Friday, 26 September 2014

'September Speed Pulses' paving the way for a vast energy of OPENING in October

Energy Update from Lee - September 25th 2014:

Hi Everyone,

I recorded the October Energy forecast earlier this week (given I am traveling again). It will be released next week, but in the forecast, I mention an upcoming rapid 'energy-opening' time for all of us on Earth. And this can be preceded by pulses or 'triggers' in your energy and physical body.

This forecast 'Opening' comes after what has felt (for many) like 2 years of a 'slow down' energetically. In extreme cases, this slow-down would leave you feeling compressed, trapped or clamped in your life, feelings or physicality.

In others, it would simply help you make more elevated choices over longer periods of time, rather than quick decisions that then needed to be changed or let go of just as quickly. This could manifest as a feeling of boredom or detachment before allowing this new speed to feel more spacious, and calm.

This opening energy is already with us, but will get very noticeable from October onwards. Alongside that, a lot more energetic support and guidance from the higher realms will be closely with us in the next 2 years or so. This info came through the Z's when I was channeling them for last weeks Portal broadcast. They always give a 'state of the world' talk in their opening minutes before answering people's questions. They explained how certain higher energies, beings and guides had stepped back a little in the past couple of years, while the density was traversed by humanity. So we needed space, but that now, and for the next few years, the support of light would be coming back to the planet in a big and close way.

So in preparation for next weeks forecast and the full info, I wanted to pass this 'bridge' along to you now.
Reason being, right before this opening energy hits you, many of you will feel difficult or tight symptoms. Some physical, but many of them energetic or emotional in nature. You may notice that emotional triggers are happening thick and fast for you, so you can notice and release emotional debris that won't be coming with you in the coming years. You may be stopped from physically stepping forward as you normally would, so that you get really sure about what you are doing and where you are going.

Higher options will be available to all of us now and soon, and the 'waiting game' is to allow higher patience to meet your old ways of being.

Fear will of course be an occasional challenge factor - the light loves to get lighter and so fear and darkness (same thing) can tighten when the light grows. You can see this happening in world events right now, but you can also see an uprising for peace and for love to be the currency of our day and future world.

Hold yourself close right now, with as much love and gentleness as you can.
If you're tired, rest.
If you want to open, open and see how things flow.
If you're triggered, know that 'this too shall pass' and an opening is on it's way because of the triggers, so be kind to yourself.
If you're excited and feeling alive, do a little dance. Why? Happiness is contagious and it loves to be witnessed and to grow.

Above all else, stay aware; of you, your surroundings and the new energy dance now happening on the planet. Find a good space in which to dance among the crowd.

Full forecast out next week!

Big love

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Monday, 1 September 2014

September 2014 Energy Forecast - Turn left at Distress and head toward the Light-Body


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(Transcribed and edited from Lee's live Video message.)

Hi everybody and welcome to the Energy Forecast for September 2014.

This month I’m going to focus a little bit on the experience of being dis-empowered or empowered in your life and in your situation. Because that is the paradigm that we all find ourselves in at the moment.

So the thing about energetics is, they are subtle and ever present. While we can ascribe our inner feelings to outer circumstances, energetically it ultimately comes back to us and how we can balance how we feel about something.

So for example, if you’re one of the people who is getting consistently and repeatedly distressed by everything that you're seeing going on outside you right now, you have to (at a certain point) recognize that engaging with those distressing things outside are actually all leading you back to one state – and it is the state of distress.

So you may be distressed about what’s going on in the larger world, what’s going on in your personal life, or you may be distressed about what’s going on for your friend. But universally for all of us and our nervous systems, when several of these factors start to accumulate, we start to deplete. We can only take so much stress in our nervous systems before we start to crash in on ourselves.

So if you are listening to this and you are somebody that has been doing that dance where you’re focusing on awful things all of the time; and you find yourself going, “Oh God, this is awful, this is awful…” and you’re reacting to things - you have to know it's time to step back.

It’s not that you are stepping back and forever being inactive toward some of the things that you ultimately want to change. But as I’ve said before, when we’re spinning, traumatized or in a high level of emotion when we try to bring ourselves to an action, we don’t do a very good job.

So think of, say, your stressed mother who perhaps used to be stressed that visitors were coming to the house or she had a lot of work stress and maybe she would throw that energy at you sometimes, or you would feel that coming off her. She wasn't necessarily helping you become a vessel of calm in those moments. What she was actually doing was transferring what she was feeling outward - her own stress. And you potentially absorbed it from her.

Just as your actions that you move toward with that energy will feel it and be repelled by you.

So understandably, with everything that’s going on in the world, you can look at the picture of the world and be alarmed by several things. But especially for the sensitive among you, there is a fine line between dis-empowerment and empowerment in your journey as a human. And for our very survival, both individually and collectively, our ability to balance ourselves and return to inner-empowerment becomes crucial at times of stress.

