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May 2015 Energy Forecast - Authenticity, Ancestral Clearing and Collective Stress.


(Transcribed and edited from Lee's spoken video message)

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Hi everybody, and welcome to the Energy Forecast for May 2015.

Time is flying by and so are the energies. In last month’s forecast, I mentioned to you that April would feel wider than March. March was a bit of a crazy, intense month, and while April wasn’t without its intensity, there was certainly more of a feeling of spaciousness. Until that is, this past week or so; the last week of April.

Sensitivity issues through May

Many of you will have felt sensitivity issues arising in the last week of April and that is expected to carry through at least the first half of May.  

So whether that’s your own inner feelings of hypersensitivity; for example, being even more sensitive to the volume of someone’s voice, or the way someone walks into a room. Or more 'outer experiences' that are showing up in the outside world; so perhaps being upset at what someone is doing or saying, or upset at the job that you’re in. Sensitivity is the theme of not only our time, but particularly in this year of 2015, dealing with your sensitivity is the key to getting through planet Earth in this transitionary era.

So, a couple of things to remember when you find yourself in a space of heightened sensitivity.  

Space is what’s usually needed, because your nervous system has amplified and so you need to let it calm down before anything. This is because the more you keep running at the same person or the same issue with a heightened nervous system, it’s just going to continue to amplify.  

So, do take time alone. 
Do ask yourself, have I been working and doing too much?
Do I need to sit still and ‘be’ a little more?  
Ask yourself, am I getting support? 

Support from yourself, support from others

The support which you can give yourself  is nutrition, exercise, good people, your own connection. 
Or do you need the support of others at this moment? 
To reach out to some people in your life because you’re trying to struggle through it alone? 

Not everybody that you reach out to is going to be able to be there for you, but if you’re willing to not take the first ‘no’ as rejection, and keep asking a few other people, you’ll get that support. Support from others is wonderful because our nervous systems do calm down when we live in a more tribal way. Nature is the other great 'energy reset' when you are overstimulated.

So, ask yourself; 
How much tribe energy have I got in my life right now that’s supporting me and helping me feel good?
How much personal space am I getting?
If you’re in a city and you can’t get to nature, make sure you’re soothing yourself from that stimulation. Cities have very electrical energy fields compared to nature spaces and the countryside.  So you really need to monitor the amount that you are letting yourself get ‘amped-up’ by the energy of a city.

I’m just about to move from Boulder, Colorado to San Francisco. For me personally, San Francisco is absolutely the right place for me right now. So it’s not necessarily a case that city = bad/countryside = good. It’s just that there are different ways of monitoring your energy, and one of the issues that can happen for people who live in more isolated or countryside spaces is they can go through 'people-isolation', and sometimes that’s too much for the nervous system as well.

It's all about balance, and what you personally need on any given day.

Finding your 'balance-point' within the demands of collective energy

So regularly ask yourself;
Where am I on my balance of what I need? 
Have I got enough tribe in my life? 
Have I got enough space in my life?

Because only we can monitor this and sometimes as a collective, we all get very giddy together. As one big group energy, we collectively get on that hamster wheel and pound it really hard, and the only person who can truly monitor your experience of it, is you.  

The reason I say this is that many of you listening to this might be in the role of 'helper' to people in your life. You might be most people’s emergency phone call. The problem is that not many people in that group for whom you’re the emergency phone call, will be considering how many emergency phone calls you might have taken that week. Only you can monitor that. So the helpers and the healers among you, you’re probably a little overwhelmed right now with the requirements of people outside you, if you’re not maintaining your own inner needs.

Now, to go to a different place.

Again, what I’ve spoken about a lot in the last year or two is that many of you, even with some of these sensitivity challenges, will be feeling better than ever before in yourself and in your experience of life.

Releasing Ancient Issues

Life is a strange ride and it has as many challenges and downs as it can have ups, but so much of it is to do with our approach to it, and so if any of you are still in the dying throes of being angry about something in your life or feeling like a victim to something in your life, what will be working through you at this time is ancient history.  

It will be your own history around that issue so, for example, you hate your job. How many times in your life have you hated your job and what is it about the job that you really hate? Is it really that building that you go to and that employer that you have, or what is it that makes you feel crushed in that job? And if you start to ask yourself those deeper questions, you might have a breakthrough moment where you go, Oh, I hate having to be nice to people all day. So, try not faking being nice all day!

There’s a real societal pressure that we have to be happy or we have to be nice and friendly, and it’s just not true. It's time for you be who you are, more than ever before, because a lot of you will be running into trouble by trying to be more positive than you feel. Or trying to leave your dark side at home, or whatever difficulty you're processing at home, because you don’t want to throw it at other people.

