Wednesday 23 September 2015

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Wednesday 2 September 2015

September 2015 Energy Forecast - Choose Your Own Adventure: Strengthened By Your Knowing, Clarity and Radical Expression

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(Transcribed and edited from Lee's spoken video message.)

Hello everybody and welcome to the Energy Forecast for September 2015.

Let's take a breath. (Lee breathes deeply in and out)

And another one. 

And one more. 

It’s really good to remember to do this for yourself daily, as many times as you can. Just give yourself a conscious breath moment - particularly if things are feeling fast or overwhelming.

I spoke in the July and August forecasts about fire energy, particularly the kundalini fire energy that has been moving through everybody in different ways. But for many of you, it will have shown up in a very deep, internal way. There is a part of you that has been re-calibrating from the inside out, and at lightning speed --- and sometimes with an intensity or ferocity that you are not accustomed to.

Welcoming the Energy of Water

So this month we will feel a little more water energy, and that is going to bring more spaciousness to the fire that has been moving for and in most of you over the last two months.

Of course we’re all going to be at slightly different places. Some of you might be just coming into this now and catching the back end of the wave of fire of the last two months. But for those of you who've been feeling the intensity that I've been talking about, what September is going to give you is a new level of clarity and a knowing that will allow you to make changes. Where July and August may have felt intense, fiery, or reactive, the end of that process is now with you. You're going to come out of that inner re-calibration period and start to have much more of a sense of external direction: “Ah, yeah, I need to slightly rearrange this relationship." Or, "I need to do something slightly different over here.”

The energy of September is going to be much more about how to take that intense inner change out into the outer world in a steady and effective way. Because there are effective and calm ways to make lasting changes that can't usually come through you in a fiery moment.

The strength of your own knowing

So let’s just first of all look at this word “knowing.” 

We live in a world where we are influenced by each other. We are influenced by so many different opinions and ideas, and we tend to have taken them on as our own.
So for example, if you have a father (or mother) who has very strong beliefs about a certain type of person or a certain job, a lot of you will have been influenced by that. Yes, there are always the rebels who push against it. But even when you're pushing against something, some part of you has a belief or an alignment with it, otherwise you would never need to push against it.

So when I talk about knowing, I'm talking about what is it that you and only you know in the way that you know it? Because no matter how much you might see yourself as subservient or a “yes person” to other people in your life, you’re actually very strong in what it is that you came here to do and be that is unique to you.

Communicating with certainty and calm

So this month, your own concrete knowing is going to show up in a very strong way. This can mean that you will run into some issues with others. So for example, you might present your knowing to another and they might want to push against it or oppose; they may want to test you. But different to prior months, you will feel even more certain about your own knowing of what is true. And for many of you, you’re going to have a much calmer way of saying to the other person, “Yeah I see that that's your opinion, but no, for me it's something different.”

Unmasking anxiety

This is important because the anxiety that has been underlying for so many people over the last few years has rapidly increased in the last 3 to 4 months. The anxiety is for many reasons but speed of transformation on the planet plays a big part. An unconsciousness about this energy of anxiety often leads others to try and impose their energy on you or on an outer circumstance in their life. 

For example, if you were telling me that you want to go skydiving and I was unaware of my own anxiety or discomfort about skydiving, I might try to talk you out of it. If I'm not being honest with myself about how skydiving makes me feel (terrified), I would only hear your desire through my own anxious filters. I might say, “Well, you know, be careful because I read some really dangerous stories about that last week, and I think you should just be mindful of that.” 

So that would be me unconsciously offering or forcing my energy on to you. And when you're somebody who's very receptive, empathic, or sensitive --- many of you will relate to this --- you might walk away from that conversation having absorbed the energy of it, and start doubting yourself: “Oh yeah, maybe I shouldn't, maybe he's right…”

Being mindful of the energy we're putting out into the world

This is where we need to be mindful of the energy that we are giving and offering to others. Most people on the planet aren’t aware that that's what they’re doing. 

So with you having this greater level of knowing in and for yourself --- with you having this clarity of who it is you are and what it is you are here to do and why you are doing it --- you're going to find it far easier to be mindful of holding that strength when around others and the energies that are unconsciously moving through people. 

And if you are honest with yourself, you'll be really impressed with how you’re managing this now versus who you were 2-3 years ago.

Celebrating your growth and your breakthroughs

So always celebrate yourself for the breakthroughs.