Those of you who perhaps are angry, upset or feeling let down by 'the system' of the world - recognize these are emotions that you’re going to have to move through before you will be truly effective to bringing change.

We've always known that this period in history was going to be tumultuous in many different ways. But if we start acting tumultuously as well, all we do is aggravate what we’re seeing outside us that we’re not liking, and start to lose our own ability to create change in that area.

One of the things that I have struggled with seeing in working in the self-development and spiritual fields, is observing the tendency that we in that area can have to go into either 'victim-hood' or 'follower'. I’ll explain:

Many people who are actively pursuing self-development; spirituality will have a tendency to want to be told what’s going to happen in the future, so that they can calm down in the now. Or to be told what they should do by an outside source so that they can calm down in the now.

But the problem with all of that is it’s still operating in the old paradigm. It’s still operating in leader/follower mode. It’s still operating by waiting for that feeling from an outside authority over you.

So, if you recognise yourself in what I am saying, you don’t have to be hard on yourself about it. But just catch that the reason you are doing this is because a part of you is still spinning out and needing to find ways to develop this 'self-calming' aspect of yourself.

I’m a huge fan of teachers. Teachers have helped me all through my life and I’m sure they will continue to do so in the next 20-40 years. And a lot of my teachers are the people close to me who will reflect, offer advice or offer support.

But what I’m not a fan of is fully giving your power away to an outside source. Because ultimately the problem is the outside source that you’re giving your power away to isn't you. No-one knows more than you do exactly what you need all of the time.

We are all individual. Yes, we’re one and we’re connected but we’re also individual. 

And it’s for each of us to find our own individual signature in this life. And that can be a very scary prospect for us; because if we have been leaning on the hand rail of other people's support and advice or a system, to suddenly let go and find our own way can be scary.

The reason I’m saying this today is I know that the truth for a lot of you at the moment is a fear around stepping into your own empowerment.

Stepping into divine alignment in the body - as well as in the spiritual centers – the heart center, the third eye – is vital. Living mostly up here (Lee points to the area above his head) is one way of operating. But, you only really become divinely aligned as a human being when you can bring it down into the body too.

So you may be able to vision your way off into the ethers, but can you deal with the conflict that’s going on between you and a family member?  Because grounding that ability is as important for your strength as an ability to vision. It all goes together.

I mentioned many months ago that perhaps back in the 2000s this 'upper expansion' was what many people were doing. They were learning how to ascend in themselves and go upwards in their energy body. And I feel in the last 4-5 years as a kind of pattern for people, the challenge is to come back down and to bring your light and your compassion and your open heart into the parts of you and the actions that the world now needs.

So to go back to the beginning, to those of you who are perhaps coming to the awareness that you are freaking out about things in the outer world, you will be no good to anybody unless you step back into your house for a time.

The way that we desensitize from an over stimulated nervous system is to highly attend to our well being; and for many of you that’s going to involve stepping back for a while.

So, agree to have a very small life until you feel ready to be bigger again. Even if part of you is reading this and going, 'well how can I focus on being small when X, Y and Z are going on?' You’re the very people I’m talking to - because you will be no good to those things you focus on when you’re in that spinning state. And actually, just taking a week or a month to make your life very small again and to focus on just the things in your immediate environment rather than going too widely out into the world.

This is something I’m seeing a lot with people who are psychic, highly sensitive, or very empathic. We’re living in a more communicative and extended grid of life than we ever have before. The internet is one of the symbols of this. Suddenly we have the ability to connect to the 'hive-mind' of the world more than ever before – and yet we need to remember the hive mind is very diverse. All of us are diverse. Even you and your best friends are very different in the way that you think and feel about things, and that’s true. Connecting in to that group mind can therefore be highly stimulating.

So this is a real time to know yourself and to check out how you feel about what’s going on on the planet and how you would like to play your part. And while you’re in collapse or fear, you’re not going to know how to play your part. You just have to step back and recover first.

The other side of this of course, is the inability to make decisions or more importantly the fact that one day you will go, “Ah. I want to go over here and do this!” And the next day it may be a complete flip in your desires. Some people have expressed to me they are experiencing this and finding that a really odd process.

There are a couple of reasons it’s happening:

We were always told that time was accelerating and that we were going to experience things faster. Well, that’s exactly what that is.

But also, the old operating program of the body that in 2007 would have put all its weight behind the 'vision' or this idea that you get which you felt passionate about, these days you’re going to get five of those in a week. And you can’t put your energy behind those five things and still survive. And if you try to, you will end up spun out in the way I described of the people at the beginning.

So understand that it’s ok to be inactive even if you have a ton of visions that the old you would have run at. That level of vision is the new normal. It’s ok to have a very high sensory mind and sensory awareness, but to not necessarily be able to put your action behind any of those things right now.

As the hive mind and the hive heart of the world increases, and we start to feel more connected to each other, it is a process of both light and shadow, because we see the light in the world and we see the shadows in the world. Through this we start to amplify not only our own energy, but become quite infused with all the information/energy out there from everybody else.