Being Authentic/Expressing where you are at

There’s a big difference between throwing it at someone else and being authentic with how you’re feeling.  

So, I could walk into my office place and, someone says, ‘Hey Lee, how are you doing?’ to which I respond (acting out depressed and angry emotions) ‘Oh, I’m really miserable, I’m really fed up!’  

Y’know, that’s me throwing it at them.  The other way is, someone could say, ‘Hey Lee, how are you doing?’, and I could just go, ‘Y’know, it’s a bit weird for me at the moment, I’m going through some stuff, I’ve got this going on with my family.....’  

There are two very different ways of using energy in my demonstrations, and being present in energy. But the second one I demonstrated, tells the person that I know where I’m at, and it’s me communicating who I am today in a peaceful way. But a clear way, and that’s very, very important for those of you who are helpers, healers, trying to keep the light and the strength going for others.

These are rocky times in many ways, and for all of us in these rocky times, we have to be authentic about the stuff we’re going through that’s really difficult, as much as the stuff that we’re going through that might be feeling good or liberating to us. So this month, invite yourself to more authentic communication.

People don't need all the details

As I say that, I feel a whole bunch of you go, I don’t want to share all my personal details with everybody, and the point is, you don’t.  

There’s a big difference between me saying ‘Y’know, I’ve got some funny things going on in life and I’m struggling’ versus ‘Well, my mum’s got this illness…' and giving a whole detailed list of things in my life.  

You can always just give people a headline as to how you feel if you don’t want to go into the details. 

But in giving them that headline, you help the less sensitive around you understand where you’re at a bit more. It doesn’t mean they'll necessarily wrap you in a blanket and treat you exactly the way you might want them to, but it means you won’t feel so unseen or invisible or unhelped by the people that you perhaps are bringing your helper energy to.

And this will create balance for you in a new way.

So authenticity is a big theme for the sensitive among you at the moment; being authentic with how you feel, being authentic with your communication and inviting that in at a whole new level.

The 'Opening' among people 

We’re opening more and more as a people. We’re opening our hearts, we’re opening our minds, we’re opening our communication; I wanted to say (communication) devices, which is hilarious ‘cos of course it’s (our voice), not a device. But sometimes communication is a device, in terms of how you navigate the world via the way you communicate with other people.  

Now, this opening I speak of, happens in stages. And as much as any of us would love to have a breakthrough because of a book that we’ve read, or a really potent conversation we’ve just had, or a workshop we just went to, and immediately return to our life and apply that whole breakthrough the very next day, it doesn’t work like that.  

We do a piece at a time, and with that said, there are several of you who are missing the point around some of the shadows you’ve gone through in the last few months. You feel like, I’m not growing, I’ve felt really crappy or dense so there’s surely something going wrong. No, this is just this time on Earth and it's speed. It compresses everything and then lets it rise to the surface.  

So if what’s compressed in you was ancestral issues around feeling like a victim or feeling angry at the world, angry at the planet, that’s going to get compressed in you and rise up. 

So try and get conscious of it rather than just throwing it at all the people at your workplace like I demonstrated earlier, because that just recycles the energy and makes you feel worse.  

Try and get in touch with yourself, perhaps, 'Ah, OK, today I feel angry and that’s OK. I don’t need to add a story to that, I don’t need to judge that, I don’t need to think therefore I’m regressing on my growth path…'  

If you’re alive, you’re growing! Even people who seem unconscious to you are growing, because the experiences they need to learn through will keep coming at them in a different way until they become more conscious.

Going against/inviting non-historical patterns

So try and be peaceful with yourself as much as you can.  That is not the historical society-inbuilt way of being, granted, but it is the way that will support your opening at this time to the best of your ability. 

Because if you keep running out into the madness and trying to keep up with the madness, you’ll not only get exhausted on the hamster wheel, but you’ll catch your foot in one of the grates and go head first into the hamster wheel. So look at how chaotic things feel for you and if they do feel chaotic, keep stepping back and taking breathing space.

Some of you will be in tricky circumstances you can’t step back from – you may have family members who are ill, you may have real financial or work difficulties right now. So then you need to minimise everything else in your life and you recognize, I can only be around supportive people for a while, I just need to take care of me in the middle of taking care of everyone else and minimize all other stresses.  

The new energy that exists above the 'stress-line'

The stress point in the collective is rising, so what you have to do is get really good at noticing and managing your own stress levels.

There is so much potential at the moment for ‘New’, and if you can keep managing everything that I have said here, in this video, then you’ll find that opening to the new - new connections, new relationships, new experiences, new moments of just Aaah, I’m alive, look at this amazing planet’ - then you’re going to find it all a lot easier to flow with it rather than bang your head on a wall with the intensity.