It's really important to be able to look back and go, “Wow, two years ago that would've been a real struggle for me.” It’s part of being honest and grateful with yourself about your journey of growth; because we have one physical life as this identity in this physical form

And for those of you who love the journey of life and the growth of life, one of the ways that you absolutely continue to galvanize more openings and more growth is to have great gratitude and appreciation for how far you've come. 

So take a moment to think about that for yourself.

What is it that comes to mind about you and your journey while I'm speaking to you about this? What can you say is different for you from 2013 or 2011? It's very important because the awareness of your growth tends to supercharge where you're going next. 

So, see that difference in who you are now versus back then. And recognize that that very difference in you sometimes provokes reactions from others --- when they try and bring you back to who you were, or they try and bring you to that fear level they exist in ... about skydiving, for example. :)

Radical expression and the power to reshape our lives 

So, your knowing and your clarity are not only internal now, but in this September to December period, they will be very much something you're bringing to the outer world. 

I just gave a talk in London on ‘Radical Expression’. And the basis of that talk was about how we have no idea the incredible power of our words to reshape and redirect our life. So it makes us nervous to express very authentically who we are and to bring it out of our bodies. Because of the huge impact that change in expression will cause in our outer lives and experiences. As humans, until we awaken and surrender to a high degree, we tend to desire and fear change in equal measure.

So for example, the person telling me about wanting to skydive could say back to me and my fear based reaction to their desire, “Yeah, I understand that you might be scared about skydiving Lee, and thank you for cautioning me. That’s sweet. I know you care about me. But trust me, I’ve got to do this. It's going to be amazing! I just know I’ve got to do it.”   

That changes the dynamic. Rather than keeping their mouth closed or avoiding the conversation, they walk away from that meeting
very differently --- and so do I.
Many of you who used to stay silent, nowadays will not be able to keep your mouth shut in the same way you used to. The path of least resistance for many of you used to be silence. 

Now the path is going to be the freedom to express yourself to people in your world, and to recognize that when you speak your truth in an empowered, loving, and compassionate way --- willingly and honestly without needing to fight the other person --- you absolutely change your life and the energy of the interaction for all. You change the way that everything ahead of you, and every interaction ahead of you, is going to go.

Choose your own adventure

One of the things that we tend to forget is that there are multiple paths for us all of the time, every day.

So for example, the way that you show up in one interaction with a person is going to hugely influence what happens next and where you go next. 

I'm recalling in England, as a child, we had these books --- Choose Your Own Adventure books. Depending on the way that you read a page or where you wanted to go next, you would have different pages in the book that you could flip to based on your choice. The energy of life is very similar. That level of living is higher than ever right now. So the speed at which you can flip into a different reality is higher than ever. 

For those of you who are still kind of clearing things out, or in a tougher phase, go back to my last 3-4 months of videos and have a look at what you can find in there that can be helpful for lifting you. 

More than ever, more of you are going to feel more -- more lifted, more alive, more ready than ever before. And it's that very level of consciousness that is transforming the planet.

We’re going into an even greater period where so much of the old is changing, and so much of the new is coming online. It starts with us and it starts inside us.

So that's the process that we’re all in. That's the journey we’re all on. And more than before, you are going to be offered opportunities to feel the miracle of that way of living in your own being, in your own life, every single day.

So I wish you all of a lot of love this month with your journey. Remember: knowing and clarity lead to greater expression and the ability to know that you’re alive. And from that standpoint, you can celebrate that you are living in a very true, very authentic way.

Regarding the ‘Radical Expression’ topic that I'm speaking about, we have just released that as an MP3. So if you would like to take a one-hour journey into experiencing your radical expression more, you can check that out by following the link.

In Los Angeles the weekend of September 19th is The Channel Panel weekend. Myself and seven world-renowned channelers are going to be bringing some very high energy to the Los Angeles area and also online streaming for a whole weekend. So if you can join us there or online, that would be fantastic.

And then on November 7th, I am holding an event called ‘Radical Prosperity’ with my friend, the brilliant Emmanuel Dagher. We are holding that one-day workshop together, and all details are online. 

And finally, my Energy Mastery Retreat in Sedona is taking place in December. It's the fourth and final Energy Mastery Retreat of the year. And if you want to learn a bit more about that you can click on the link that will take you to a video where I explain about the magic that happens there.

So lots of love everybody ... and see you next month.



Saturday 1 August 2015

August 2015 Energy Forecast - Burning through the Density - Recalibrating for Greater Love

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(Transcribed and edited from Lee's spoken video message.)