So it’s knowing how to differentiate between the energy you feel is yours to act on, and what is perhaps that person's desire. 

And beyond that, ask yourself - "What is mine to learn from in this vision without bringing it any action? Perhaps I will learn something and won’t have to act on it, but I will just have an experience of having a revelation."

But secondly, this is one of the stages that happens when you’re entering what many refer to as your light-body.

We talk about density levels energetically, and to give you an example for density, that is the kind of people who, for example, are playing things out through drama right now. 

If you’re playing something out through drama, you’re at the lower end of the scale in your energy body. And don’t judge yourself for that. Sometimes that’s exactly what  you need to clear something from the past or to learn the awareness to not walk into drama again at that level.

So, no judgment here people. That’s the big one for all of us to ingrain. Pure acceptance that it is what is and you have to hold that truth against the voice of the inner judge.

One of the reasons that there is so much inaction, indecision and conflict thought is because as things start to lift off you, as your light body grows, your energy body expands. All of the thoughts and the feelings that were previously embedded in your mind, head and your body start to just head toward your perimeter before they burn off. But in the interim they kind of hang here.

So that’s why many of you are feeling like you’re being distracted by thought and emotion. It’s actually leaving your body. But the part of you that’s used to using your action to support your thoughts and your emotions almost wants to rejoin it. So as this thing drifts off, you might go, “Ooh, I might need to do that.” But it’s not that you need to do it, it’s just that you need to let it be and let it drift.

So, again my constant message: take really good care of yourselves; because so much is pulsing. You don’t have to respond to that pulsing by feeling you have to be drawn into it. The more you can sit back, the more you can observe, the more you can let your own feelings settle, what you’re going to do is come into alignment of your own power. And operate in a new way.

Always remember an exercise I gave a while ago. Imagine yourself in a cylinder. You can do this on a train, you can do this when you’re with people. Just for a few minutes imagine you are in a complete cylinder that goes a few feet down into the ground and thousands of feet up into the sky.

What it will do is remind you that you have a height on this Earth and that everything you’re feeling horizontally, you don’t necessarily have to engage with in the same empathic or enmeshed, entangled way.

The person who walks into the room that slightly upsets you; just imagine while you’re in that moment with that person, if you’re not having to talk to them, just bring in that cylinder and remind yourself, “ I am tall on Earth, I am tall on Earth.”

Height is a very important thing for us to place our focus on right now because so many people are getting horizontally wide with their emotional pulsing. And as they get horizontally wide, depending on how clear they are, there’s a big difference between heart-width – someone who emanates heart – and someone who’s spreading all their stuff out into the room and it’s a real tangle.

So remember your height. “I am very tall on this Earth.”

Ok everybody, well thank you for tuning in.

I just want to take this opportunity to thank those of you that send donations for these forecasts and for the other free work that we put out every month. We spend a lot of time, energy and also money on making all of these things. It not only means a huge deal that you choose to support in that way, but it also allows us as a small team to keep going and produce as much as we can.

So thank you so much if you have chosen to donate in the past. And if that’s something you would like to do because you receive from the work that I and the team put out, thank you, and we’ll put a link to donate here on the screen. (If you wish to donate from the transcribed forecast, there is a Donate button at the top right of the blog page.)

So much love everybody. Take care and see you in October.

Monday, 30 June 2014

July-August 2014 Energy Forecast - Consciousness Dancing and The Brain of The Heart


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(Transcribed and edited from Lee's live Video message.)

Hi everybody and welcome to the Energy Forecast for July and August 2014.

The first thing for me to touch on this month is humorous to me because it’s the very reason that I had trouble starting this forecast a second ago, which is: our brains – and how our brains are not functioning the way they used to.

Now, some of you will have been familiar with this from time to time over the last several years. It’s part of the awakening process that your brain no longer 'thinks' or operates the way the old you used to. So for a while, it can almost feel like your brain disappears from your life.

Symptoms are struggling with memory; struggling with concentration; struggling to string a sentence together; and some people are even noticing that their words are getting a little jumbled up.

This is quite common within a lot of people. A large number of people going through the awakening process right now will be experiencing this.

So it’s nothing particularly to worry about. 

But the interesting thing for us to learn from it, is to notice how it makes us feel to lose our mental capacity. 

Because the challenge, I believe, for all of us on the planet in the last few years is how do we find strength through increasing vulnerability?

It seems that every year there are more challenges for us as a people and as individuals that put us into situations that we haven’t been in before.

You see, if you think of the linear mind and the more masculine way of using the mind, it’s directional; and there is a progression of thought and logic leading to external actions and choices. The masculine mind perceives achievements and 'happenings' along the way and likes to see what we might call 'measureable or provable success'.

Well, that’s a very human-trained way of living and using the old masculine mind.

