Friday, 3 July 2015

July 2015 Energy Forecast - Consolidation, Kundalini Rising and the Collective Exhale


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(Transcribed and edited from Lee's spoken video message.)

Hello and welcome to the Energy Forecast for July 2015.

I'm filming today in Mill Valley, Marin County, among the redwood trees. And redwoods, if you ever have the chance to experience them, are incredible, incredible beings. They’re like guardians. They’re so ancient and so powerful. So being down here among them feels perfect for today.

Collective Exhale to Build Strength

Part of the reason I wanted to come here is because when I tuned in on this coming month,  the words “collective exhale” came up as an energy theme. Collective exhale meaning, the intensity of the first six months of the year have now been powered through and for all of us this month there is an opportunity to just (Lee exhales) - experience the out breath. And while you're in the out breath, you will get to integrate and consolidate everything that has gone before, every part of you that has changed as a result and been influenced ready for where we are going next. Because new reserves of inner strength and the fire inside you are going to be very big themes for the second half of the year. So I'll touch on that in a moment.

But first to come back to this idea of consolidation.

Energetic Themes for July

This message is especially for those of you who are pulling your hair out at me right now, and saying "there is NO WAY I can take an out breath, there is no way I can consolidate anything." You’re the very people who really need to take space, slow down, stop answering the phone to everybody, do whatever it is that you need to do to calm down.

Because this first six months of this year have been faster and more intense than ever before. There is a mass awakening going on and an activation of our kundalini energy in all of us, which I’ll speak of more in a moment.

So within all of that energy going on around and within you, you absolutely have to take the time to calm your own nervous system down, when and wherever you can. So that it and you can get used to going in and out of this new speed we're all in.

For those of you who are actually either doing quite well within yourselves or are beginning to feel that natural slowing down happening in yourself and your activities, July really represents an opportunity to consolidate everywhere you have been and everything you've been going through.

Many of you have spoken in recent months about the acceleration of intense and meaningful dreams, or the experience of old friends/partners/lovers from the past popping up in your life. All for clearing yes, and for you to experience a new relationship with your past.

July is the month where the stimulus and impetus of that clearing can calm down, and you can get to open out your heart, open out your mind and see how do you feel now and think about these old things now. Because life has really changed for everybody on Earth in the last six months.

So even if you tried to remember how you felt last December, it will be hard for you to actually get in touch with how last December felt, because so much is shifted.

And when we are more unconscious we can be chaotic in our human journeys. As in we can get pushed around by people or events and pulled from pillar to post (as we like to say in England), without really any sense of where we’re going or why anything is happening to us.

Strengthening Yourself Through Consolidation

But the more you wake up to the reality that energy is dictating everything that is happening to you and start to open up your senses so that you can feel that energy moving through you, and the energy coming toward you, the more you open up to energy being a part of every moment. And with that awareness, the more you can start to consciously direct what it is you're doing, where it is you're going and what it is you would like to manifest next. This is a foreign concept to people who've never thought that way before, but to more and more people on Earth now, this understanding is becoming normal. You see it being normalized in everyday conversations.

So how do you know you're a clear manifester? That what you wish to intend for can come to you easily? First, you need to consolidate what's already inside you.

So by consolidation and July being a great month for that, I mean;

  • Sit and reflect on everything that's happened for you in the past 6 months or more.
  • Journal and intend for where you would like your life and your journey to go next.

Take some time to consolidate where you've been, so that you can then very clearly decide where you would like to go next, rather than dragging the debris of the past into your future manifestations.

Visioning and Manifesting for Self and for ALL

And remember, when intending or visioning, there is no such thing as a 'wrong' goal.

Sometimes people will say to me, “Oh, well I'd like to manifest xxxx for myself, but when the world is suffering and others are worse off than me, I'm challenged by manifesting this for myself.” And the point is that the two things can coexist in you.

For example, if you want to manifest something that makes you feel more secure in life, but you feel bad about that desire because you recognize other people are in more insecure positions than you, let BOTH of those energies be true for you.

It means you would like to be humanitarian and help others as much as you can, yes, but you're also going to still have this energy or desire that you want to feel a little more secure, whatever that means for you.

So you can work on manifesting or visioning for both at the same time (manifest for 'world improvements' as well as 'self-improvements').

Or, focus on your desire for you, and when it manifests you will get to a place where your openness will be that much more present as a result. Because you've manifested an element for yourself that you recognized would support you. Which then allows you from your feeling of support, to go out there and be more humanitarian towards others.