So, this is the final video I’ll be recording here in Boulder before I leave for San Francisco next month. It’s been almost three years I’ve lived here and been making videos for you guys out here on the hill.  

So I just want to honour this place and thank it for not only being a support to me in my life the last few years, but more importantly, for these videos, we’ve all been here on this energy, on this land, having these messages monthly, so thank you Boulder for everything.

I also want to say thank you to those of you who financially donate for the forecasts – it really helps make everything possible here so thank you. To those of you who don’t donate financially but do send in lovely messages or comments, thank you for those too – they mean the world.  

And finally I’m going to be doing a new Energy Mastery Retreat in Norway in August. This will be the final Energy Mastery Retreat in Europe of 2015. We just did the Colorado one and it was a total blast. We’re two-thirds sold out at the moment, but if you’d like to check it out and get more info, you can click for that here.  

So, Big Love everyone. 
Take care and see you in June.

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Friday, 3 April 2015

April 2015 Energy Forecast - April Awakenings - Stepping Into Power and Peace



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(Transcribed and edited from Lee's live video message.)

Hello everybody and welcome to the Energy Forecast for April 2015.

I hope you’re all doing well. I know that March was super intense. And depending on how you’re doing in your life—or how you’re doing in your own process around how you feel about life—that energy was going take you to some really high highs or some really intense lows. Such was the propulsive energy of March.

In last month’s forecast, I said a lot about the intensity of speed and about background issues in your life rising to the surface to be resolved. I spoke about boundaries. I also stressed the energy of anger and rage and how that might come up for you, and you might feel a very strong compulsion to express that.

This month is almost the opposite where communication is concerned.

Communication reset 

Heart and third eye are going to be opening very strongly this month. That’s the opportunity for all of us; that our hearts and our visionary aspect (the part of us that can vision ahead, re-create our lives, and re-shape where we are going) are going to be very active. 

But interestingly, that means that the throat is going to be a little strange this month as an experience. So communicating in April might be something that you don't feel called to do very often at all, particularly those of you who are highly expressive people, those of you who are big communicators. You either like to talk or you like to create. You might find that you “power down” on talking and creating in April, simply because you're going through a reset. 

The way that energy moves is that we take it in turns with each area of the body—to open or expand. And so March was very propulsive and was driving a lot of energy from our base up through the body, which was why “explosions” could happen. 

For example, think of a fireball between your hips, rising up and expanding as it rushes through you. Another place you may experience this energy is if you’re a meditator or a yogi. You may also notice it during sex. There is a rise of energy that comes from that part of the body, and it can move through the whole body—this is tantric. 

When that's happening in daily life without any of those catalysts, it creates an energy flush around your relationships and other areas of your life. Of that flush, there is only so much we can take before we need to, not only calm the energy system down, but more importantly, give ourselves room for these new energies to take shape in our lives.

Working without suffering 

You have to remember that we were trained, in our Western society particularly, to be very achievement and goal focused and to be quite relentless in our way of working. You know this well: you do your job; work to exhaustion; get a few days off a year, and then you have a holiday. And often during the holiday people get sick because they are recovering.

That is the paradigm that we’re essentially dissolving on Earth now as a collective. Slowly, but surely. Yes, I hear many of you saying, “I’m still in my job…I still have to work,” and I get it. There are very few of us who don’t work for a living in order to survive financially. However, I would also add that most of the people I know who have come into great wealth still carry on doing what they do because it’s an expression of their purpose. 

I would argue that if you’re really struggling with the job you’re in, it’s not that you hate working; it’s that you’re doing the wrong thing. So be patient because sometimes it can take a year or so to change jobs. 

And don’t just sit there and be angry at your job. Actually consider: What can I do to change this? I do have the power to change.
Even if you're supporting a family, or if you feel like the world is stacked against you, what can you do to change things? 

If you are internally suffering with what you're doing, there is a better way. And you can re-create the same circumstances that you're in right now (or similar) with far less suffering. That is the path of evolution for all of us.

So if you’re suffering and feeling angry about it—and feeling angry at the rest of the world about it—really give that some consideration this month. Because the problem with that attitude and that way of feeling is the only person who is really being blocked is you.

Once you can move through those feelings of anger and let them rise through your system, you’ll open out again. This is how energy dances through us.

April energy currents – calmer, wider, and hyper-attuned

And so energy was dancing like a banshee in March. It was the wild dancer. And in April it is certainly going to be a lot calmer…and a lot wider. 

I should add the caveat that of course we’re in faster feeling times than ever before and that will continue. But as we acclimate to it, as I said in March, we’re training ourselves now to almost hyper-feeling, hyper-seeing, hyper-awareness. We’re getting used to a new level of such awakened living on the planet. 