So now more people than ever are opening beyond how they were 'trained' as a human - a training which, for all of us on this planet, has limited our actual potential and our capacity. Some people refer to this as 'conditioning'. 

As you open beyond your conditioned mind, and you start to bring your energy senses into play; your third eye, your heart at a new level, the whole energy field. Once this begins to happen, everything starts to change. And the old brain feels very out of place. And it can almost feel sometimes like you are saying things that you don’t quite understand, or that don’t quite reverberate with other people in the way that they used to.

So, many of you will be having a bit of an experience where you’re talking to someone, or in an engagement and you’re suddenly going, “What did I just say/do….?” You will be finding yourself surprised by your actions and sayings. 

And this is just the brain 'loosening' it's old grip on your behaviours. 
Because you no longer have such a strong emotional connection to it as you did.

The brain starts to become more of a piece of service to you and your way of being, rather than the solo leader of your way of being, the more you awaken. The brain become a facility you go to, to use for the times that you need to organize, analyze or direct events. But actually what happens during awakening is the brain of the heart starts to become far more dominant.

So, you will experience this when you are, for example, sitting looking at a tree – something I can’t stop doing in the last 4 months. You will need that time to stop and be still in order to stay balanced, because at the moment so much energy is pouring onto the planet. We hear a lot about external influences right now - solar flare activity, universe shifts that are going on around us, but what you have to look at is how does that implode us internally?

So, the brain and also the physical body are two big areas that are being energetically affected in people right now.

Some people are experiencing physical issues or symptoms that are forcing them to stop, re-examine, slow down, change the way they operated. 

Some people are just experiencing more tiredness or exhaustion or unusual needs to nap where usually their energy is more consistent.

Again, all of these things over the last 3 or 4 years will have been symptoms for everybody at certain stages. But, as with this fast growing time, these symptoms are getting stronger and more universal, so now the whole collective are experiencing it.

Now the whole collective is something to really take into account when you consider how you are feeling on a day to day basis.

I work with people every week, and I have done for 10 years. And what’s been so illuminating to me in that journey is you really understand that we all have a relationship to fear and we all have a relationship to love and to opening. And we might all be different in the details of those relationships, but underneath, the same core relationships to love and fear exist.

So for example, I might have fear about things that you personally don’t fear – and vice versa. But the point is they’re just different stories; just different ways of experiencing fear as a human being.

What many of you tend to forget, and I see this in questions I’m asked on my monthly live Q + A broadcasts in 'The Portal', is that many of you can make how you are feeling very personal. Many of you can feel that what’s going on for you is very much 'all to do with you'. 

And this often leads to judgment or lack thoughts toward yourself; such as, Why can I not overcome this? Why can I not make this work? What’s my problem that this creation I’m trying to create cannot come to fruition? What’s my issue? What’s the wound I need to heal?

Now, that way of thinking is really old in the self-development community from my perspective.

There is a time and a place to start burrowing into yourself and thinking it’s all about you. But it’s never all about us. We’re in a very interconnected web of life.

And right now, a lot of people in the world are panicky, exhausted, spinning off their center – so they’re often playing out unconscious actions in bigger or more reactive or more volatile ways.

This collective energy affects all of us, day-to-day.

This is why over the last few months I reminded you to know about your boundaries and know what’s okay with you and what isn’t. Because a lot of people right now will be behaving in ways that they never have before. Reactive, irritated, impatient, sad - responses to this time that may be unconscious in them and their behaviours.

So you need to learn how to be responsive to that in yourself. You also may need to make some changes in how you navigate people and relationships right now.

You may need to ask yourself questions such as "Do I want to get into an argument with this person or can I just walk away because they are really exploding right now? Is this the time where I talk to them about that thing I’ve never spoken to them about?"

But through all of this, and particularly when dealing with people who are having difficulties, just keeping coming back to this sensory heart that I mentioned earlier. You can use your feeling space a lot more than you are to intuit the world, and to navigate it in a more peaceful and conflict-free way.

So for example, if you are saying, “Well, why isn’t this thing working in my life right now?” Trust that things aren’t meant to work at this moment in time, but perhaps they will very soon. Or your plan needs to change and sitting back for a few days will help you see that.

Our human minds have a very small view of this whole planet and our whole way of interacting. Our soul mind is vast and endless, but, in the experience of being human and bringing more consciousness to your life and the planet, we all inhabit our human 'small mind' at times. But beyond that there is consciousness. And consciousness knows EXACTLY the reason your book is not finished yet. And it will most often be not because you have a problem with writers block, but because the world is not ready for your book yet.

As someone who has been a regular creator for ten years, it’s been one of the greatest lessons I’ve learnt as a creator. If you’re creating something for the outside world, whether those people are already there and waiting for it (the family you are organising that trip for) or whether you're hoping over the coming years it will be seen and experienced by people (the book you are writing for public release); you have to understand that your blocks can be as much to do with the audience that are waiting for it. And often it is that they’re not ready to receive this experience/ piece of information right now, as much as it is anything to do with you.