You're Not Going Backwards (even though it may seem that way)

We live in a dualistic world and dualistic thoughts are very high at the moment, more so than ever before. Again, if you're an aware or an awake person it won't surprise you to notice how quickly you're going through feelings or perceptions on a daily basis now, such is the speed of awakening.

And remember, you're not regressing if you go backwards in your own perception. The idea you can have that you're going over an old issue can be depressing for many, but this is part of the journey of evolution that we all go through. I released a new A to Z of Energy video this month called You Are Not Regressing, You’re Evolving, so you might want to check that out if you are worried you're going backwards. We can put a link to that here for you so that you can check it out.

So as much as you can, take July to create space to consolidate and exhale. Take this space to decide where you would like to go in your personal life in the next six months, and also what would you like to see changing for and in the world for the next six months.

I spoke last month about one step forward, one step back (and occasionally) one step sideways being the energy of June for people in their lives. And we did see that playing out on the global stage too. There were some acts of progression, there were some acts of regression and there were some sideways energies that none of us saw coming.

July will be a lot more spacious because energy can only remain intense for a certain amount of time before it either fizzles out or explodes.

Major Theme: Kundalini Rising in ALL

And the space of July is important because of a strong message that I keep receiving about a more mainstream kundalini activation now happening in the collective.

Kundalini energy is essentially our life force energy. And the base or the root chakra is where it roots - the energy center in which we have the foundation our creative, sexual and life force energy. In our current society, we tend to be comfortable living more up here (Lee demonstrates heart center area of the body up to crown chakra) than down here in our lower chakras. With spiritually developed people there can be a tendency to be open in areas of heart, throat chakra (communication), third eye (vision and intuition) and crown chakra (connection to spirit).

But in a predominantly 'mental' society, even spiritually-developed souls often don't go down below and balance the lower chakras, as these are the more dense and muddy energies in our current society. This level of clearing and activation is the next phase in general for the world in its awakening.

The Stomach Center - The Body's Focal Point of Our Relationships

A lot has been done, if you like, over the last 10 years also to rapidly develop expression of communication, understanding of senses and intuition and the opening of the heart. That's becoming much more prevalent everywhere. But the next phase is to go down and purify through the stomach and activate that base.

The stomach is where our human relationships are, so many of you will have a sensitivity around or a withdrawal from many relationships in the next few months while you go through this kundalini activation. Because you won’t want to play it out through fighting with others.

Collaboration and Partnerships Can Thrive Now

Creative partnerships, sexual partnerships and anything that feels like a potent tribal energy will thrive during the coming months. Whether you're dancing with a group, anything group-focused that has a wildness in the body and expression in the body, there will be truly cosmic experiences to be had in the next few months due to the Kundalini energy around us. Some of you will go through windows that you’ve never opened for yourself through and in the body. But coupled with that, the ultimate aim of the life force awakening that is kundalini, is to get you to a place where all systems are go and all systems are open.

So it's pretty big stuff and it's not something that you want to go into naively or in any great hurry.

Bringing Freedom to The Fear Mind

Because it takes time for the body to learn to withstand having such an open, vital life force and it also takes time for you as a human being with your thoughts and fears about;

"How safe am I to be me the world?"

"Will I be judged?" 

"Will people attack me?"

"Will people not like me as much?"

Burning through the Fear - Opening to Who You Are Here to Be

To burn through all of that inner-programming, and to allow yourself to become who you want to be or are to be next, is why you are here. Regardless of all of the people around you and how they may or may not react to it.

So this awakening in the base chakra will show up for you in very potent ways. In creativity and also acts around physical action, exercise, sexuality there will be an awakening of an energy and the life force in you that you will be able to privately explore, most of you. Some of you will explore it in partnership.

But there is a message here too that from September onwards, this energy (that the mainstream are now opening to over the summer) many of you will start to go out into the world and be a part of this wave of change. A coming period in which we see yet another rise of innovations and creativity to bring positive changes in the world.

Creators Are Waking

So it's nothing to be afraid of, but a little like pregnancy, the pregnant mother (and also the father) tend to be very protective of the mother's body and sensitivity during that phase. In order to make sure that the baby and mother are protected in a way they can both safely transform.

So think of it that way. You're giving birth to:

  •     Your creative fire

  •     Your sexual fire

  •     Your life force

All of these areas will rise in and through you in the coming months, opening new energies and catalyzing old blocks and limitations to release.

