of dealing with it and being in it.

So if you’re having lots of fears of the future or fears of the worst case scenario, know that you have to come back to the present. It's the only place we can truly exist.

On Friday last week, one of my closest friends dog was put to sleep. She was very, very old and it was her time to go, but I have never seen a human or an animal die. And she had an injection, and she was very peaceful, very happy as she went. It was a very beautiful experience. For 24 hours prior, we were all spending time being with her and being present with her. And I’ve known this dog in my life for the last five years and I’ve lived with her for two and a half. So as I watched her go, she just fell asleep. Within five seconds, she was one minute looking and the next minute she was just gone.

And even though I’m often having to remind myself and us that we can die any minute (on behalf of The Z’s who are often reminding me that a human life can end like that), and that therefore we should focus on being as appreciative and as sensory and alive as we can in each moment; seeing death up close was very powerful. And I know many of you watching will have had that experience with humans and/or animals  

And of course I had a heart chakra moment where it just opened fast as she died, and we all had tears because of the loss of a loved one in our life. Whenever any loved one moves out of your life, your energy field changes – you let them go. There was relief for her, because she was no longer suffering and then in the following 48 hours for me, there was a profound awareness to just appreciate every second. Which anyone always says to you, if they have seen death.

So we don’t know how long we’re here for. We don’t know how long we’re here for as a race and we don’t know how long we’re here for as an individual. But if we keep living with a want and a desire to be here on a daily basis we will keep creating and renewing life to the best of our ability and the highest potential available to us individually and to the planet.

I think there is a sense of disempowerment many people are having at the moment when they are seeing things going on. But I’m called to remind all of us and myself that the energy that we hold on a daily basis is very powerful.

So for example, if you are feeling distressed about what’s going on in the Ukraine right now, do what I did the other day. Sit in your house, think of that place, think of the people in that place and envision peace – hold energy around peace for those people. You may be able to affect a world situation in a far more powerful way than we could understand. 

But there are things we can do on a daily basis for those outside us and there are things that we can do on a daily basis for those nearest to us. And the most important thing for all of us to maintain that life force, is for us to learn how to keep our own center in our daily life.

Because when you come off your center and you go into the human chaos, you go into the human energy fractiousness which is going on a lot now, you tend to forget your spiritual vertical connection. And that’s with us all the time, that’s undeniable.

So if you live as a human with that inner vertical connection as much as the outer horizontal connection you not only have a far richer experience, but you tend to have a higher experience in all of your interactions every day. And we all know that the lower experiences do not feel so comfortable when we are going through them.

So I would just invite all of you to just stop for a second at the end of this message and ask yourself, if you’ve been feeling low recently, how involved do you feel you have gotten into other people’s low states, fears, energies.

 And can you just take a few times each day to come back to you. 

Ask yourself how you’re doing on this beautiful planet that we live on and ask yourself what you would like to do next – for yourself or for the world.

Lots of love everybody; I hope you have a great month and see you in April.

Thursday, 6 February 2014

2014: Year of Emergence


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Much has been made of the time that we are living in; the concept and idea that 2012 was a turning point.


Many ask, “When will the Golden Age begin?”


But wherever you look right now on the planet, things seem far from golden.


Destruction is taking place at gross levels. This is happening.


We are told stories that are not true, in order to get us to agree to policies and actions that will just bring further destruction.


So why do we agree? When did this begin?


In 2011, I recorded a message called “Year of Illumination”. In that message I spoke about how when things become illuminated, we see everything. We see the shadows as strongly as we see the light.


The most enlightened on the planet are those who have seen the strongest shadows; those who understand the pain and suffering of what occurs on Earth for so many people. And so their focus goes toward creating more light.


We are one – one consciousness, one collective. But we are very divided in our opinions and our ways of seeing the world.


Some who listen to this message will be angry at some of the messages because they will disagree. And that’s exactly what is wanted.


We are wanted as a divided people. For when we are divided, when we fight each other, when we are in fear about what is happening, we are powerless.


And when we are powerless, we do not interfere with things that we are now being called to step up to.


The world is not black and white. And no argument is ever black or white. There are always shades of gray.


And yet we as people have been so trained to be afraid. We are bombarded with images, messages that subliminally make us afraid of our lives and who we are and the world outside us.


We have forgotten our spirit. We have forgotten to tune into the spirit of our heart, our inner body, our inner mind, our higher self.


Many of these statements and concepts will be ridiculed, laughed at, but it’s simple. Inside you there is a heartbeat, and that heartbeat circulates the blood through your body that keeps you alive.