You may say, “Well I know people who aren't awake.” Yes, but they too are going through high catalysts into emotion, feeling, and connected living. They may not have the same conscious language or experience around it that you do, but we are all in this together. Even if you like to think of yourself as very separate from the rest of the world. We’re all on the planet at the same time having different experiences in different layers, but all going through, as I said last month, a very new time on Earth that takes time to learn to navigate.

Synchronicities and making space for yourself

Synchronicities will be even more apparent to you in April than they were in March because you will have more space—even if you don’t think this is true. Even if you say, “Well, actually, I’m booked up for weeks. I’m really, really busy,” you won’t be able to stay internally busy with external busyness. You’ll need to balance. It’s the law of energetics. 

So, if you are busy in your external world, this is a great opportunity for you to recognize that you don’t need to hype it up internally as well. The external is going to keep you rising and asking you to step up. This is a great opportunity to recognize that sometimes you’re working too hard. Sometimes you’re doing too much. And that’s because of your own guilt or your own ideas. 

You could turn up to your job this month and give, let’s say, 30% less energy and focus to your job than you normally do, and the scary thing for you is that a lot of people won’t even notice. Your boss probably won’t even notice. And it’s not because no one is paying attention to your hard work. It’s that the internal taskmaster in you is harder on you than anyone else.

Your inherent worth – from suffering to light

Again, if some of you are saying, “Actually, I’ve got a really abusive boss,” I would ask you to get out of that job as soon as you can, because your life is worth more than living with abuse. And while you may need 3 to 6 months to be emotionally ready or practically ready to make that change, you don’t have to live in suffering.

There is suffering everywhere on the planet, and our job is to get as much light inside ourselves as we can so we can be of use to alleviate the suffering on the planet.

To know your purpose, connect to yourself

I did a Google Hangout yesterday that was focused on my upcoming Energy Mastery Retreat in Colorado in April and someone asked, “Will the Energy Mastery Retreat help me find my purpose, especially purpose through my work?”

My answer was that the Energy Mastery Retreat, and all of the work that I do, is very much focused on bringing you back to you. And the point is that when you are living fully, authentically as yourself, you are going to be more purposeful and feel more connected in anything that you’re doing.
But the irony is that we often want a purposeful job because we don't feel purposeful within ourselves. We’re hoping that if we have a purposeful job we will feel more purposeful.

Manifesting from feeling and surrendering the details

I have said several times that whenever you're trying to manifest something, ask yourself, what are you manifesting it for?

For example, if you want a red Ferrari, why? Because you don’t just want a red Ferrari. What is more important is discovering what is it about the red Ferrari that excites you. What do you think it will give you or make possible for you? What is the feeling that you believe it will give you or elicit in you?

While the Ferrari might be an odd example for some of you, my point is that we often try to manifest through form a particular feeling we want to have. Traditional advice around manifestation says to focus on the thing you want—the job, the home, the bank account, the lover, etc. But when you focus on the feelings you want and let go of the outer details, the Universe and you are co-conspiring to elevate the details.

So you might think that being a chef is going make you the happiest person in the world, and you’re driving yourself into the ground to try and pay for culinary school. But the truth is, being a chef is really about having a job that you feel joyful about. So if you just keep focusing on, “I want to feel great joy in my work,” you will begin to feel joy in your chef training rather than feeling so hyped and driven. Or, you may discover another job comes into your life that gives you all the same feelings. 

This is called manifesting from desired feelings and surrendering the details to the universe.

Beyond status and achievement – stepping into power and peace

As I mentioned earlier about the energy that many of you put into your jobs, what a lot of you will notice in April is there will be more peace in you around having less drive or no drive. This is a really important aspect of the change that’s happening collectively. We’re coming to a place where we can just be.

I’m here today in Glen Park Canyon in San Francisco. It’s a beautiful place. I had to walk quite a long way to get to where it was quiet, but as I was walking here, I was noticing the nature sounds and was thinking, “Well this is amazing. I’m having this beautiful nature walk on the way to doing my work.” 

There is a quality of experience on Earth that has nothing to do with status or achievement. And I can hear some voices now saying, “Yeah, but what about all the other people who are driving towards status and achievement?!”

Don’t worry about the other people. 

And if you are worrying about the other people, you’re not being completely honest with yourself; you’re not being honest with yourself about some part of you that doesn’t want to let it go. The indicator of this is that you’re so focused on them not letting it go. 

Never mind about everybody else. Everybody else will do what they’re going to do. And you will be far more powerful if you come to a place in yourself where you can say, “I know what I want to do.”

Boundaries and openness

In our society—which is tribalist; a collective—we’re highly affected by the opinions and energies of others. I know for so many of us it has been a really long path to get to the place where we don’t care what other people think. That comes from feeling empathic. You might worry about how you’re going to feel if someone pushes difficult energies or opinions on you. That's why we talk about boundaries a lot. You have to learn boundaries in order to be able to open. 

