Wednesday, 4 May 2011

May Energy Forecast – Stop, Burn, Go….into Endless Possibilities

The light-wave continues to spread itself across our planet. As it does, it shines its light on the darkest areas, just as equally as it amplifies and illuminates the highest lights visible in our world.

This world is becoming more alive by the day to our human senses. Although we are seeing and feeling more clearly than ever, this is not always purely beautiful as an experience.
Yes, we will continue to see the greatest, most defined beauty, at levels we have never previously felt or seen. But this light-wave and our awakened senses will also reveal distortions, destructions and things that initially disappoint our eyes or hurt our feelings. Until we are used to seeing and feeling the full spectrum of humanity and allowing it all to ‘be’.

This current divide and polarity showed itself a few days ago around the death of Bin Laden. Many were celebrating this man's assassination, and with his death came a temporary energy of relief/release for those people. Others were saddened that this was how people reacted, seeing it as 'revenge' energy and yet more celebration of killing.

This divide will continue showing up on world and personal levels. Differences of opinion and differences in emotions. So all you must do is know where you stand within it, and hold your own feelings and ideas as they feel good and right to you. Let others go through what they need to go through and most of all, release your fear of their 'release' process, however scary it may look to you.

This is a year of enormous fear release, and it will keep occurring in multiple ways for everyone. The stories will be different but the fear release will be universal.

As children, the vast majority of us were taught to fear certain people, their actions, to be afraid of what other countries might try to do to us and how that would or could lead to war. All of this is in our history and is what we grew up seeing, believing and agreeing to at some level.

So as these fears disintegrate in the mass, the mastery tests arrive to test us.
Can we withstand seeing suffering?
Can we withstand seeing conflict and violence around us?
Can we withstand, stay open in our hearts, and then choose different and better ways?

We can and we will. Of course we will.

We are not personally in charge of how the planet should or could be, nor can we change our world or personal history. We are a big planet and so we must surrender fully to it, dark and light, in order to remain steady in our own centre and to move forward into creating new ways and attitudes.

Within our big planet, you have a lot to offer and experience through your life. And offering yourself a life with freedom from fear, will be the key to everything. The key to personal and planetary evolution.

So the month of May will see a great number of you shifting out of the heavier energies you’ve been in, and lifting to some of the heights I’ve spoken about this past few months.

Much of the shock that coloured March and early April has now died down for many, and as would be expected in a world grief process, anger and frustration were a theme in people during April.

The message all year has been for us to keep surrendering to the speed of it all but at the same time, going at a pace we feel comfortable.

And you can feel the speed can't you? How is your personal speed right now? 

Are you feeling comfortable with the speed of your life or is too much, too soon? Ask yourself that question regularly to keep a check on your wellbeing.

Feeling your way through your life, navigating away from things and people that do not feel good to you, will reset your speed if you are currently moving too fast. As when we move too fast we can leave our feelings behind, so when we stop, we catch up with them.

And remember, none of it is wrong. Whatever you are doing right now is just what you are doing, and you can change this anytime you feel ready. Sometimes we make big changes through walking towards ‘difficult’ events in order to burn a few more emotions inside ourself or learn a few key lessons that will alter our way of living.

But it needn’t be painful, so if it is, just stop for a while. If you are in constant suffering right now through your choices or circumstances, the month of May will be the final battleground for you to walk through before you emerge into a clearer and freer sense of life. Why? Because you have to bring in more light now. There is simply no choice if you have been starved of it recently. It will find you, and slowly, the light in you will start to grow again.

So know too that even if the external details of your life feel messy or lacking, if you can find yourself well-nurtured in your heart, an enormous flow of positive happenings will come for you in May.

For those of you who have been experiencing mostly joy or peace in the last few months, May will see much in the external details of your life begin to cement and crystallise. You have stabilised a new ‘internal’ level of well-being and so will now see your external worlds become more solidly supportive and reflective of that.

Good energy is very magnetic on Earth right now and is fast to grow and multiply wherever it goes, so if you are mostly living in that space you will be having on-going heart experiences. This is because you are the ones currently riding and contributing to the wave of bigger heart that is existing everywhere. Even in the middle of a crowd where maybe most are in fear or confused, Heart energy is strong and well-supported at the moment. 