Traditionally when people are unconscious of Kundalini energy rising inside them, or they don’t really know what's going on with their inner body, they will project it outwards. They might fight each other, argue with each other, or let that energy run into their outer life in ways that can be destructive or chaotic.

It's the kind of person who walks into a room and everyone knows they’re there, not only because of the way they hold themselves, but because they move around that room and impact everybody and perhaps even the furniture. That's a kind of life-force energy that is not centered, and not flowing in a balanced way through the body. Instead it's playing out in a destructive or invasive way in the outside world.

So you'll certainly see some of that behaviour flying around within people who're more unconscious of themselves, but we’ve seen that flying around for quite a while, because of course this energy has been growing for quite some time.

But the good news is that July gives you an invitation to have much more space around how you bring that life-force energy into your life and also, for the very intuitive among you, to start to recognize and feel that your inner body is feeling very different.

Miraculous Changes Are Possible

There is a reason that the inner body is feeling different. We can develop the upper chakras and it will sustain us so far. It will give us more open relationships, more open communication and feelings of well-being than we knew before, and that's all well and good. But the next level of awakening comes when we extend this openness down to the base and root chakras, inviting the awakening to reach full alignment. When this happens, miraculous changes happen in our outer world.

And miraculous changes are what we’re needing right now on the planet as a whole. We are  going through these changes as individuals, in order for us to help create those miraculous changes as a whole.

So we’re coming into the second half of 2015 where kundalini energy is going to be an increasingly strong presence, and many people will experience spontaneous awakenings.

No Longer Being a Victim - Calibrating Your Energetic Experiences

So if you do have any sudden strange experiences in your garden or in your house, that are epiphany like or suddenly open you to see or feel something you hadn't anticipated, just sit and breathe through it when it happens. (Lee takes a deep breath in and out) Tell yourself, “I am safe. I can receive this energy.”

Remember you’re in charge of the volume dial. Often with spirituality, we can feel that we are the unwilling participant or even victim of a spiritual or psychic experience that happens to us. And what we must remember is that you can collaborate with spirit. You can say words like, “I ask that this calm down now. I ask that this intensity slows down. I ask for a few days of peace.”

Remember to ask that of your personal experiences in life as well as when asking for help from angels or guidance or guides, whatever name you give it.

Openness, Stillness, and Peace

So we're still here everybody. We’re still here on Planet Earth, one day at a time, one step at a time. But there is a very strong sense of an opening and a peace energy that is stronger than ever before, that if you make sure you are not being overstimulated and being a guardian of giving yourself to peace and stillness moments in your life, you will feel it deeply. It will infuse you. It will magnetically connect you to the right people at the right time.

And in the interim periods (for the hedonists among you, and I can relate to that ), yes it’s fun to always be in joy and bliss, but those times will probably be peppered with interim times where you need to perhaps power down for a while, or you find yourself spontaneously recalling a difficult situation or emotion.

For example, you may have a great career opportunity that presents itself to you, and you’re really amazed that's happening. And yet, a few hours later, you might suddenly recall the time that you had your biggest career heartbreak that you've been working through the layers of. This is deeply connected to the success moment. When you open in a higher direction, the lower part of you that closed down in the past, gets stretched and it rises up for release. And the more aware and awake we become, the more we consciously feel and see these things.

Self-Judgment Can Be Part of the Release

Don't go to self-judgment if it seems you are in a 'backward' step. Catch yourself if you self-judge. Seeing your own self-judgment is just great awareness. Think of it that way.

If you catch yourself being self-judging, remember that in the past you would have been unconscious about that self-judgment. Instead of just hearing the voice, you would've stopped yourself doing something because you felt that self-judgment.

If your reality now is that you're just disappointed that you caught yourself self-judging, you’re absolutely heading in the right direction. Hold the awareness of the judgment. Laugh at it. Let it go. There’s no need to judge yourself just like there’s no need to judge anyone else. Everyone, including you, is doing your absolute best.

That's July folks!

I have a couple of events coming up. In London I will be doing an Energy Tune-up evening and a meet and greet and that's on Wednesday, August 12. So to check that out you can click here. And in September, and I will be at a channelers' conference, channeling as one of eight channelers and that's in Los Angeles. Click here to check that out.

So until next month everybody, you can check out all my offerings in The Portal, which we just redesigned and relaunched, so if you'd like to check The Portal out there will be a clickable link to it on the next screen. (Transcript readers click here.)

Lots of love to all.



Thursday, 4 June 2015

June 2015 Energy Forecast - You and the Universal Energy Field


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(Transcribed and edited from Lee's spoken video message.)