But you may also feel scared of your own power. And you may be scared of not just what you might do in this world, but what you might feel in this world; the level of vulnerability and openness that could appear in you any day now. 

But it’s good to remember that any group or individual who is trying to inflict suffering on another is coming from a very small, closed-hearted place. And so the best remedy you can be for this world—and to find your purpose as to how you can show up and contribute—is to keep learning to open.

Heart energy rising – vulnerability and trust

Vulnerability is scary for all of us because vulnerability often triggers our safety issues. But the truth is, what is safety? We hear of random things that happen to people and random moments all of the time. And we like to think that we're immune to that, but we’re not. So safety is very momentary, and more importantly, I have learned the more you trust the Universe and trust the flow of your life—and agree to surrender more rather than control and drive—you get to drop into the vulnerability that will be quite prevalent in April. 

And vulnerability that we are willing to meet and to work towards can create magic in our lives.

Because the heart energy is going to rise in April, the third eye vision energy is going to rise also. So for those of you that can take more space in April, take more space. But unlike other months where I've recommended this because the energy was too busy and too frantic, take this space as a holiday. Take this space as a moment to really just stretch out and catch up with everything you have learned and integrated—and with everything that has changed you.

Linking up with the Universe

As for communication, don't be surprised if it's a little funny this month. As I said earlier, some of you may find you’re stumbling over words, and you’re really struggling to get the words out.
Again, I can hear a load of you saying, “I’ve been like that for ages.” The thing about the energy forecast is I try and cover as many subgroups as I can within the thousands of you who will watch this. So you're not going to identify with everything I'm saying, but there are certain months where there seems to be a collective rising in certain areas. And this month the heart and the visionary ability are coming through loud and clear. As the body tends to weave to keep processing you through the next thing, last month we had a lot around the base and the throat.

So communication may be a little strange this month, and you may not feel very willing to communicate. 

You will notice that you will have more vulnerability, more feeling, and a greater ability to just stop and look at the tree and say, “Wow, look at this. It's amazing!”

It is an amazing planet, and so many forces on this planet would like us to think it isn’t.

They would like us to continue to believe in the idea of control and slavery and suffering. And the point is, if we agree to those impulses—if we agree to allow the media to tell us that everything is going to hell in a handbasket, to use an American saying—then we will manifest that. You see, the power of your ability to help create things on this planet is very potent. And so if a certain group wants you to be scared about the oncoming event that they want to create, they will get all of us to focus on it and be scared of it. And then we will help create it through visioning it.

So this is why as an energy master of yourself, you have to learn to reclaim your inner self and link up with the Universe. Link up with the part of you that came here as a divine being, as a soul with your own blueprint that is highly readable. It's set out in front of you. Try and let go of all of the aspects that you perhaps swallowed over the years but aren’t really going to help you on your personal journey toward bringing your strength and your love to this planet.

That's what we're doing here every month.

Breathing and finding balance

So, big love everybody. Big breath. 

It's good. It's a good time to be alive in terms of all of the changes, and I say that with a high awareness that there is going to be some controversy around that statement. Because there are as many people who want to jump on that statement negatively as there are who actually see the really strong changes taking place. 

It's incredible to see the innovations that are now beginning to take place. And if we keep focusing on a balance of seeing the innovation and positive change as much as we hold in our awareness the areas where there is suffering and that really need our help, then we are living a balanced life. I suggest finding your place in the middle as much as is possible on this ever-changing planet every single day.

So, big love everyone, and I hope that you all have a really, really great month. Thanks for tuning in.
Thank you to all of you to send in donations. It means a lot to us, and it really supports what we’re doing here and how we create and put out this work. 

And I'm happy to announce that very soon there will be stand-alone videos. I'll let you know in about a month or so, but I'm about to start releasing standalone videos to YouTube. Different from energy forecasts, they will be shorter videos that deal with certain energetics - so you can just check in on them at any time. 

So for those of you who want to donate, you can donate here. And for those of you who donate with love and nice messages, thank you so much, that means the world. 

And if you are interested in my Energy Mastery Retreat, there is going to be one in Colorado in the middle of April, and we still have a few spaces left. You can check that out here. And I will see you all next month in May.

Have a great month everyone.

Lots of love

Thursday, 12 March 2015

Everyday Energies - When Did Madonna-Bashing Become a Sport?

I have a Facebook page which I keep just for close friends and family, where last week I asked a question about Madonna. What I had been observing in reactions to her (much publicized) fall at The Brit Awards really baffled and struck me.

The public reactions revealed far more about our own judgmental natures, than anything to do with a woman who fell in public but immediately got back up again, and continued with her purpose. 