So if you are in that state of attacking yourself or judging yourself for what’s going wrong with you and your plans, try and take a breath. Surrender to the fact it isn't working, breathe and you will start to release that tension and frustration you now feel.

Try to remember, daily, that there are a whole lot of crazy, rapidly tornado-ing experiences going on out there around you. And many people are spinning off their center unless they are aware; "Wow. This is a more chaotic time. So I need to adjust the way I’m operating".

Not everybody is acknowledging this, so their unconscious behaviours are getting louder so that they might catch their own attention.

What’s happening as a result is a lot of people are running even harder in the outside world, thinking they can make it work if they put more effort in, which right now creates more chaos. It is also because they don’t want to slow down and feel what’s inside them, which is something we can all empathise with and understand from our own lives.

So be compassionate with your boundaries wherever you can, as you never know the size of fear that is driving someone's reactive behavior.

So, final point for this month – and this applies to the month of August also.

In recent years, we have seen certain months and certain time periods where it has felt like the energy ceiling is limitless to us, and all of a sudden there is this wave of energy moving through, opening us deeply and quickly. And on a certain week or a certain month so much can happen in your life because of this. So much can suddenly arrive that felt like it was missing before.

What we’ve noticed in the last year or two as a people is everything that a few years ago may have taken a week to experience, now happens within half a day. And then in the second half of the day the energy has changed again and you are experiencing another strong energy experience. Most of us are getting used to this now, but it still means we have to learn to become very nimble on our toes and keep moving and not get attached to any one state. We need not get attached to the 'joy' state that you were in this morning; because if you have to let go of joy (because suddenly you feel tired and you serve the tiredness with a nap or a rest), the joy will come back later.

This is the way of 'Consciousness Dancing' that we’re all having to learn in a very human way on the planet right now. 

How do I bring this sense of consciousness, this sense of my sensory ability out into the world? And every day, it is a new learning or experiencing.

And the truth is many of you feel frustrated about what you can’t bring out to the world or into your life. 

But that’s because this is a delicate process. We can’t just wake up, feel more alive and conscious and suddenly throw that energy out at the world or force it on the world. 

We’re still figuring out how to nurture it inside ourselves AND how to be in the outside world at an all new level than we’ve ever been.

Before we might have been running out there, running our energy through people and activities; nowadays we’ll still have our energy out there with people, but first and foremost how big is this part of you inside yourself? How full is this heart chakra feeling for YOU? As focusing in that direction means you will naturally emanate more heart energy to others when in their presence.

So my point is: rather than you being able to do bold ventures out into the world at the moment, because the energy  climate is so tumultuous and it changes so quickly, the place to really learn to exist and create from now is in here (Lee points to his heart chakra). 

If you can exist from this heart center and really allow yourself to feel everything that’s going on in the world, you’re going to be far more successful in how you operate.

I’ll give you an example.  If I came up to you at a party – and I’m going to demonstrate now – this is me excitable and in my head. (Excitedly and bouncing around) “Oh hi! Wow, it’s great to see you! Oh man, there is so much going on and da-da-da-da…”

Now, it’s really tempting if you had me in front of you, to start traveling to join that frenetic energy. Now I know some of your are laughing going, “Ha! I’d be pulling back!”  And I’d be like you, most of you.

But the point is: can you just stay here in yourself EXACTLY where you were, when this frenetic person is doing this in front of you?

Because, in the past so many of us got caught into other people’s energy pathways. Either being pulled into or repelled by them.

And that’s what the last few years have been all about. How do you remain connected to yourself while knowing that you are still connected to others? And how do you remain connected to your heart center in every moment, even if the person in front of you is not yet sitting in theirs?

So if you have ambitions or if you have big desires at this time, try and keep bringing them into the smaller reality, because that way big things will happen. Focus on one small step at a time. Large projects in the next few months will do best when focused on in a small, detail- oriented way, and anything beyond that is likely to feel overwhelming.

And if you are frustrated as you have a big burning ambition or some massive change you want to employ in your life, ask yourself what’s really underneath it driving the frustration? Because there will usually be some discomfort you are trying to solve. For example, if the wish is "I wish I had an amazing career" you might find that the driving force in that sentence is "So I didn’t have to feel so depressed about the state of the world." 

Well, know that, if you get that amazing career, the depression about the world would rise in some other way at some point.

So be with your feelings about the world FIRST and clear how that feels in you as much as you can, so that your dreams aren't being tethered to your sense of loss, fear or pain. In these summer months, things won't fly unless they have clear energy around them.

Daily practices: meditate, take ten minutes a day to be with trees, get ten minutes a day of sunlight – that’s really important. That was a message from The Z’s in last month’s Q + A broadcast. 

Sunlight right now is really helping the DNA and the cellular changes that we’re going through to integrate. So, 10-15 minutes of sunlight a day as a practise.

