Monday, 14 March 2011

Mid-March Energy Update - Japan and the Aftershock

** I don't usually add a mid-month update, but yesterday I felt to write this, given the events of the past few days and their wide effects on our world **

How have you sustained yourself this past 4 days?

The surge of energies and emotions that erupted since the Earthquake in Japan has created a major dislodge in the world energetically that is still trying to settle in and for people. Devastation and loss occurred in a major way and physically, the Earth has now changed and the shockwaves are still being felt.

These events in Japan will ultimately pave the way for evolution on both emotional and practical levels, and will contribute to the awakening process we are all in as a world. But in the moment, it is a massive shift for us as human beings to adjust to, feel through and recover from.

In the coming months, we are likely to see several more environmental events such as this on greater and lesser magnitudes. This is not something to worry about, as in practical terms it is out of our hands, but the very sensitive among you will be wondering why you still feel unsettled.

We are currently between these events, so there will be some symptoms you may be experiencing.

Shock is moving through humanity, and is allowing many people to remember life is a gift and we do not know what will happen from one day to the next. There will eventually be many many gifts born of this new understanding now birthing in people who had previously taken life for granted.

However, the world has been highly dislodged, so sensitivities are also running high. You may feel lost, disorientated or like you are living in a dream. Reality is changing and so your perception and experience of it will also be in rapid shift. Time alone or with only close loved ones will be a remedy for this, as will time spent in and with nature.

On the emotional release level, depression, anger and grief are emerging for and in people, wherever in the world they are. Those who are clear of these emotions will notice themselves supporting others going through these energies. Comfort will be taken by many through distraction, old ways/ideas of escape or busyness. This is not a negative if you catch yourself using these old 'coping' devices.

The coping device could be anything. It might be shopping, comfort eating, alcohol or drugs – anything that gives you a release or a rush. Some of you who have had reliance on a certain coping device in the past may see it returning at this time for a moment or for some days. If this happens, just see that this is what you are doing, and recognise it with awareness. Not because it is wrong to comfort yourself but because these short term comforts are being reached for because your primal fear has been activated. So it will be a regressive state are experiencing in yourself, due to the primal fear. Regressive thoughts will also be present for some, so be aware these things are just moving through and choose higher for yourself. Choose to do things that make you feel good and connected to yourself and/or others.

If you keep awareness, you will quickly realise that the old devices don't hold the same comfort or power as they may have previously held for you. You, and the world have evolved. So if you find yourself doing this, know that it is a sign you need to really love and calm yourself in sustaining ways. It means that you are not noticing the underlying anxiety in you that is reaching for comfort.

So, stroking your belly in gentle and repetitive circles will help to calm this body anxiety. Do this regularly until you start to feel calmer. And for the heart, try placing your palm face down on the centre of your chest and breathing for a few minutes. Allow your heart to calm.

Connecting physically with loved ones, and hugging will also help the body to realise you are 'still here', as at the highest levels, that is the question your body is playing out at a cellular level. "Did I/We survive?" Hence the wanting to 'ground' you with a physical comfort.

Addictive behaviours are going to minimise generally over the next 3-4 years. There will be so much new in the world, that people will feel fuller than before so the old world addictions will hold a lot less release. But at times of panic on this scale, addiction shadows can rise so stay conscious of your heightened sensitivities and your actions.

And trust yourself, love yourself and recognise that part of our collective are in shock and devastation. Even if you are not personally connected to anyone in Japan, we are ALL personally connected. So holding your own vibrations will be of ultra importance (the main March Energy forecast touched on this). And send some love the way of everyone going through this. And help in whatever way you can and feel called to.

We are one planet, and at the moment, we are a planet dealing with shock. And an underlying sixth sense that there is more to come. We will move through all this with as much earthly grace and support of each other as we can. Be graceful and supportive towards yourselves right now and at higher levels than usual.

Get yourselves into nature and connect with it. It will help you to feel the Earth and hear the Earth. It will help you to move some of the fear of the Earth currently moving through many people.

Tonight I put my hand on a tree here in England and the message I received from it was 'All is well, and all is better than well with the Earth. Better than before.'

I was experiencing and breathing my way through a mild level of bodily anxiety at the time, while walking the streets and feeling the energy in people and a shifting in myself. This is why I chose to stop and touch the tree. When I first began to hear clear messages from Zachary 13 years ago, I would also have regular and equally clear communication with trees. All I needed to do was to place my hand on their trunks, and listen. Tonight, the message from this tree on the street was loud, clear, and the tree was at peace.

I trust in nature. Even at a time where that trust is being deeply challenged worldwide.

Love and strength to all in north-east Japan.

Love and peace to everyone reading.