I wrote this post because I wanted to see what the people I knew truly felt about the whole thing, and their answers were diverse and fascinating. 

So I'm now opening the exact same post out to all of you, so we can discuss and explore it together. You could see my post as purely focused on Madonna. Or, you can see it is an energy discussion about how we react to women, age, sexuality and those who fall.

When did Madonna-Bashing become a sport? 

I saw the vid of her falling at the Brits and it looked painful. My first instinct was concern for her. She fell quite a long way backwards, down several steps, and said to the interviewer Jonathan Ross she had whiplash following the fall.

Yet laughing at it seems to be the norm among a lot of people. 

The thing is, I was 8 years old when I first was a fan, and now 30 years later (especially when other 80's superstars Michael Jackson and Whitney we lost to drugs) I am just full of admiration for the balls and stamina it takes to show up and do what she does.

I have several friends who either 'hate her' or think 'she needs to dress her age' or 'she's not a talented singer or songwriter' or 'she's had it and should just shuffle off to a dark corner'. And the level of vitriol she provokes baffles me. 

While I respect that we don't all need to like her, her music or her choices, I find it sad that everyone wants to bash on her. I know for a fact that if she was a man, she wouldn't get even 20% of the stick she gets now. A lot of this smacks of sexism and ageism to me, both of which I am against, for each of them are divisive and unhealthy for our society.

For me, there's something mighty reassuring about a multi-millionaire (who certainly doesn't need the money), still wanting to do the job she has done for over 30 years. Especially when she knows that while yes, she has fans, she will also get the public judgement she gets. And quite honestly, if the woman wanted to dress up in a fluorescent hippo outfit at the age of 70, I would still find her journey and choices interesting to observe. 

Because I remember she has been part of our lives and our culture for a long time, and there is a value in that for me. Those who live in tribes value their elders and I don't think we do in modern western society. And we are ALL going to be older. It's a universal destination.

When she is dead, people will look back and realise there was no-one like her. And many of those who criticised her will change their tune, because she will no longer be here provoking reactions in others that makes them feel they should judge her for their internal reactions. I hope we as a society in the future evolve beyond the judgement protocol we are so willing to run with now. 

Let's talk about this people, in the comments below, as it is a bizarre thing.

And no, I don't need anyone to like her. I'm just a bit alarmed by how many people vent their spleen using her as a symbol…. and I'd really love to hear your comments on it.

Big love


Monday, 2 March 2015

March 2015 Energy Forecast - Faster Times and Feelings in the Shadows and the Light


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(Transcribed and edited from Lee's live video message.)

Hello and welcome to the Energy Forecast for March 2015.

We are in San Francisco this month, and by ‘we’ I mean you and I, because unusually for me this month I'm here alone and filming this alone. I never feel alone because I feel all of you guys are listening to this.
And I have to say, (I've started this video or attempted to start this video about five times), which is not my norm, but the level of energy in this city and a higher level of distraction is definitely present; but that can always be a good practice. I feel like when you have a lot of distraction around you, then focusing and honing in on energetics is part of your daily work - the same work that we do every single day. So, this beautiful vibrant city is quite the place and I hope that you feel something of it through the lens.

To speak now about the energies of March and what you’re going to notice coming up this month. 

There are two keywords or titles that I would like to throw on the table for you; one is the word faster, and the other is background noise. I promise you that background noise is no pun intended (Laughter). I had that term come to me this morning when I was tuning in on the energy of March, and of course lo and behold I'm very aware of the level of background noise compared to usually the quietness of our hill.

But first let's deal with the word ‘faster’:

Faster times, faster energies

Faster is going to be part of the pattern of your life this month and so for some of you it could cause you to question, “Am I a little bit overwhelmed? Is too much happening at once?”

The truth is going to be that you’re actually re-patterning yourself to be able to handle a faster life. And by faster life I don't necessarily mean you feeling overloaded with work or overloaded with demands on you - more that a very visceral experience is now beginning to happen for all of us on the planet. We are noticing that everything is speeding up. And that is because on an energetic level, everything is opening up.

So as you yourself open to an opening world there is an experience of multiplication that takes place. 

It's not just because of your level of personal opening or development that you'll be feeling this. It’s directly because of how this whole planet and its people are beginning to rise and change together.

This can be tricky. It can turn up the heat emotionally and in action. 

Dark rising to attempt to dominate light

We see this on the global stage. We see heated areas and heated arguments kicking off; some of them which seem as if they are from the Stone Age. So for example, the control that we’re seeing that’s trying to be executed over women's rights in America; the sudden rise of homophobia and racism in closeted areas around the world. Ways of being that you would hope and feel that we moved through a long time ago. 

But the reason that these things start to come to the surface is, at such a time of opening, the dark or the contracted energies will also rise. They will rise towards that which is opening and try and take it on, or take it down.