Hi and welcome to the Energy Forecast for June 2015.

Let's all take a breath together before we start this conversation.
(Breathing deeply in and out)

And another one for luck. (Deep breath in and out)

It feels to me this should be a mandatory exercise for us as a society at the moment. It would be good for us if every hour or two we were coming together in groups and consciously breathing together, because the intensity of everything ramped up considerably in the end of May and early June period.

Astrologers will talk about the fact that we're in a very big Mercury retrograde. And so what you see in parallel to that is a certain amount of chaos and confusion that is reigning in the macro of our world and also reigning over the micro of our own inner personal worlds.

So on the macro, in just the last few weeks we have seen a considerable amount more reporting on the amount of animal species or plant species that are dying off. There are also intense debates and arguments going on between governments and people around deals and laws that are being passed that people do not want, because of the destruction to the environment or human rights.

So it's a time of very intense feelings and there is an of energy wave of  push/pull at the moment. The pattern seems to be One step forward, one step backward and occasionally a step sideways. So the idea of 'progression' is not so strong right now on Earth. Generally what we're seeing is more of an implosion.

Implosion births New Energy

Progression and New Energy will follow this implosion.

For many years, I intuitively received the information that 2015 to 2020 would be the all-important years post-2012. 2012 was a marker point for a piece of time that would stir everything, but that 2015 to 2020 would be the actual five year period where the Earth's future and new energy futures would be birthed. And the question was always how much chaos, how much challenge, how much destruction would have to take place in that five-year period in order to see a new Earth and a new energy birthed.

Now, people have very different ideas about what a new Earth is or what new energy is. To one person it's everybody living in Utopia. To another person it's getting rid of the economy and having a non-money-based society. It varies depending on who you ask, hence the chaos and confusion around our future right now.

We tend to have a very grand idea in the romantic mind or the spiritual mind of what needs to take place for change. But the truth is, change happens slowly and more slowly than we often would desire it to be. And certainly on the third dimension (human life), change happens very slowly compared to what you might feel in your visionary or energetic self.

The Slowness of the 'seeming' Speed

So the message I’ve always received is that things are going to take place over a much slower period of time than certain people will predict.

So for example, some will say the economy is going to crash tomorrow, other people will say there’s going to be a comet hitting the Earth on a certain date. You constantly see these predictions out there, and they don't help the nervous system if you happen to catch them. But there’s a reason they don't help the nervous system. Those of us that have a sense that we have been here many times before, that this is not the first time on Earth, can remember all the times past where destruction or death happened. So with each of these triggers in the now, you energetically replay all the deaths. For example, you replay being in Pompeii when Pompeii went down when you see these triggers of today.

Coupled with this, there is an enormous amount of death energy taking place on the planet right now. There are many species and plants that we are hearing are dying out.

There is the death of an old way of being as a society too. And even though many people say they crave a new way of being, actually as we watch our world changing very rapidly, it brings an adrenaline pump to the nervous system that's very intrinsic to the human animal. It's fight or flight. Because when we see change and death around us, we naturally question, "Are we safe? Are we in an environment that is threatening our well-being and our safety?" And that’s the reptilian brain and how that part of our psyches are designed to work.

Mastering Yourself and Your Emotions

It's a hugely intense time to be alive and this is when mastery of yourself, your emotions, and your thoughts will help you on your path.

There is a brand new short video I just created called Overthinking and Emotional Chaos. So if you feel like you're someone who's really in the spin of thoughts or emotions at the moment, you might want to check that video out. (Click here.)

Just to come back to the forecast, the energy now is one step forward, one step back. That seems to be the pattern on Earth with everything that we’re seeing.

So you might see a victory on your left and then a loss on your right. And that's just the dance. The dance is very intense and very magnified compared to how it would've played out for us 10 years ago.

Just as the speed of change in our Earthly world is faster than before, the speed of change in your internal world is going to be faster than ever before. The two work in tandem with each other.

So there is a sense among people that they’re very tired, that they’re confused, or that they’re at the edge of their ability to remain calm and centered. Some people are reacting more. People are making strange or seemingly impulsive decisions because there is this feeling of, “I’ve just got to change this, I’ve just got to get out!”

What we have to do with those feelings is work to stay as calm and centered as we can. Being centered is the best place you can be in any situation. Master warriors have worked on meditating and being centered so that whatever is going on around them, they are able to make the decision in that moment that is best for their survival and for their future. And that's really important for all of us at the moment and it's hard work. It's not easy to have to yet again re-purpose yourself, but it is the work of the times.