(c) Copyright by Lee Harris, 2011,


  1. Very up to the point..

  2. Joanne from the US heartland14 March 2011 at 19:08

    Thank you,Lee! Sanity in times of insanity. Turn off the news...go outside and put your bare feet on the Earth. All is as it needs to be

  3. I think I am okay... I understand the importance of keeping myself in joy and grounded for those around me... the challenge for me is that they have no idea... love and peace Lee. xo.

  4. This information is so very helpful, thank you. I was holding a tree yesterday and heard the very same message. Now I believe it more so really Thank you.

  5. Awesome share, Lee -- thank you!

  6. Thank you! I had to work a bit at not spiraling downwards with others who wanted to discuss the tragedy and lament the plight of the residents in Japan. I sent them love and then turned my attention elsewhere knowing that my focus on their distress would not be helpful to any of us. What you have offered helps me feel more comfortable with my decision to focus on the things I appreciate as opposed to the things they no longer had.

  7. Thank you Lee, I also have been touching tree's and plants for the last couple of day and getting a calming sense from them. You have helped explained my sensitivity lately.

  8. I hear trees, too, plus wild life and domestic animals. Thank you, Lee. Your post was like a hug.

  9. Thank you for this, Lee. Before I had heard about the earthquake I had my own inner quake in the form of my jumping up and down in utter frustration in my kitchen then about 30 min later the tears started (my inner tsunami) and didn't abate for quite some time. When my tears were finally spent, I saw clearly for the first time how my inner control freak is hurting me and those whom I love the most. Since that moment I've been gently releasing those patterns and beliefs which no longer serve me. I feel so much lighter and my heart is just that much more open and free to send love and compassion to the souls who are suffering in Japan and around the world.

  10. Timely...and comforting..we are all sensing our oneness at a higher level than before..Thank You for the reminder. Janet Taggart Corrar

  11. Hi, that is really nice. We had a wee earthquake here in NZ not long before too. Second one (1st in September). We weren't off the whole world's radar, as support crews from 49 countries came in to help us here at the bottom of the world. I can say that I saw Humans rise to their fullest potential during this tough time. As sad as Earthquakes are (sad that lives are lost), I only felt sad that it took such a tragedy to see people offer so much love and support to their fellow man (and animals). It was truly awe-inspiring. As for the rest of it, it was just 'stuff', and unfortunately, losing the attachment to that is such a part of a very necessary transition for us all. The love that filled the spaces in Christchurch really was worth it.

  12. All is Well! Thank you for your words and the messages your share. I personally find them so well received, and so on par with what I am feeling and where I am at.

  13. You're a connected soul my fine fellow. Thanks for sharing this.

    Lots of Love,


  14. merci du fond du coeur Dear Lee

  15. Thank for this,
    I was in quite a shocked mood for the last days also I sleep really bad, screaming at night and always feeling lost and as if strangers want to pull me somewhere. Even if my mum told me to not concentrate on the negative things and just thinking about the earth and how it i healing and shaking, I even now find it really hard to not feel frustration, pain and anxiety. All this news about the nuclear cloud heading over to Tokyo kind of makes me freak out a bit... but I will try to give myself some minutes of calming down every time I feel thing coming up again.
    So thanks for your post and connecting to your during this time.
    Lots of love

  16. Hi Lee, feeling very connected with the deeper & higher energies of the happenings...a strong pull to be in nature, to smell, touch, hug plants, trees & be with animals as much as possible. Even had a flash of inspiration to go on a busy square in the middle of Zurich & start offering free hugs. In the streets, trams, trains i can feel the fear & how shaky everyone is, most people don't even know it (my perception), the layers of business & deniel are covering it. but no judgements here, everybody is doing as best as they can!
    the first 3 days, right after the earthquake/tsunami i noticed going in and out of a numbness. news reading on the net, staying at home, sleeping alot, feeling overwhelming sadness, fears coming up, also very old memories & feelings connected to my childhood -as you mentioned regression-i am deeply grateful for meditation/prayer practise!
    yesterday i went to sit @ the big beautiful lake of Zurich, the swans, the ducks coming very close...spending time in silent communion & gratitude for the beauty of this earth.
    Earth herself is going trough a birthing process & so is humanity!
    Om mani padme hum
    may all beings awake
    may all is well

  17. many thanks for this Lee, your words offer great comfort at this time,
    all blessings

  18. Thank you so much Lee. There is so much comfort and love in your words.
    We are all brothers and sisters and we can support each other so much trough this birthing process
    Lots of Love Anne-Marie

  19. thankyou for these words of comfort Lee x

  20. Dear Lee, these last days I felt you were going to write something about Japan and what is happening now.
    I was very pleased when I opened my mail and found your letter.
    Thank you, your support means a lot and helps me so trust my inner voice and wisdom.

    So thank you for your beautiful words and energie! Have a great stay in the States...

    with love, in strenght,


  21. Thank you, these insights help a lot!!!

  22. Thank you Lee. I need to say that I was astonished when I read what you said about doing circular mouvements over the belly because I was doing this for years, without confirmation of anyone about the calm effect it produces.