So try not to get too emotionally disheartened when you see that. Be an advocate or an activist in the areas that you feel most passionately about, to both make your stand and stand by your beliefs in areas that you feel you have something to contribute to. 

But try to remember within all of this that it's really important to come back to yourself every now and then when it feels overwhelming and acknowledge, “Oof! Everything is faster and more intense, including my own personal process.”

So some of you will notice that your life is moving fast; be that synchronicities, be that the ability that you have it to multitask in a way that you didn't have before.

But where I would like to really focus this word ‘faster’ for you is emotions.

You will notice that emotionally, March is going to be a faster month than ever for you. Whether this is a sudden rise in emotion that just appears in you with no apparent warning or catalyst, partly because you're allowing a higher level of feeling in, and partly because the world is feeling a lot more. Or you respond in a very big way to a trigger or a catalyst for you, if you stay aware, you’ll notice emotions bursting through and out of you in a faster way.

The joy of connected feeling

Now depending on where you are in your own development around how you manage and experience your emotions, that's going to look like anything from extreme emotional outbursts, right down to you just noticing a more subtle but present level of your heart in your everyday life. And not always in a way that makes you feel vulnerable or exposed and causes discomfort, but often in a way that you recognize you’re now housing a higher level of feeling inside your body everywhere you go and with everyone you meet.

So for those of you who develop and consciously work with this new feeling ability, this will mostly feel lovely. The experience of it will give you an incredible feeling of deeper connection to everything that is sensory and energetic in life. And that in itself will be a homecoming for you, because connection is what we are all ultimately here to experience. Connection really is the gold on this planet  - our experience of connecting to something we’re passionate about or someone we're experiencing great love with. And that love is on every level; partnership, marriage or lover intimacy, right through to the love that you can experience with a stranger that you walk past and you two just smile at each other and feel that connection.

The shadow of connected feeling
The other side of this, or what some of you would label the 'shadow side' perhaps, is that this higher level of connection can raise the extreme emotions which are weighted in the negative. Feelings that don't feel so good. 

I know that for many of you, you’re sick of 'the purge'. You know, this 3, 4, 5 year process where you feel like you’re purging emotionally, purging emotionally, purging emotionally. 

I’ve said this before, but if you do find that’s your story, you definitely want to look at some work on energetic boundaries. 

You definitely want to look at;

  • How are you supporting your nervous system - is your nervous system overstimulated? 
  • Do you need to just help your nervous system calm down in a more focused and concentrated way? 
  • Is there a person or a method that can help you focus this?

Those of you who feel regularly chaotic; that's a real call for you to learn how to stand still. 

So if you feel like you're chaotically being bombarded from everywhere, or inside yourself  do something very simple. Go into a room by yourself. Go into a bedroom in your house for 10 minutes and just shut the door, have no outer distractions, have no noise or sound or phone, and just go in there and be with yourself for 10 minutes.
For some of you, doing this will burst open your underlying emotion. 

But it will be a good thing, rather than having this chaos running your life and making you feel jittery all day.
Sometimes walking into the bedroom, shutting the door and having silence around you energetically (and in noise terms) just allows you to burst into tears. And when you burst into tears, out comes the emotion which was underlying.

The Inner Fire of Suppressed Anger

The other side of this, for some of you, is going to be anger and in some cases, rage.

Rage and anger. It’s funny when I say those words, as I can feel the nervousness among us as a collective when you even name those words. I’ve said the same thing about fear and it's true. Just the word fear makes us nervous.

Anger and rage make us nervous because we think of safety. We think about personal safety if someone is angry or raging us. We also think of our responsibility towards others' safety, and so we judge the idea of having rage or anger, in case we throw it at someone or are destructive.

The anger and the rage for a lot of you is going to be an experience of inner-fire. Think of it as the base chakra igniting and fire running through your body.

I read an interview with the actress Kathleen Turner the other day, and she said that she's had anger all her life and it's what has helped to fuel her activism in areas that people need help. This is clever use of an emotion. Our emotions are in us for reasons and if you are someone who does feel a bit angry, and you notice it rising in you this month, ask yourself 'What can I do with this?' How can I constructively take this energy that is firing in me and alchemise it into form so that it can be useful and balanced for me, or beneficial to the world?

Where anger will also show up is that many of you will be feeling really sick to your stomach and at the end of your rope in some of your relationship issues.

There is this very interesting feeling I get as I'm talking about this that some of you have just had enough and the word is ‘abuse’. A feeling that you have that your boundaries have been abused, or that someone has been abusing you. And I think those feelings are going to come up very viscerally for some of you this month. 

The thing I would remind you of if you're going through that process is to try not to get psychologically righteous about what's going on.