Your spirit has a heartbeat; your soul has a heartbeat. And it’s the part of you that keeps parenting you to greater and greater growth; encouraging you to step forward, become bigger in your life, feel more.


Becoming bigger is an inner process. It is not about external achievement. It is not about being an extrovert rather than an introvert. But it is about allowing yourself to feel – more and more and more.


Many argue they do not want to feel the pain in the world. They do not want to see the suffering. Yet this is where empowerment and enlightenment lie. For they exist, they are here. And if you are recoiling from them, it is because there is a match inside your own body to that very suffering.


This is not surprising. For when you live on a planet with an energy field like this you cannot help but have the whole spectrum of life and feelings move through you.


But a great truth of this time is that we are now being called back inside ourselves, our higher selves, our highest selves.


It is a feeling.


It is the difference between the day you are walking down the street feeling alive, open, gratitude for what is occurring in your life, what you are seeing, experiencing, the trees you may be looking at, beautiful buildings, the nice conversation you just had with a dear friend.


This feeling is what we need to grow – more and more and more, all of the time.


But those who have agendas to bring destruction to the planet, and those people exist, would not want you to be more in your light. They would not want you to be more in your love.


So where they have infiltrated society, and they have been there since the very beginning, they create a fear template that moves through us all.


Many of you listening to this will not like what I’m talking about. You may feel it’s wrong to focus on the negative. But we cannot ignore the negative.


As souls and as spiritual beings we can see all of it as perfect.


We can trust that all of this is a journey and that there is a destiny at work on Planet Earth.


But we also have free will.


We also have the opportunity to show up every day and make not only our lives, but the lives of those around us a little better.


But we only do this when we trust what’s inside us.


And to trust who you are inside, takes incredible awareness, diligence, and an agreement with yourself that you will go back through everything you’ve experienced in your life and feel what you didn’t feel.


But that also today, this very day, you will agree to wake up to see everything that is going on around you.


And if you realize you are too scared to see that, you will be kind enough to yourself to give yourself time; but to hold this as the intention.


2014: The Year of Emergence will ask you to emerge.


For some of you, you will emerge through “emergencies” that you are bringing your energy toward, helping others through, or experiencing in yourself and that will show you strength you did not know you had, an inner life you did not know you had.


The world needs our help. Again, a statement some of you will not like me saying.


You are free to disagree. We’re all allowed to disagree.


But if we try to change the opinions of others because we do not like that they disagree with us, then we are playing out the very war that this planet has been dealing with for centuries.


That energy of war is potent. It thrives on fear and it takes lives wherever it goes.


You cannot always outrun the dark.


Sometimes you may be dealing with a feeling of darkness or an experience of darkness in your life.


But the more you harvest and nurture your own inner light, the stronger a force of light and love you will become.


And this can illuminate all darkness. For darkness thrives on your fear.


We may feel afraid from time to time and process that through our body, but if we act from fear or react from fear we are playing in the energy field of war.


This universe is so vast, and we are one planet within it; one race of people, but there are so many energies that you can feel beyond the human body, beyond the human race.


Some call this “higher self”, some call it “angels”, some call it “Great Spirit”; there are many names. But it’s the part of you that opens your heart on a daily basis to feel more. To feel love or compassion for your neighbor, to do something for someone that you know is in need.


Many of you will have got to a place where this is easier and easier. For you are no longer being manipulated by other people’s desires.


You have learnt to boundary where a boundary is required; if someone is trying to take from you rather than being open to what you can give. There is a big difference between those two.


So trust where you get led this year to bring your energy of service.


Perhaps this year for you will be all about raising your children with as much love as you can, and that will be enough.


Perhaps this year for you will be about helping the environment as much as you can, and that will be enough.


We are a great tapestry of people and between us if we emerge more and more, we can bring more light where more light is needed.


So will you emerge?


Will you emerge into your life and into this world in a bigger way than you ever have before?



Tuesday, 3 December 2013

December 2013 Energy Forecast - The Unification of Human and Spirit


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(Transcribed and edited from Lee's live Video message.)

Hello and welcome to the December Energy Forecast. 

We would have been filming outside today, as myself and Marc were on the hill here in Boulder for a good long while trying to find shelter from this ferocious wind that is moving through Boulder today. We have had to come into the house and be within these walls so that you could hear what I am saying. And to me that feels very metaphoric of life right now. It seems to be the ‘practice’ that we are being ask to daily surrender to all of the time - step back, take shelter from chaos and find the inner peace. 