Hello and welcome to the energy forecast for August 2015.

Before we do anything, I want you to just take a moment to breathe with me. 

(Lee takes a deep breath in and out)

And again.

(Lee takes another deep breath in and out)

And one more for luck.

That feels good. I hope it feels good to you, too. Because at the moment there are so many energies flying round -- in our faces, in our bodies -- that just remembering to stop and breathe as many times a day as you feel you need to or want to will really just help to bring everything back to zero point. Because the fires are raging right now. They are raging.

If I backtrack a little through the year, I can see how a lot of fires were raging outside of us and coming towards us as a collective. And one of the observations I’ve made in the last couple of months is that now the fire seems to have gone into a much more inward phase and process. 

So this summer is much more an inner time. This started in July and is carrying on through August. The summer is a more inner time of you coming to understand, meet, and allow fire in your life. This can show up in a multitude of ways - and not all of them pretty. But when you remember to stop and breathe, you can become conscious to this incredible inner fire rising in you right now, wanting to flush out every part of you that no longer serves you or that in the past has caused you pain, limitation, or in the worst case scenarios, damage. This is a time where everything is rising for you to not only examine the pieces and memories, but also to move things around ready for a different future.

You and Your Strength 
As we go through life, we are given many opportunities to either compress our strength or expand our strength.

So if there is a bullying person in your life when you are young, you may decide that they have the power over you and then compress yourself in response to the bully. For example, you might have a sibling or another family member who is constantly putting you down. There are two ways that people will usually go due to that energy experience: 

The Yes Person
You’ll either become a "yes person," someone who---because of the fear of the energy that the bully is sending at you---will start to collapse inside and become more meek. And the problem is, you then go around the world carrying that energy, and other bullies (other people who want to play 'Alpha' over you) will find you. They will see that energy, read it in you and target in. So the same unconscious victim-perpetrator dynamic will play out.

The Rebel
Conversely, you can become the rebel or the defensive person. You can push against the bully and be very defensive---locking your arms, locking your energy, learning to always push back. And the shadow side of being a defensive person or rebel is that you can block openness, vulnerability, and true intimacy in your life.

The Power Imbalance Scale - Victim/Perpetrator
So, I've given you the extreme examples of either end of that power imbalance scale. You might find yourself somewhere along that line from victim to perpetrator, and not just in life, but several times a day, on any given day!

Finding the Sweet Spot - Your True Inner Self
The truth is we all have both a personality and a soul that we come into this world looking to explore -- and it’s an individual experience for each of us.

You may not be a natural victim in your life, but you may have, through circumstances, become more of a victim than you were designed to be. You may also, through circumstance, have become more of a rebel than you were designed to be. So the sweet spot for all of us is finding and having a relationship with our true inner self. 

Every time we get impacted in a relationship --- every time someone hurts us, wounds us, or brings our energy down --- there is a body impact. The energy of those emotions goes into the body and creates a deadness or density inside your body. Which means there is some life force that gets lost in there. There is a section of you that you can't access.

Kundalini Rising - Burning through the Density
Kundalini energy doesn't care about any of that stuff. Kundalini awakening is when your base chakra remembers your original primal fire of life: that which you came in with as a baby. And it starts to heat up, and it starts to rise and move its way all the way through your body. And what it's doing is it’s burning all of those areas of density so you can open your full spirit again.

You may be very unaware that kundalini energy is rising in you. But you may be aware that you’re suddenly remembering a past event and it's going round your memory and you’re remembering the feelings. That’s your, if you like, more mentally focused experience of how that kundalini energy is pushing things through you.

This happens naturally in life all the time. To say that it's been happening at a greater speed and intensity for more people than ever in the last five years would not be an exaggeration, and to say that it's been happening at evermore lightning speed in the last six months is very much what I'm seeing and feeling going on in the collective.

So right now, you're in the heart of a complete recalibration of who you are and who you are here to be.

That is a very big process. And even though what I'm describing might sound very personal and very much just about you and your life, it's never just about you and your life. Even a very self-centered or self-focused person is having a huge effect on the planet because they're walking around with their energy affecting everybody and affecting everything. 

So, in a way, the idea of being self- focused or self-centered is mythic when it comes to the idea that a self-centered or self-focused person is not having an effect on others. In fact, often those are the people who might be triggering you left, right, and center. They might be having an almighty effect on you through their unconsciousness of the effect of their energy on others.