    Big hugs from Porto, Portugal

  23. I have been wondering about these sensations that I am feeling these days, living in the USA, yet feeling so deeply for the Japanese people. It almost borders depression...a very deep sadness. Now I know why! I am empathic. While I understand the Earth's changes, I still can't help my feelings about them.... I have been praying, gave a donation, and meditate for the good of all.

    Especially loved your message from the tree. I love trees and will spend more time in nature, though it is still very cold here in MA.

    You have helped by writing this update. Thank you again!

  24. In regards to the tree message...on 9-11 I was at a place in Florida where you can swim with the dolphins and when the terrorist attacks occurred they did not close down like many did. When I finally heard what was going on in NYC it had started to rain (and thunder) and so no one was in the water with the dolphins. I looked out at them and watched them play. Their message was very loud and calming: we are alright and you should chose to be so too. I could feel all of the panic arising in the people there that day but held on to the dolphin's message to keep me calm.

  25. Sim, eu sinto isso que tu estás a referir, um pouco perdido, mas confiante que estou aqui porque queria estar para viver esta fabulosa alteração em Gaia e em mim, como Humano...

  26. thank you lee for keeping us grounded in words of wisdom and truth !! God bless those people in japan they have been thru-so much !! love marylen

  27. Good to read your piece on the quakes in Japan. As one who has taken considerable "guff" from friends and others for talking with trees, I was delighted to read that part of your article. (Do you know ) I, too, was "knocked off my usual", in the energetic way, and found myself, on the night before the quake, unable to sleep. I went out into my yard in the dark rain and lay down on the grass in my Sacred Circle and just hugged the earth, not knowing why. I felt the earth sucking me empty, and I have been exhausted since (getting better). Your article made sense to me---

  28. Yes, these words resonate with my heart... I feel comforted by them and thank you from the bottom of my heart for your energy and connection with Gaia.. love & light, annemarie

  29. Thank you!

  30. Oliver Lightfeather16 March 2011 at 05:43

    Thank you Lee! Much LOVE, LIGHT and SACRED FIRE be unto you!

  31. Thank you Lee! much love and a big hug from Poland.

  32. Better than before.... That is the energy I am reaching for in all ways. Thank you for expressing what I was feeling but could not pinpoint.
    I listen to your old podcasts and your hosting on Jewels's show.
    Thank you.
    I am so grateful.
    Love, Light, and Many Blessings to All That Is.

  33. Thank you. I have been feeling this at a deep level and your words helped me to focus my energies. I am with family and we have slowed down our lives a bit...feeling the shock and caring for ourselves through this. This world event happened on top of personal events that occurred on the same day. So, we are raw...but moving forward.

    Love to everyone,

  34. I feel it would be helpful if we ask the Earth what we can do in partnership, although I do feel that all is well and perhaps we need do nothing except open our hearts and continue our own evolution. I think we are not to worry about the Earth, she is just fine.

  35. Thankyou, I needed to hear this.

  36. describe exsctly how I feel! great to see that they are still people tuned to such sensitivities and still be very optimistic.

  37. That is, how I feel, too. Lee. I hope your US trip was good. See you next month.
    Very best

  38. I felt guilty being in UK, watching my own country and people's plight.
    But I start sensing the real strength of Japanese people and I can trust that All is well.

    Thank you. It helped me.

  39. Thanks so much!
    And here is something, that also deeply touched me. I thought it fits to Lees words and perhaps it gives some of you these emotions of "all is well", too.
    Love & Light

  40. Thank you so much for this. Living in Tokyo, it has been a harrowing time - though nothing compared to what's going on up north. I thought I was OK, but I kept waking up at night absolutely starving, even after eating normally all through the day! Also, getting overriding urges to snack on sweets and other comfort foods, which I had basically eliminated from my diet some time ago. After reading your report, I now understand what has been going on.
    I also resonated with what you said about this being a change for the better. I can sense that the old bureaucracy here is crumbling, as many dishonest practices are coming to light - such as previous nuclear incidents being hushed up etc. The old system cannot survive - which is a huge, positive step forward.
    Besides praying for the people of the north whose immediate needs are still critical, I hope with all my heart that Japan will become a staunch advocate of clean, safe energy sources, and pour their efforts into researching and developing this field, to the benefit of the whole planet.
    Thank you so much for your reports, and for the support of all the people writing comments here. Reading them has really helped.

  41. Is this another disinformation site? These earthquakes are HAARP geophysical weapons.
    FEMA was in Christchurch before the quake.
    There is another quake scheduled for May near Memphis. FEMA always happens to show up just before a the emergencies they create. 911, Katrina, 10,000 troops in Haiti. Rub your belly?
    How about telling everyone you know that these are insider attacks on society to induce martial law and bring down economies. Do a search for Disaster Capitalism. Everyone should get pissed and active and save the Earth.
    Does that idea bother you?