The world is experiencing chaos and conflict at higher levels than ever before because of the rise and the opening in consciousness that’s happening. So the two go hand in hand, and it seems that for most people that I’m talking to or interacting with, and myself included, the amount of things around you in your outer life that are asking for your attention or needing things from you, or being discordant, are on the rise. 

So what you have to do to really keep yourself centered and also to be able to give positive energy out to those things that are coming toward you is to really find your own center and to remember who you are amid everything that’s going on in the story of our world right now. Because where you place your attention and your focus and what you start to think about can highly influence what happens to you next. 

So for example, if you read a certain news story that’s shrouded in fear and designed to make you feel fear, you can absorb that, take it into your body and then every next activity you go to has that fear running through your body. 

This is why it’s more important for all of us that we no longer just stop at figuring out how to work with the mind or figuring out how to make our bodies healthy. It’s a 'whole being' process now. Your whole sensory being; thoughts, emotions, energy field, physicality, they’re all asking to be looked at and seen and unified and integrated with you. It’s why many of you are having these recurring dreams about past situations, past loved ones in your life, perhaps resolving conflicts through dreams or daydreams or visions, because you’re being asked to unify with love in yourself, more and more and more. 

So here are a few small re-balancing tips that I think I’ve probably given over recent months, but just to recap:

The stomach is a very important center in our bodies around safety, human relationships and cords that run between people and conflict energies.  

So if you’re experiencing anything difficult in a human relationship, conflict with somebody – or with yourself, or if you’re just not feeling safe, work with your stomach.  

Each day, just take a few minutes out of your day - and you can do this as many times as you like - to just take your hand, place it over your stomach and as you breathe in and out, focus your attention on your hand and on your stomach.  

Some of you might say, “Well I’m very busy, I’ve got a lot going on in my head” Well, that’s why we do this. We allow that frenetic activity to be refocused elsewhere and in the process of doing it, the nervous systems starts to calm and your being can begin to go into a more focused, directional energy rather than a scattered chaotic one. 

This is why meditation works for so many people. It’s not just the actual practice of accessing the inner realms that meditation gives. For many people (who either never access or haven’t yet accessed that level of what meditation offers), even just the practice of sitting and being still with their bodies and with their presence and letting go of everything external for a while is hugely beneficial to the potency of this inner system of yours and what you can then bring to your outer world in life force. 

So, a couple of exercises: one is the stomach and just breathing.  

The other side of this, and I’ve talked about this a lot, is don’t forget the power of your words to intend.  

So for example, I often use, “I return to my own energy field. I return to my own energy field.” 

And this is when I feel I have maybe become too immersed with other people’s energy fields or I notice I’m a little off balance and I realize I’ve been busy. So by saying “I return to my own energy field” I get to summon back all of the pieces of me that I may have left with other people and I bring back my core strength. Our core strength is always still here, even if it has moved outside of our centre, it can’t leave us fully. 

But it can go to the edge of our energy fields when we are off centre, and what we need then is for it to come back to the center whenever we are starting to feel a little shaky in our systems. This shakiness can show up in thoughts, higher emotions than usual, or just through sensory awareness.  

So you can also do this with anybody that you feel you are a little energetically en-meshed with. And that’s happening a lot at the moment because we as a collective people are really looking to resolve pain and looking to open. Not just because of what’s going on in the outer world - this is a cellular level energy movement that is happening to all of us. We are being asked to unify human and spirit. 

So, many of you who have been very spiritual for a long time and you’ve just enjoyed spiritual pursuits, you’ll probably be having a rough time with being asked to come back to humanity and remember you are also a human being in a form on a planet, at a time that your presence is needed and required here. And that’s not to make you sound like a slave of the planet's evolution - it’s just that we die with full knowledge that we’re ready to die.  

So when we die, both our soul and our physical body are ready to go. So if we are still alive then it’s interesting to then get curious about what am I still here to experience? Because I know many of you will have the shadow story of “I don’t want to be on this planet.” I’ve certainly had that a few times myself. I know that many other people have too. But the truth is, this surge and rise in heart energy that can feel very challenging is actually far, far easier to be in and to open to and to receive of the more you practice sitting back from your life. 

So if you haven’t experienced this very much in your life, or if you’re in a situation where you maybe have kids and a busy job and a busy life, you just need to start safeguarding small amounts of regular time to do this. It could be four minutes five times a day, and that cumulative 20 minutes will change so much in your energy field. 

What you’ll notice when you do this is the level of demand on you from others.  