Floating and Disconnection = Find Your Purpose

Confusion, tiredness and a sense of disconnection may be the experience for many of you - particularly the sensitive among you and the especially esoteric. You may be experiencing a real disconnection from the 3-D world.

This might translate to examples such as an inability to pay your bill, and I don't mean financially, I mean literally paying the bill. It might translate to an inability to do your ‘to do’ list that you used to do with no problem. Just a feeling of floating and being a bit disconnected from all of it.

The only problem with floating and energetically feeling widely as a sensitive (going into the macro of  what's going on in our world), is you can get lost in the noise. Essentially, you can get lost in the junk DNA that's floating around out there in other people's energy fields (the Universal Energy Field).

So those of you who are feeling anxiety around that, for you it's going to be a focus of come back to your purpose and your connection.

So your purpose might be a grand thing that you are working on that is going to take you one year to conceive. It might be a book, it might be a garden you’re building, it might be working with your friend to try and influence policy in an environmental way. So some of you will have your grand purpose. But even if you have a grand purpose, everybody this month is going to find the simple small task your savior.

Inner Body vs the Universal Energy Field

So if you are feeling overwhelmed or you feel like you've been floating out in space a little too much, take small tasks. Go and clean the kitchen. Decide to go for a walk. A small, achievable focused exercise, because what it will do is it will actually help you re-lock into your own inner body rather than floating too widely in everyone else's energy field. Many of you have been magnetized to the edge of your energy field, because there is so much going on out there in the Universal Energy Field.

Chaos, anxiety and fairly extreme things happening around us can magnetize you toward it as a sensitive. Because you pick up on the subtle energy waves and notice their changes. It can be part of your own way of 'staying safe' as a sensitive - hyper vigilance to what is going on around you.

So you have to learn to come back into your inner body. To get back into yourself and that will often be achieved through a 3-D functional purpose, because that's the thing that some of you are losing in the moment.

So yes, meditation or anything like that is wonderful of course, but also try and find the small simple task that's achievable. It will reconnect you to your center and it will put you back on the Earth in a way that makes you useful to yourself and to others.

And that’s very important at the moment, because open hearts and open minds are very needed at this time. It's easy for you to look around and think, “Oh well, what difference do I make? It looks like everything is going on around me regardless.” And that’s just not true.

The more we as open hearts and open minds lock into our bodies at the moment, the more we are able to be of energetic and practical use in this crazy soup that we see going on - where the dark amplifies, then the light amplifies, the dark amplifies, then the light amplifies again.

One step forward, one step backward.

Let the feelings OUT

Suppression of feeling can be very desirable at times like these, even for those of you who are masters of feeling. You might find yourself wanting to suppress your feelings in whatever way, in whatever shape that takes. Whether it's medicating yourself with physical substance or whether it's distracting yourself as much as possible in other ways. Just keep an eye on that balance, because at the moment it's important to let a certain amount of feeling be constantly moving through you on a daily basis. Because while there comes a point where that amount of feeling can be overwhelming and it's good to just reset yourself, still you have to monitor - am I letting my feeling's OUT enough each day?

It is an all new level of feeling that’s moving through everybody. So it's very important to let it out too rather than feel like you're internally drowning in feeling (sing, dance, express, create, move your body - these will all help!)

Connect with Tribe for balance

Connecting with others is going to be really important. Now, I know some of you think, “Ohh…I don’t want to connect with anyone because they’re all going crazy and I just need to be quiet in my house.” I get that. But, at a time where anxiety is high, being more tribal is very important.

So if 'be more tribal' means hanging out with your one best friend or if being more tribal means going to a place where there's 500 people dancing together - any way that tribal shows up for you - do it from time to time. The more you’re around other human beings, the more that connection is going to come in for you and make more sense of what you're picking up in the Universal Energy Field. It will help you understand and ground within your feelings more.

If you are someone who lives in a very isolated way, look at how you can introduce a little more people interaction, even if it's just walking around the streets where you live every single day. It will again help you to connect to what's going on out there.

Conversely if you're somebody who's very hyper-social, usually you will find this is a time you have to go the other way and just bring the balance point in a bit so that you have room to feel your own stuff and you're not just feeling everyone else's.

It's a real balancing act for all of us at the moment and within very new energy territory.

So you're having to constantly learn then re-learn;
'What do I need right now?'
'What state am I in?'
'Where should I go?'

And these are questions you may need to regularly ask yourself due to the confusion created by so much energy being pulsed through your inner body.