Sensitivity, Resistance, Compression & Other Positive Signals
So this word "trigger" is a word that many are going to be feeling right now. A greater sensitivity in you leads to you being a bit more trigger-able.  Anything in your past that is unresolved --- any of these dense areas in the body, any of these past impacts --- is absolutely popping up and open right now so that you can become bigger, wider, and more present . . . more here.

Conversely, some of you will be experiencing an enormous resistance and heaviness to this process. You might feel like you've dug in your heels, and you may be experiencing a health crisis or other crisis in your life that has a lot of weight and density.  You might be saying, “I don’t know what he's talking about. I just feel like utter crap.”

It's the same thing, it's just a different position on the energy scale. Essentially, when you feel that low or that compressed, the only reason that you’re feeling that low and that compressed --- and not liking or enjoying that feeling --- is because this fire is trying to push through you. It's trying to awaken you. It’s trying to rise. And everything inside you that can't let it come through is what starts to wobble and you go, “Argh! I’m really upset right now, I’m depressed. I'm…angry.”

Recognizing the Gift In Front of You - Fully Embracing THIS Life
So, sounds intense right? Well, it IS intense. And it's going to be particularly intense for those of you who are highly sensitive, highly conscious, and highly developed. But the beauty of it is that you'll also notice that it's a great time to fire and rewire who you are, what you're doing, and why you're here.

It's a great gift for all of us to remember that people are dying every day at very young ages. It's a great gift to remember that any day now anything can happen to any of our loved ones or to us as a group. THAT is the kind of remembrance that helps you to live!

     "I've got this one opportunity in this physical body.”

Yes, there can be many lifetimes, there can be parallel lifetimes. But in this physical body, this identity that you know yourself to be, you’ve got one life. You’ve got one opportunity.

And as you are feeling uncomfortable about some of the suppression that is now coming to the surface --- whether that's repressed memories or parts of yourself that you abandoned in the past --- you might find yourself saying, “God, I can't believe that's how I behaved ten years ago.” You might find that either you're not pleased with the way you behaved or with the behavior you accepted from another.

When these things come up, breathe.

They are not coming up to make you run back to that person and go to war. They’re not coming up to make you look back on yourself with self- judgment or shame. They are coming up because they are moving out.

Preparing for the September - December Period
I spoke in July about the September to December period being a period on Earth where strength is going to come online for you in your life in an almighty new way.
This may be hard to believe for those of you who are currently on the depressed or crisis-end of the scale. But your depression and your crisis will keep moving. And September to December is a period where you can start to stabilize more.

Now, for those of you who are already flying high and full of positive life-force, it's going to be a directional energy that you will be able to bring to yourself September to December.

As I said in July, I encouraged you to this summer to try not to “do” in the outer world, unless it feels great to do so. Try and take the rest of this summer as a time to really be inner. There is an enormous rewiring going on inside people that, as I mentioned last month, can bring miraculous changes. But it takes time and you have to be patient with it.

More of you than ever before are right in the heart of this. And you'll see other people in your life, who maybe aren’t as conscious of that process, going into chaos, reaction, projection. You'll be tempted to join them sometimes -- especially if they come at you with chaos, reaction, projection. And you'll notice if you do join them --- if someone shouts at you and you suddenly find yourself shouting back --- it will feel odd. You might do it, but then you’ll go, “Oh, that's a bit weird.” It didn't feel authentic or true to you. That's when you know you've temporarily gotten off center and caught in someone else's energy vortex.

From Anger and Fire to Peace and Calm
But for most of you, despite this energy of fire that's going on at a really high level, the beauty of fire is the peace it reveals. It's an irony that often the opposite end of an energy scale supports the other. So fire and anger can really lead to peace and calm. They’re highly connected even though we tend to think of them as separate entities (we've been in the habit of thinking of everything as separate). But when you understand that everything is energy and thus connected --- all sentient life surrounding us here is energy and is having a relationship and a conversation all day long --- then you start to understand that you too are energy and are connected. And there is big energy --- a fire for life --- that is coming through you now and calling you forward.

Liberation from "What Other People Think" 
In practical terms, how do the energies of August show up show up? Well, for you it's going to be a redefining of how you want to live. This can be seen on the global scale right now where we are, as a collective, trying to figure out and get our heads around some of the stuff that we’re seeing going on around us and what to do about that. That's the kind of wider world.

But on the more micro level, in your personal world, for many of you it will involve a radical shift in the way that you're relating to others, the work you're doing, where you're going, the way you want to live. 