Take a moment to recognise this. 

People are ready and hungry to open up and connect, even if their faces tell a different story.

And despite some of you happy people occassionally wondering “when will my luck run out”, surrender to that little bit of fear. Remind your mind that you have crossed into a new level now, so it is bound to be nervous that this new state isn't possible to maintain. Trust that if you choose for it to remain, it will.

And for those of you reading this and craving such a sense of  happiness and possibility, know that it is only born of complete surrender to life. The reason a large group of you feel so good right now, is because you have surrendered to whatever life wants to bring your way, even if it is challenging or difficult. It is also because many of you already went through a great fear/grief purging in the last few years. The same purging that many are now finding themselves in.

Once through the purge, you live life at a new level, and as a result magnetise new experiences and people that mirror and enhance that level for you. This ‘level-up’ experience will follow for many others at some point in the coming months and years, and those purging their way through it now in these faster times, will release even faster than you did.

For those in struggle currently, and even those who are not, there will be an energy pattern at work in May that will find most of us at some point or another.

It will be STOP, BURN, GO!

Think of road traffic lights and their Red, Yellow, Green principle. Many motorists are frustrated when they are made to stop at a Red light and then anxious to go when they see Yellow (wait). But if you are stopped in your tracks this month by plans, or your mood suddenly changing, it will likely be followed by an immediate energy of burning. This will usually be intense and last for a short period (1-2 hours/days maximum). It may also be accompanied by many chaotic and not so pleasant thoughts, as while you feel what you need to feel, your mind will do a big dump of limited or negative thoughts you had held in yourself. Thoughts held around those emotions and the stories that attached to them.

We tend to lose this trust of our feelings and their need to release and purge, while going through our own 'stories' and ideas about how we 'should' feel. But our emotions are always bigger than the stories and ideas. That is how powerful they are – we need stories and ideas to keep exploring ourselves emotionally. Usually the more repressed emotions in us, or the largest amounts of emotion we need to burn through are accompanied by the biggest stories and judgements.

So if you recognise this principle at work in you in May, hold to simply knowing it will pass and support yourself through the release WITHOUT trying to solve it or figure it out. Just let the mind do its thing and burn off the layers while you nurture yourself through the feelings.

Following this BURN, you will reach GO and be able to walk, run, or skip (!) forward again, with confidence, strength and a greater sense of the bigger picture.

When we remember we are a part of the tapestry of life and the ebb and flow of it all, the emotions balance and stabilise, and all of the old struggles and limited beliefs in the mind step away. They realise they do not need to protect you from your feelings which can all be trusted now.

For most of us, the way we reach these higher levels of being and feeling are through burning deeply these very inner limits we hold.

It is time to fully surrender to your life in May, as it will be a month of stopping, burning emotions and then continuing with the opportunity to experience higher. The burn is important and needs to be honoured.

Many are currently frustrated that they don't know how to change things. This frustration is marrying itself with exhaustion from the journey for a good number of you. The emotions of frustration and exhaustion, when run through a mind that is not high in self-love but high in self-judgement, can equal stronger suffering than is needed.

If this is you, commit now to letting May be the month to change the suffering you feel and experience. For there will be a great deal of support for that shift energetically, so as you read this, make a choice about what you wish to increase in your life. 

Make a choice, said aloud, to shift your life this month. 

Or say aloud what you wish to change in a specific area of life this month. Hold it in your minds eye for a few seconds, decide you will change it this month, then let it go. 
And then forget all about it. You don't need to make it happen. You don’t even need to worry if it doesn’t happen within the month. You just need to add to the energetic support and magic available, by stating your intention and practising your ability to command change. It is an important practise.

Finally this month, keep your eyes open to the wave of endless possibilities.

When a building falls to the ground, a new space is revealed on which a new building can be built.
It is the same with our world right now. Even as we are surrounded by disintegration and change of the ‘old’, there is an enormous birth energy available and a wave of endless creational possibilities.

There is so much new ground available on which to build. There is so much of a new 'you' birthing that will build new life for you and others. This is happening every day and many of you are just seconds, hours and days away from inviting it in to your feelings in a deeper way.

So to open to these new possibilities in May, ask yourself these 2 questions:

Are you being braver in your actions than you usually are?
(If not, do something brave or new.)