Guidance and support from the Vertical Plane

Don't forget that you have a really fine intuition and it's right here inside and above you. Guidance is available if you remember to ask for it and sense it. Guidance comes in a different way than you might receive thoughts in the mind for example. But because the 3-D world is so distracting it can be difficult to remember that guidance and help is right there. But it is. Help and universal energy is right there to support you.

Make sure you're giving yourself time each day to just sit, be and allow yourself to reconnect everything so that you can be back in your vertical alignment which is that which connects you to spirit and source. The horizontal alignment right now mostly connects you to this very chaotic soup, but keeping connection to your vertical alignment (Meditate, Intend, Vision, Still the mind, Breathe) will balance you enough to feel stable.

Looking ahead through the next few months: June certainly won't be calm. I don't think the word ‘calm’ as an overall phrase is going to be very applicable for any of us the next few years. There is constantly going to be a certain level of intensity and diversity that we have to keep adapting to. But adapt we will and do.

When we get into the second half of June, things will energetically level out a little more. What these leveling out periods do is they give us all chance to catch up with what's gone on. We have these bursts of intensity where things get driven through us, then the leveling out where we get to integrate.

You are getting stronger and you are looked after a great deal. And this can be easy to forget.

It's easy for us to get overwhelmed by what we’re seeing outside. It easy for many people to say I don't know why I’m on Earth, I wish I wasn't here. And the truth of that is that we are here.

We elected to be here, whether you believe that or not, we elected to be here at this moment. So we are living in the right time at the right place, even if we don't always like what we see going on outside us. It's just an unprecedented time and a time of great speed.

So the Universe has got your back. Try to remember that, even if you're going into a downward spiral for an hour or two in your own process. Those spirals bring up more personal density for you to clear so try to remember during that clearing, the Universe has got your back.

Reach out for help, go into your purpose, choose to connect with others, and you will find yourself yet again lifted by the mainframe of all of us as a collective, because this is happening to everybody at the same time.

We are in this together and you are not alone.

Big love everybody. Make sure you're finding your space and your moment wherever you need to be.

I spoke fast so that I could get as much information out in this video as possible. You might just want to take a moment after this video to sit silently (deep breath) and digest.

Events in Europe

We have two places left for my Energy Mastery Retreat in Norway in August. So if you want details of that you can have a look here.

And we've also just added a brand-new event to London in August. So I will be coming to my homeland for a few weeks. I'm going to do an Energy Tune-up evening in London in August. So all details are available for that here and I really look forward to seeing some of you there!

Thank you to those of you who donate each month. It makes a huge difference to what the team and I do here with putting out the free work, so thank you very much for that. And thanks for the messages of love and support you send in - it means the world to me and the team!

June Energy Checklist

  • Feelings are high - check you are letting yours OUT in a way that brings you balance.
  • There is a great need to regularly focus on purpose - even just small simple tasks.
  • Connection with others will soothe your soul. Seek tribal 'balance'.
  • The Universal Energy Field is chaotic, confused and amplified right now, so keep   regular  focus on your inner world to stay balanced.
  • Remember guidance and universal help are yours to connect with anytime.

Monday, 4 May 2015

May 2015 Energy Forecast - Authenticity, Ancestral Clearing and Collective Stress.


(Transcribed and edited from Lee's spoken video message)

Click on the language for translation: Spanish Polish Japanese French

Hi everybody, and welcome to the Energy Forecast for May 2015.

Time is flying by and so are the energies. In last month’s forecast, I mentioned to you that April would feel wider than March. March was a bit of a crazy, intense month, and while April wasn’t without its intensity, there was certainly more of a feeling of spaciousness. Until that is, this past week or so; the last week of April.

Sensitivity issues through May

Many of you will have felt sensitivity issues arising in the last week of April and that is expected to carry through at least the first half of May.  

So whether that’s your own inner feelings of hypersensitivity; for example, being even more sensitive to the volume of someone’s voice, or the way someone walks into a room. Or more 'outer experiences' that are showing up in the outside world; so perhaps being upset at what someone is doing or saying, or upset at the job that you’re in. Sensitivity is the theme of not only our time, but particularly in this year of 2015, dealing with your sensitivity is the key to getting through planet Earth in this transitionary era.

So, a couple of things to remember when you find yourself in a space of heightened sensitivity.  

Space is what’s usually needed, because your nervous system has amplified and so you need to let it calm down before anything. This is because the more you keep running at the same person or the same issue with a heightened nervous system, it’s just going to continue to amplify.  