So everybody, I hope you have a really good July.

I will be back in the fall. I’m not going to be doing an Energy Forecast in August so I designed this one to apply through August also. 

And in the fall, I have an exciting new video series that we are working on right now that we will look forward to unveiling for you.

If you want to stay in touch with me in the meantime, there are daily quotes on Facebook, which you can find here. And I do a Live Q + A Broadcast in The Portal every month. 

You can check out The Portal and all the great things in there here.

So have a great summer everyone and see you in Autumn.

Lots of love,

Sunday, 1 June 2014

June 2014 Energy Forecast - What's new, and what's possible now?


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(Transcribed and edited from Lee's live Video message.)

Hi everybody and welcome to the June 2014 Energy Forecast.

It’s beautiful out here today. It’s warm. It’s sunny. 

And yet, the strongest energy I feel to start this forecast with is to address grief. Because this is an energy that is coming up collectively for everybody, and I‘ve noticed this is very much at the forefront of people’s issues right now.

Each month I hold a live Q and A broadcast which is available to members of The Portal, and since last month, to everybody. And in the last three months of holding these broadcasts, I have noticed an enormous amount of grief and panic is the ongoing theme through people’s questions.

So certainly, the last few months have been more intense than we’ve experienced before. But as I have repeatedly said over the last year or so, the key for all of us is that the intensity outside of us is not going to die down. So the only way that we can actually improve our experience of it is to learn to better work with it or to work with our inner selves – and often it’s both that are required.

So for example, those of you who are feeling grief around what you’re seeing going on on the planet, you will want to look at activism around those areas – conscious activism. So that you’re bringing your voice, your energy towards the area that you are most grieved about.

And many of you will say to that "Well, where do I start? There are so many options." And what I always say is if you are feeling overwhelmed by everything, but there is one key area that you are more passionate about, walk there. Now, the issue you might have is you might feel, “Well how is that enough? How is that enough in these times?”

I think all of us are feeling how is what we are doing enough; particularly the sensitive among you who are looking at the world and seeing multiple areas of need kicking off all at the same time.

I personally have that thought all of the time with the work that I’m doing in the world. I’m sure many of you have it with your work, or the way that you’re living your life or the role that you are holding within your family. This 'thought' is part of the collective response to all we are seeing around us.

There is an overwhelming urgency going on everywhere 'outside' at the moment. And yet, what I have come to find, is that the only way I can be of most use to what's going on around me in these times, is to be as centered as I can. And some days that’s easier than others. (Laughter)

So for those of you who are not yet consciously making changes around the way you are working with your body, the way you’re working with your personal patterns, it’s really time to do that.

So for example, if you’re feeling over-stimulated by everything you’re seeing in the world, are you on the computer too much? Because at the moment there are a wealth of terrifying headlines on the computer. For example, even some of the great petition websites that I regularly sign things for, will often send me emails with headlines saying, “Terrifying new news!”.

So every day in my inbox I’m seeing words such as “terrifying”, “horrific”, “urgent”. Now even if the writers of those emails all believe that their cause and their case is true, what this does to the nervous system when this is coming at you every single day is it fires off all sorts of signals in you. So you have to be discerning, and you have to be mindful of what you are 'taking in' from the outside world.

So the odd thing about this time is that the very reason that consciousness is awakening faster, and people are having deepening experiences with themselves, is because they are having to back away from everything that’s going on outside them. And you either get pushed into backing away; illness/catastrophe or some other circumstance that forces you to stop your regular pattern. OR, you consciously and deliberately invite yourself there.

So, I’m aware lots of you are still spinning out inside yourselves, and still spinning and ricocheting off what’s going on in the world energetically.

For example, those of you that are maybe single parents holding down two jobs, that’s very difficult for you to try and carve out space for yourselves, compared to those of us who perhaps aren’t parents. At least when our job is over, all we have to deal with is our friends and our family and ourselves. We’re not also caretaking and guiding kids. I’ve always said that parenting is the hardest, most hours exhausting job on the planet. Even though all the parents I know will say it’s the most rewarding.

But particularly those of you that are parents, you might be struggling a bit with your kids at the moment. 

You’re going through a lot of stress both in your role as a parent, but also your own relationship to this world; because kids who are say, 20 and under, they aren’t grieving in the way that the generations who are in their mid to late twenties and beyond are grieving.

And they are able to take high and multiple stimulation in the world - something you are still adjusting to. So if you notice yourselves finding an energy gap with you and your kids right now, just remember you are still connected. You are just going through these intense shifts from very different perspectives, on top of your generational differences.

There is a lot of stress and grief going on for people. And several months ago in a forecast I said to you all 'It isn’t the 80's anymore'. I was kind of joking about it but I was also making a true point. Those of us who remember how life was in the 80s, the 90s and the early 2000s, it is completely different now. And that’s an enormous adjustment to still be coming to terms with and one that is not going to slow down.