You might find that with relationships in your life right now you need to make some sudden changes that don't quite make sense to some of your friends or loved ones, but they really make sense to you. Trust that. 

If you notice that some are resistant to you or that YOU are the concerned one, saying things like, “I can’t really do that because that’s going really shock them," I promise you this:  In 2-3 months, they’re going to be in the same energetic dynamic. Because even if they're not in the same mindset as you right now, we’re all being affected by this catalystic energy of fire that is essentially heating everything up from below and within. It's melting down a lot of very metallic and dense energies that existed inside us as individuals and inside people all across the world.

So don't worry too much about what others are going to think about what you're doing. That's the liberation. You don't want to be as concerned about how people think about what you're doing; you want to be more aware of your place in the energy flow of things

Trust that if you are feeling constricted by someone else's demands, there is a power dynamic playing out between the two of you that isn’t good for them either, ultimately. Because if someone is asking you to do something that feels constricting to you, they are also receiving an energy of constriction --- otherwise you wouldn't be feeling it! 

Recognize that barometer in your own body and start trusting yourself. As we continue at this time on Earth to be feeling and sensing more than ever before, you’ve gotten really good at reading your sensory body.

The tricky part is practicing it . . . and practicing with it. It's one thing to be inspired by an inspirational video or book or an inspirational moment with a friend. It's another thing to take the inspiration and understanding and put it into action. It's a little more scary for us. It's a little more unknown. But we can do it!

Take Action This Month:

--Breathe. Breathe whenever your emotions or sensations feel a little too intense.

--Choose pleasure, growth, and space. Make some different choices about things that will bring you either more pleasure, or more growth, or more space in your life. Actively look at how you can bring some of those aspects into your life because they ALL feed growth in you, which will feed the growth that you can offer to and give others.

--Forgive. Forgive yourself and forgive everyone for everything. It's a very famous practice. It shows up in many different religions and faiths - and in many different ways. Everyone is always doing their best, which is something you hear me say a lot, so if their best is repeatedly not serving you, and you can't discuss it with them, move away from them. Trust the dissonance and make a change rather than stay in the situation and build up more resentment or sadness.

--Release judgment. Forgiveness is very important for releasing self-judgment and clearing the judgment of others. Self-judgment and judgment of others are highly destructive energies -- energies we all feel at different times because we've grown up in a world that is full of them. The difference is, you can feel those things in yourself and breathe them out, asking yourself, “What's underneath this judgment? Why am I triggered? Why am I attacking myself? Why do I want to attack another?” You can choose to step out of the fight matrix that exists on our planet, because the fight matrix is getting very tempting right now. It wants to tempt people into the fight, which is the way that fire has often been used in our world.

Fire Used for Love Is Extraordinary
Fire used for love is the kind of energy that we see in those people who selflessly go around the world serving love, serving peace. They are some of the great masters on our planet. Some of these are the taxi driver, the lady who works in the flower shop, the man in the apartment across the hall from you --- masters appear in countless roles.

Check In: How are you mastering your fire this month?
If you're afraid of your fire, trust it. It will give you a life unlike anything you've known. 

If you're enjoying your fire, ride it, have a good time, but be mindful. It will be too much for some people. So be aware of where you can go to fully be in your fire without other people having a negative or opposing reaction to it. 

The rebel in you might say, “I don't care. I want to unleash my fire.” But trust me, if you're unleashing your fire at someone who doesn't want it unleashed, their constriction is going to affect your energy flow. This is why being a defensive rebel is a lose-lose for everybody.

Listening, Being and Loving
There is a place in the middle that involves listening and being. And if you get that balance right --- if you can be yourself and listen for direction to find the places and the people where you can go to be yourself --- you get bigger, you get wider, you get fuller. And the end result really is more love for life and more love for others. This is the energy paradigm that we need more of on the planet right now as we go through this transformation.

So, I wish you all love and luck with this coming month. And I will see you again in September.

For those of you coming to the London and Norway events in this month of August, I'm excited to be with all of you. They are both now sold out, but I will do more again in the future.

Also this month: I have a new MP3 available called Authentic Power - Igniting the Fire of Your Soul. If you wanted to check that out, it's free to all members of The Portal or you can check it out here.

And finally, a huge thank you to those of you who donate. Many of you send in financial donations and that's wonderful. It really supports the work that we produce here. And so many of you send loving, wonderful messages --- and that is huge. Thank you so much.

Lots of love everybody. Take care and have a great month.