So, do take time alone. 
Do ask yourself, have I been working and doing too much?
Do I need to sit still and ‘be’ a little more?  
Ask yourself, am I getting support? 

Support from yourself, support from others

The support which you can give yourself  is nutrition, exercise, good people, your own connection. 
Or do you need the support of others at this moment? 
To reach out to some people in your life because you’re trying to struggle through it alone? 

Not everybody that you reach out to is going to be able to be there for you, but if you’re willing to not take the first ‘no’ as rejection, and keep asking a few other people, you’ll get that support. Support from others is wonderful because our nervous systems do calm down when we live in a more tribal way. Nature is the other great 'energy reset' when you are overstimulated.

So, ask yourself; 
How much tribe energy have I got in my life right now that’s supporting me and helping me feel good?
How much personal space am I getting?
If you’re in a city and you can’t get to nature, make sure you’re soothing yourself from that stimulation. Cities have very electrical energy fields compared to nature spaces and the countryside.  So you really need to monitor the amount that you are letting yourself get ‘amped-up’ by the energy of a city.

I’m just about to move from Boulder, Colorado to San Francisco. For me personally, San Francisco is absolutely the right place for me right now. So it’s not necessarily a case that city = bad/countryside = good. It’s just that there are different ways of monitoring your energy, and one of the issues that can happen for people who live in more isolated or countryside spaces is they can go through 'people-isolation', and sometimes that’s too much for the nervous system as well.

It's all about balance, and what you personally need on any given day.

Finding your 'balance-point' within the demands of collective energy

So regularly ask yourself;
Where am I on my balance of what I need? 
Have I got enough tribe in my life? 
Have I got enough space in my life?

Because only we can monitor this and sometimes as a collective, we all get very giddy together. As one big group energy, we collectively get on that hamster wheel and pound it really hard, and the only person who can truly monitor your experience of it, is you.  

The reason I say this is that many of you listening to this might be in the role of 'helper' to people in your life. You might be most people’s emergency phone call. The problem is that not many people in that group for whom you’re the emergency phone call, will be considering how many emergency phone calls you might have taken that week. Only you can monitor that. So the helpers and the healers among you, you’re probably a little overwhelmed right now with the requirements of people outside you, if you’re not maintaining your own inner needs.

Now, to go to a different place.

Again, what I’ve spoken about a lot in the last year or two is that many of you, even with some of these sensitivity challenges, will be feeling better than ever before in yourself and in your experience of life.

Releasing Ancient Issues

Life is a strange ride and it has as many challenges and downs as it can have ups, but so much of it is to do with our approach to it, and so if any of you are still in the dying throes of being angry about something in your life or feeling like a victim to something in your life, what will be working through you at this time is ancient history.  

It will be your own history around that issue so, for example, you hate your job. How many times in your life have you hated your job and what is it about the job that you really hate? Is it really that building that you go to and that employer that you have, or what is it that makes you feel crushed in that job? And if you start to ask yourself those deeper questions, you might have a breakthrough moment where you go, Oh, I hate having to be nice to people all day. So, try not faking being nice all day!

There’s a real societal pressure that we have to be happy or we have to be nice and friendly, and it’s just not true. It's time for you be who you are, more than ever before, because a lot of you will be running into trouble by trying to be more positive than you feel. Or trying to leave your dark side at home, or whatever difficulty you're processing at home, because you don’t want to throw it at other people.

Being Authentic/Expressing where you are at

There’s a big difference between throwing it at someone else and being authentic with how you’re feeling.  

So, I could walk into my office place and, someone says, ‘Hey Lee, how are you doing?’ to which I respond (acting out depressed and angry emotions) ‘Oh, I’m really miserable, I’m really fed up!’  

Y’know, that’s me throwing it at them.  The other way is, someone could say, ‘Hey Lee, how are you doing?’, and I could just go, ‘Y’know, it’s a bit weird for me at the moment, I’m going through some stuff, I’ve got this going on with my family.....’  

There are two very different ways of using energy in my demonstrations, and being present in energy. But the second one I demonstrated, tells the person that I know where I’m at, and it’s me communicating who I am today in a peaceful way. But a clear way, and that’s very, very important for those of you who are helpers, healers, trying to keep the light and the strength going for others.

These are rocky times in many ways, and for all of us in these rocky times, we have to be authentic about the stuff we’re going through that’s really difficult, as much as the stuff that we’re going through that might be feeling good or liberating to us. So this month, invite yourself to more authentic communication.