Are you being braver with your words and saying what you wouldn't usually say?
(If not, open that beautiful mouth of yours and say something you would usually censor.)

You will be surprised how much doing one or both of the above will make you feel better.
This is the month for giving yourself to authentic action and speech, and the month that many will start to live more this way. This is how we can birth a greater wave of consciousness, authenticity and love for one another as we do.

Bringing more of your true self into your life will be of great benefit to all of us as a society.

So don't deny yourself your dreams or your bigger visions. It takes strength to have great visions or even simple desire in a chaotic time, just as it takes courage for some to step outside the society we all live in and do something different from the norm.

And be conscious of how much you believe what you see on the news channels, now more than ever. The news is always coated in fear and drama, and also statistically not reflective of our society in daily life. The news channels and newspapers will report 80-90% negative stories, opinions and events to you every day. Yet very few of you are having an 80-90% negative life or surrounded by that much negativity every day.

So if you believe by reading the newspaper or watching the news that you are authentically learning about the world at large, think again. You are connecting to information weighted in fear, and judgement. The more you expose yourselves to these energies, the more you either burn through them in yourself or buy into them.

It is not that the news isn't useful to keep you informed of some of the facts in world events. It’s more that if you use the news to get a picture of the world, your picture will look and feel very distorted and depressing. It won't help you to feel positive about the possibilities of transformation we are all here to co-create.

A better future is, of course, always possible. We just have to build and become it.

And we are and we will. 

One day, one heart and one love at a time.

In love and peace to all

(c) Copyright by Lee Harris, 2011,


  1. Thanks Lee...very well said!

  2. I was waiting for your energy forecast ....:). That help so much when we are realesing fears and at the same time ,we are feeling that everything is in the rigth position.
    Thanks very much.

  3. Lee, it's amazing!! Just as all those previous months forecasts (sometimes I read them after, to compare with what was, and sometimes before, and sometimes in the middle) were exactly for me! It explained to me so much, helped me on the way, helped me to go through things with heart, with observation, with passion, with love. You are amazing, thank you very much! :)

  4. Sólrún Bragadóttir4 May 2011 at 10:02

    A huge THANK YOU! My inner world was falling a part today all of a sudden and without apparent reason. A deep, deep sadness completely overwhelmed me. Have otherwise been happy and optimistic the last 10 days but experiencing what you describe so well of inner cleansing. So reading your words came as a Gods gift to me! It all makes such sense what you write.
    Sunshine greetings and a big hug from Denmark!

  5. Lee you couldn't of hit the nail on the head anymore than you did, so much of this resonated for me and I'm sure will with many people I know, I'm going to forward this on asap ;). Your words are uplifting and comforting in a sometimes all too confusing time full of highs and lows. Thanks so much as always, you really are a beacon..
    Much Love

  6. Breathing, and yes opening that beautiful mouth of mine. Enjoyed your May forecast. Smiling as always.

  7. ...yet again your beautifully chosen words assist, confirm and comfort.
    Thank you so much for sharing and simply for being you.
    with much love

  8. I so so agree with what solrun said above
    ''My inner world was falling a part today all of a sudden and without apparent reason. A deep, deep sadness completely overwhelmed me. Have otherwise been happy and optimistic the last 10 days'' That is exactly what happened to me today and your energy forecast helped me so much to get it into perspective...Thank you so much Lee....
    Kathy <3

  9. I found myself eagerly awaiting for this month's post. I drink in every word to help make sense of this ever so changing fast paced time! I resonate with all of this particularly with the part of "opening my mouth without sensoring". How I wish to soar in that direction with anticipated freedom! Lee thank you so much for your reports and your "sense"-abilities to articulate and express!! With so much love and appreciation! Laura

  10. I have been waiting for the May forecast... It feels so appropriate all that you said. May we all continue to unfold in the way that serves to awaken the world and hearts everywhere.
    Blessings to you.~ Ále

  11. Hello from Montana,

    Thanks for sharing this information. It is great to connect with others who are like-minded.

    Please feel free to claim your eBook at our global community of kind, thoughtful people at

  12. Thank you for the 'Confirmation'. :)

  13. Beautiful sentiment for a world in transition! Let us hope we all move to a greater realization of our inner depths.