So, how many of your are currently noticing other people are demanding more of you than you either feel comfortable or able to give? So many of you will be going through the boundaries piece - finding your place to say yes and to say no, with love. And being loving with your boundary is the ultimate aim. If you can’t do something for somebody that this somebody really wants you to do, you can not only trust that they will find the perfect person to do this for them in the perfect time (because otherwise it would feel right to you); but you can be loving with them and compassionate with them, because you yourself know what it’s like to have unfulfilled needs.  

So even if you can’t always understand someone’s motivation for being demanding, try and feel heart to heart with them and even if you feel your or their heart is closed, or you have a perception maybe they’re a little wounded, you can still be in love with them because we’ve all been wounded and we’re all still shifting our limits all of the time. A loving boundary.

So, that leads me to the final thing; which is, we really are losing the masculine paradigm of 'right and wrong' on Earth currently, and that’s scary.  

So if your use of the idea of what’s right or what’s good or what’s bad is what got you to evolve up until this point, you might be a little jittery right now about losing those guideposts. Guideposts like 'discipline' or 'right or wrong', and just allowing yourself to live. To truly live.

You see, we live in energy grids with each other. And these energy grids are built upon agreements. So for example, an energy grid I might have running with a friend of mine is that she always arrives at my house in a mess, and I always help her feel better and then we have fun. And we may have that grid running between us because I have that in my history, playing that role, so I’m resolving something about staying rigidly in that role with her. And she has something in her history about never being taken care of. So she’s having a healing around that. 

But the point being, you may have had some of these grids running in some of your long-term relationships for a long time. And what’s happening now is they’re just snapping open. We are losing the old grids. And they’re popping – it’s quick. And it’s a shock for us because we aren’t used to that as a collective.  

But the more you practice being in yourself and your center and fully being curious about what that is – the better you will feel and experience the world, and cleansing right now will help with that. If you feel a little under the weather, cleanse the physical body. Do whatever you can to give it better foods, Give it more exercise. Try something different. Because I’m aware that many people out there are feeling like they’re being dragged under the water. And the worst thing you can do when you’re in that situation is think you’re doing something wrong or missing something. 

All of us to the best of our ability can just keep trying something different. Each day try something new. It’s a process I’ve been very 'in' for a long time now, but especially this last month, I’ve upped the ante on 'what do I need, how am I?'. Because I’ve noticed how much more there are strong energy fluctuations out there. And actually through doing that, I’ve managed to maintain a core of strength even within some of the challenging things around me. But creating that new way was a process of trial and error for me, and it was a process of focusing. I just had to be willing to focus. 

So, let's take a breath for a second.

I realise that I’ve just given you a load more information at a time where we’re are full of information – so I invite you to forget everything I’ve just said. (Laughter) 

And if it helps you to remember some of it, I’m thrilled.  And if it doesn’t, forget all of it. 

And if you take only one thing away from my talk, it’s to remember you have to trust yourself. And if you say, “Well I can’t trust myself because of this, this and this” - well then make solving that your most important focus in the next few months because you have yourself to trust.  

You’re here having an unusual and amazing experience on Planet Earth in a very rapidly changing time, which can sometimes make all of us wonder who pulled the rug away from under our feet? 

But the truth is, we pulled the rug away. We always knew exactly the time tunnel that we were going through now. And if you look at the prophecies of the ancients, this time was very, very prophesized. 

And if you actually look at the details, what is occurring is exactly what we expected to occur in the energetics. The problem is we have been so mind-trained to not look at energetics and to instead look at external details, that it doesn’t always make sense if we don’t know what the exact detail we are about to experience is. 

So you see, if you live from detail, you will forever be disempowered. 
If you live from essence, the inner body, the senses, your life will start to come alive. 
And you will empower yourself.

That is the new paradigm we’re now shifting into. 

So spend time with yourself in a sensory way this month – however that looks to you (dance, exercise, creativity, touch). 

I will be back in February with one of these forecasts. 

There will be a forecast in January, but it will be my annual message – which some of you may be familiar with and it is a slightly different presentation.  It will be released by January the 1st, so look out for that. 

And if you would like to be with me live in person, I’m in Boulder on December the 14th doing an evening called 'Open to Your Highest Potential' and I’m doing the same event in Amsterdam on January the 4th

Then a full day workshop in Slovenia – Ljubljana – called Living Your Power on January the 19th

If any of you feel drawn to be there, I would love to be with you in person. It creates a whole other energy shift. 

And in the meantime I wish you all lots of love for the final days of 2013. I hope you get good times with good people and I hope you get good times with yourself :-)

Take care everybody; see you next year.