So, we are being brought truly into the present as the only place we can find ourselves, even as past energies ride through us to release themselves.

Because even though if you speak to an 80 or a 90-year-old, they will speak to you about the amount of changes they’ve gone through in a lifetime (and I always find that a fascinating conversation), the amount of changes they’ve gone through compared to what our generation is having to go through is rapidly fast. 

And we did come through coded with our parents DNA. Yes, we also came through coded with our own soul patterns, but we also came through a family that had existing patterns running which we agreed to try on for size and for growth and healing purposes.

So people’s patterns right now are either going into crisis mode or they are going into liberation mode. 

And what’s really important to encourage is liberation mode.

So if you’re watching this and you’re in crisis mode, know that you have to make some changes. And you may immediately come back at me from the comfort of your living room, come back at me on the screen and say, “But Lee, I can’t make any changes.” 

And that’s not actually true.

So I’m not saying that your circumstances might not be horrendously stressful for you or the worst situation that you’ve ever been in in your life, but there are ALWAYS small subtle changes we can make. Because the problem is we do run on patterns as humans, which I’ve reminded us many times, and only we can shift the patterns.

The other thing that you might want to ask yourself is, how can you support your body if your mind and your emotions are highly wayward right now? What does your physical body need?

So to the many of you who do have a high nervous system, which will be quite common among the sensitive, look into supplements that you can take that can help calm the nervous system. For example, Magnesium is one that is known to help the nervous system calm down. You can Google this kind of thing and find fairly inexpensive natural supplements online – and these things can and do make a big difference to how you feel.

Supporting the body as much as you support soul, spirit and mind is vital in these times.  

So too can taking time alone be. 

But for many of you this month, there will be an ongoing feeling of;

"I have got to change something; I have got to change something". 

And part of that is coming from the urgency and the headlessness that you are feeling in the world; because lots of people are spinning off everything that’s going on and the enormous outer changes occuring daily.

This is why last month, in the May Energy Forecast, I focused very specifically on asking you to see how much are you picking up on other people's chaos energies and needs? How much are you picking up on their panic and their fear that they are circulating, that you can’t help be knocked off balance by or be affected by?

So hopefully many of you managed to be more successful with this in the last month, and you managed to voice your opinion. I explained that voicing your opinion is a very powerful thing. It’s something that many of you will have learned to stop doing years ago because you didn’t enjoy being the catalyst for others, or the one that everyone reacted badly to because of your truth being different to the mainstream.

But as I said last month, generally, people are more open now than they were. 

So not only will you speaking your truth redirect their energy and attention, you might also help people to start to see and understand things that they perhaps aren’t understanding yet.

Many of you bemoan the fact (I see this online a lot); “Why aren’t people more awake? Why aren’t people more awake?” 

If this is your feeling I would suggest then that you need to turn that into “I want to help people wake up.”

So if you think people are asleep to the truth about Fracking, and other actions that are basically destructive to the planet, there is no way around that. There is no politician’s story or payout that can make that a truth to them. Instead, you need to go and work in the areas of educating people to that, or just bring it up in social conversation, rather than fight or be angry at those people for not knowing. Help them to see if you are frustrated at them.

We’re all in this together and yes, we all have our areas of limitation; we all have our blind spots. That’s why we’re a tribe.

We’re one world tribe who has been very successfully divided from each other through cultural programming, and through the control at the top that we’ve all lived under for so long. 

And the reason so many of you that are sensitive are finding this time particularly horrifying at moments is because all of this darkness is coming to light.

You only have to look at what’s going on in certain countries and the atrocities that are supposedly 'justifiable' in the name of war or in the name of power.

So as much as these things are going on, you have to remember that the rate at which we are seeing them is very new to us. So if you just spin off out into them and you start panicking about what you’re seeing, you’re just going in to a panic.

If you address the fact that it is an enormous amount for us to take in at the moment, and it IS spinning people out, your panic will have a little more perspective. 

But as with any feeling, if you notice you feel fear, go into the fear. 

Don’t just go into panic thoughts about it, which is bypassing the emotion and going into the mind. 

Really go there with the feeling of the fear..

This is something I said several months ago. If I am feeling afraid about something I am seeing going on in the world, the best thing I can do as a human being is, rather than panic or talk to everyone about it, it is to actually sit there and feel the enormous fear running through my body. Because at a certain point, when you feel these feelings that willingly and deeply, they will pop, and leave you. 

You may say, 'well I’m tired of feeling feelings'. To which I would say, then you need to go further down and deeper into the feeling.

And it’s very different, by the way, if you have something physical going on. If you’re feeling drained from a physical illness, that’s a whole other story. Physical illness and limitation can make it harder to feel your spirit, or have enough space in yourself to work with some of these principles.

But there are some of you watching and listening today who are caught in the middle place - hovering between mind and deep feelings.

And that’s the final energy I want to address today: the middle place that we are caught in as a collective right now.