We can all have our moments where we may feel like we're a victim of someone else, and in that moment we’re processing a wound of feeling like we were a victim in the past, and now playing it out with this person. 

But ultimately, the truth is when you go beyond the wounds because you have got in touch with the underlying feelings, you get out of that psychological labeling of; “I was their victim, they were my perpetrator”. Because when you get stuck into those frameworks, it can leave you very off-balance.

Be patient with your feelings before you act

So to the best of your ability, if you do get emotional or you do feel anger or rage this month, try and just allow yourself to feel the feeling without acting.

For example, if you want to send someone an outraged email, or you want to phone someone and tell them what their problem is, try and first take a breath and catch yourself before you do it. Because I promise you, it will be the kind of feeling that within one day or sooner you will not have the same sense of purpose around the feeling.

It's just going to be a very feeling month. And know also that this is the time that we are in now; everyone is feeling more, but anger and rage are going to be up on a personal level because collectively, we’re seeing some very destructive examples of anger and rage going on in the world.

Our evolution in this brave new world

If you look at some of the things that are going on around control of women's rights in America or the attempt to take away women's reproductive rights; if you look at some of the rise in homophobia in certain parts of the world, and also racism, this is real Dark Age stuff, it's really old energy - old and dark.

Whenever any group or person wants to try and kill or limit another group or person or take away their freedom, we’re dealing with dark, dense energy that has been on this planet for a very long time, and due to a lot of the light and opening now happening on the planet we’re also seeing this darkness rise.

It's difficult to see. I know, as a human being like you, when I see or hear about those things, it doesn't make me feel good. 

But there is a place that all of us have to come to in this brave new world; because it does take courage to be alive at the moment, if you're in any way connected to your feelings or your senses. It is a time where a lot of us are having to, in a way, find strength that we didn't know we had, and that's the purpose of our evolution.

The purpose of our evolution is that we can get stronger and bigger as who we are and not only contribute to our society, but also experience our contribution in a very felt way.

The Background becomes the Foreground

So the other theme for March is the term ‘background noise’.

Elements and areas of your life that have been background noise are now going to come forward. So if a relationship dynamic with a person has been niggling you for many months, it's going to come up to the surface in March. If you have this underlying feeling you need to make a change and you can't make it, March is a really good month to let it rise, and to tie up loose ends.

Think of it as a time to really clear out anything that has been niggling you for a long time. And if you feel like your pattern has been to avoid it, just say to yourself this month I’m going to do it. "I’m ready to let go of this avoidance -  I'm just going to do it."

The worst that can happen is you will attempt to do it, and then will stop yourself. But try and harness what is a very potent energy of fast transformation right now. 

Transformational availability

The speed of everything - the level of feeling, and the rising to the surface of that which has been suppressed. All of these things actually contribute toward powerful and really transformational openings.

So if you need to go into the bedroom and close the door every now and then go, (huge in-breath) “Oh my God! A lot is happening and I don't know if I can keep up!” Just do it!
I promise you, we can keep up, but we can't keep up if we don't learn how to maintain ourselves within the speed of it all.

So, all along all of these Energy Forecasts for the last three or four years, I really feel like I have one job only. And it's to keep reminding us that we can find what it is that we need internally, in order to be strong and bold in this world. Especially for the sensitives among you. I know it can be a challenging area and we've all had our experiences where we haven't felt so able to be in that place.

Support each other

So the final thing I will say this month is be aware of supporting each other. If this month you practice one thing, practice the principle of "Who needs my support?"

I'm sure many of you are very programmed to be that way anyway, but this month why don't you just bring it into focus, that this will be one of your default checks, every now and then. Every now and then, you’re going to ask yourself, “Who needs my support? Who is it that I could phone right now?” 

And many of you will do this intuitively. You might think of that sentence and a friend will immediately come into your mind's eye. Give them a call, write them an email, think of them, send them some love from inside you if you don't feel like directly communicating.

Let's support each other and develop our authentic ability to do that. Because as we are in a time where certain groups and factions would like us to disconnect from each other and become afraid, the strength that all of us will find in times like these, both individually and as a group is coming together and connecting and looking after each other.

Connection and Love

You can't look after everybody as an individual human being. You can't save everyone you see. But you can give yourself and your love and your care and your attention in whatever way that shows up for you and to whomever feels right in each moment. For some of you that will mean talking to someone, for some that will mean making them a soup or buying them a meal. Supporting others will always have a different form depending on you or who you're with, but it's all the same ultimately - loving and caring action toward each other. And that's what we really need.

So this month think who needs my support and where can I offer it?

It will not only make you feel good, it will light up these other people and that in itself will make you so much more connected to the purpose of being here, which is connection and love.

So guys, thank you for tuning in this month.

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