People don't need all the details

As I say that, I feel a whole bunch of you go, I don’t want to share all my personal details with everybody, and the point is, you don’t.  

There’s a big difference between me saying ‘Y’know, I’ve got some funny things going on in life and I’m struggling’ versus ‘Well, my mum’s got this illness…' and giving a whole detailed list of things in my life.  

You can always just give people a headline as to how you feel if you don’t want to go into the details. 

But in giving them that headline, you help the less sensitive around you understand where you’re at a bit more. It doesn’t mean they'll necessarily wrap you in a blanket and treat you exactly the way you might want them to, but it means you won’t feel so unseen or invisible or unhelped by the people that you perhaps are bringing your helper energy to.

And this will create balance for you in a new way.

So authenticity is a big theme for the sensitive among you at the moment; being authentic with how you feel, being authentic with your communication and inviting that in at a whole new level.

The 'Opening' among people 

We’re opening more and more as a people. We’re opening our hearts, we’re opening our minds, we’re opening our communication; I wanted to say (communication) devices, which is hilarious ‘cos of course it’s (our voice), not a device. But sometimes communication is a device, in terms of how you navigate the world via the way you communicate with other people.  

Now, this opening I speak of, happens in stages. And as much as any of us would love to have a breakthrough because of a book that we’ve read, or a really potent conversation we’ve just had, or a workshop we just went to, and immediately return to our life and apply that whole breakthrough the very next day, it doesn’t work like that.  

We do a piece at a time, and with that said, there are several of you who are missing the point around some of the shadows you’ve gone through in the last few months. You feel like, I’m not growing, I’ve felt really crappy or dense so there’s surely something going wrong. No, this is just this time on Earth and it's speed. It compresses everything and then lets it rise to the surface.  

So if what’s compressed in you was ancestral issues around feeling like a victim or feeling angry at the world, angry at the planet, that’s going to get compressed in you and rise up. 

So try and get conscious of it rather than just throwing it at all the people at your workplace like I demonstrated earlier, because that just recycles the energy and makes you feel worse.  

Try and get in touch with yourself, perhaps, 'Ah, OK, today I feel angry and that’s OK. I don’t need to add a story to that, I don’t need to judge that, I don’t need to think therefore I’m regressing on my growth path…'  

If you’re alive, you’re growing! Even people who seem unconscious to you are growing, because the experiences they need to learn through will keep coming at them in a different way until they become more conscious.

Going against/inviting non-historical patterns

So try and be peaceful with yourself as much as you can.  That is not the historical society-inbuilt way of being, granted, but it is the way that will support your opening at this time to the best of your ability. 

Because if you keep running out into the madness and trying to keep up with the madness, you’ll not only get exhausted on the hamster wheel, but you’ll catch your foot in one of the grates and go head first into the hamster wheel. So look at how chaotic things feel for you and if they do feel chaotic, keep stepping back and taking breathing space.

Some of you will be in tricky circumstances you can’t step back from – you may have family members who are ill, you may have real financial or work difficulties right now. So then you need to minimise everything else in your life and you recognize, I can only be around supportive people for a while, I just need to take care of me in the middle of taking care of everyone else and minimize all other stresses.  

The new energy that exists above the 'stress-line'

The stress point in the collective is rising, so what you have to do is get really good at noticing and managing your own stress levels.

There is so much potential at the moment for ‘New’, and if you can keep managing everything that I have said here, in this video, then you’ll find that opening to the new - new connections, new relationships, new experiences, new moments of just Aaah, I’m alive, look at this amazing planet’ - then you’re going to find it all a lot easier to flow with it rather than bang your head on a wall with the intensity.

So, this is the final video I’ll be recording here in Boulder before I leave for San Francisco next month. It’s been almost three years I’ve lived here and been making videos for you guys out here on the hill.  

So I just want to honour this place and thank it for not only being a support to me in my life the last few years, but more importantly, for these videos, we’ve all been here on this energy, on this land, having these messages monthly, so thank you Boulder for everything.

I also want to say thank you to those of you who financially donate for the forecasts – it really helps make everything possible here so thank you. To those of you who don’t donate financially but do send in lovely messages or comments, thank you for those too – they mean the world.  

And finally I’m going to be doing a new Energy Mastery Retreat in Norway in August. This will be the final Energy Mastery Retreat in Europe of 2015. We just did the Colorado one and it was a total blast. We’re two-thirds sold out at the moment, but if you’d like to check it out and get more info, you can click for that here.  

So, Big Love everyone. 
Take care and see you in June.

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