I mentioned earlier that the grief of the past is something that those of us of a certain generation are processing. It is odd to look back, at say the 90s, and go, wow - that was such a different feeling and a way of being.

However, I personally can also look back at the 90s and see that there are things around us now and certain levels of consciousness in conversation, in action and in people’s opening that wasn’t there in the 90s. In the 90's that wider consciousness was just beginning to birth in some ways.

So it’s easy to look at the past and to feel the past in your body and to yearn for it. But remember, perhaps in ten years you will be yearning for this moment in time.

And the reasons I love the teachings of non-duality and people such as Toni Packer or Pema Chodron, who speak about the moment is everything we have, is because what I notice is that when we come back to the present moment, we emanate, our energy re-aligns, and we are no longer stuck in externals.

And it’s not easy for us to let go of externals. So don’t give yourself a hard time about this process we are in - instead, be aware it is occuring and be kind to yourself. Use it to understand why you feel confused at times so you can let confusion be there, without adding a pressure or need to solve confusion.

The spiritual community is a very interesting community because while you would presume that all of those in the spiritual community are aligned, they really are not. And if you really look at this you will see a vast difference in people’s idea of what it is to be spiritual.

So there are some people who want to live outside their body and they choose to live very much in the ether. And they enjoy things like channeling or meditations but they don’t necessarily want to go deeply into their body. 

And conversely, there are other people who only want to stay in their body and don’t necessarily want to open their crown chakra, their spirit. 

And the meeting point between these two is the perfect place for all of us. 

The balance of the two, but grounding that can be more challenging than we presume.
That's the work we are all doing right now - grounding the middle place.

This is a very strange time because even though we are growing in consciousness all of the time, that growth also requires constant death inside us. 
So we have to let go of how we felt about something. 
We have to let go of how we thought about something. 

And when the world is screaming to you; "everything’s a little unsafe, resources are running out, we should panic about this, we should panic about that " if you’re seeing that in your outer world while your inner world is concurrently going, “I don’t know who I am anymore!”, it can be scary.

Unless you plant your feet on the ground, take it day by day, and start going, ok I’m here, I’m breathing. Here’s this moment. THIS is where I am living now.

This is why I always say remember that we could be dead tomorrow, because that truth and unknown to us, helps you come back to you, stop planning and worrying about the future, and come back to now.

You see this very much with people who have been given a terminal illness. They suddenly open up. They suddenly start looking at things that they didn’t have time to look at before. And that’s one of the greatest myths of our current society.

Part of the reason we’re kept so busy right now is it helps distract us from the key issues in place. So our world is designed to keep most of us on the 'hamster wheel'. The hamster wheel of work, activity, and stimulation, all of which can confuse our inner senses.

Maybe the spoken of '1%' that we hear about, aren’t on the hamster wheel or maybe they’re on the hamster wheel too, but in a very different paradigm of reality because of their power and their financial support. Who knows? I don’t know anyone in the 1%, so I can’t speak about that.

But understand that we are in a time where we have to not just go with the flow of everything that’s going on outside us.

Come back to yourself. 
Make your own decisions even if they aren't in agreement with the herd. 
Take time alone. 

Recognize the spiritual-human dance is a constantly moving one. You’re not just living in the ether and you’re not just living in the body. You’re trying to bring more consciousness from the ether down into the body. And as you do that, you are not only moving things for yourself, you’re moving things in past generations on this planet.

So with all of that said, attending to wellness and attending to how you feel is vital. And if you are noticing you feel too 'sped-up', know you need to make some adjustments. 
Otherwise you’re just going to get carried away with the fast-moving current. 

When you do come back to a sense of 'inner-home', and you do start to do the things that help you slow down and feel calm, you will come back to a place where you go, “Ah, I can breathe”. 

Energetically you calming down has a huge effect on everyone around you. So energetically, you will be creating a template of calm that the world really needs at the moment.

So yes, it’s a crazy time and no, it’s not going to slow down, which is why we have to work with our inner selves more than ever.

This period in time was always predicted by my channels as being a 2012 – 2020 journey. 

So those of you who are angry and waiting for it to calm down outside, please start working with yourselves; otherwise you’re going to remain angry and that anger is going to fester and you’re going to be brought down.

It’s time to liberate yourself from in here (Lee touches his heart). And it might mean you’re living in a way that you’ve never lived before. But that’s what we’re here for, every single day - to see what’s new and what's possible.

So, in peace and in love to all of you.  I hope you have a good month.

The latest sound recording I did was actually sound healing. It's ten years this month since I began doing this work publicly and I have spent the last ten years working with words to help move energy for others. Recently I’ve forayed into sound healing, which after using words as the energy carrier, has been a joy for me and people have been really enjoying it.

So if you’re interested in experiencing a shift in yourself using sound and tone rather than words, you can check out the trailer for Adventures in Sound here.

Take care everybody and see you next month.