Wednesday, 30 April 2014

May 2014 Energy Forecast - The Extraordinary Heart within your Higher mind

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(Transcribed and edited from Lee's live Video message.)

Hello and welcome to the May 2014 Energy Forecast. 

We are, as usual, outside on the hill. And one of the reasons I wanted to record these forecasts in nature is so that not only do we have the peace energy that gets exuded to support the forecast, but also so that those of you who don’t have opportunities to go into open nature very often get to experience some of that energy while you are watching the video.

I don’t need to say that things are intense because you hear me say that every month. And it is true that at the moment there are incredibly intense energies at work on Earth. 

But there is a split experience within that. One side of the split is that the human way of processing those energies is showing up as very intense, chaotic and sometimes problematic, because people are being pushed to purge and release and feel and go into the depths of themselves like never before.  

So whether it’s irritation that you’re feeling because somebody is doing something that’s annoying you, or whether it’s just you in your own energy experience feeling irritable feelings or difficult feelings. Feelings of deep anger or grief or sorrow in intense ways. This is the human experience of how these times universally are catalyzing us to purge and burn through it all. 

The other side of the split experience though, is there is now an incredible height of being available to us. 

So for example, when out in nature like this (Lee gestures to the open space around him), the beauty of it for our human systems is there is no human energy around here. You are out in an open space, or perhaps you’re in a park where there are just a small amount of people, but in more open spaces we can begin to expand in response to the expansive energy of nature.

So if I had six people standing here next to me, saying certain things and thinking certain things, it would feel very different to me than if they were removed from the space. 

And as a sensitive person, you tend to notice human density. You tend to notice the lower areas in a person as well as the higher areas. 

So if these people were processing things and feeling heavy, my attention would go there. But if you remove those people and you’re out here in the middle of nowhere, you just feel space and your own expansion. 

Now, if you’re stressed out in life, if you’re running a lot of energy right now, what you’ll find when you go to that park or when you first go out into nature is you might first feel a little crazy when you get out there. Your feelings are going to come up; your thoughts are going to come up. Because suddenly all of the space around you allows you to see the tightness and the holding inside you that you are releasing. And a 'pre-expansion purge' begins. 

But as you start to develop a practice with this, as you regularly go into nature, you will start to notice that your body will understand that it gets these regular moments of spaciousness so that it can release whatever it needs to. Thus when you return to your office or your busy house or your busy life, you will have less stress running through you because your body will understand this regular pattern comes for you where you get to release. 

So that’s the experience of nature. 

And some of you watching/reading might be in a tricky situation where you live in a very busy city with little open space. But you can experience the same thing by just going to your room and meditating or creating a sacred space for yourself. And remember, a sacred space can be anything. It can be you meditating on peace and sitting there quietly, it can be you dancing around your room to some heavy metal music, if that’s what moves your energy and makes you feel good. It is different for each of us in any given moment.

But these moments of solitude and these moments of coming back to who you are inside this body are vital for wellbeing. Taking a moment to ask 'how am I feeling?' And 'where am I inside this body?'  

Because with everything going on in the world right now, you will be infused constantly with everyone else’s ideas, feelings, energies and reactions to what is going on. And as I’ve explained many times in the videos, these energies affect us. 

You can’t have somebody near you, feeling something, and not (at least to a very small percentage) feel or interact with that energy and then walk away taking some of that in. 

But if we have these regular moments of space and solitude in our lives as a daily practice, we are able to release these energies. 

And then, when you are cleared, you get to experience the height of what we are experiencing right now. 

We are now experiencing on Earth an extraordinary energy of 'higher mind'. Higher mind is a mind that has as much heart energy within it, as it does brain, thoughts and thinking. 

Now of course, we also have the third eye located here (Lee points to his third eye) which is our sensory and intuitive thinking. 

This is the part of you that knows in advance that somebody’s about to phone you. You’ll have a thought about your mum, and suddenly she’s there on the phone. You sensed her connecting with you in advance, and this is why.

The third eye is the part of you that might see visionary opportunities for yourself, or get images about what you could create. And then you the human being may go through some areas of doubt, or disbelief around whether that vision is possible so that you can move toward it. 

But the higher mind is a unification of all of these chakras, so the heart is very involved. This is because the higher mind brings you into universal intelligence and universal intelligence is very, very heart based. 

So this month in May, higher mind is an opportunity, but it also means that the 'energy of mind' will show up a lot. Many people are going to be arguing opinions, differences – yes, this has been going on for a while – but you’ll see it quite potently this month. 

And your choice when confronted with these issues, is to decide what resonates and what doesn't, based on what feels GOOD rather than heavy or difficult.

So in May, ask yourself; 

What and who do I want to engage with? 
How do I want to play in life? 
How do I want my life to go in terms of my human relationships and dynamics? 

Because you’re allowed to choose. 

But you see the way we’re trained as human beings and the way we’ve been programmed, we don’t think we are allowed to choose. 

We tend to believe we can’t say X to a person in case it upsets them, or we can’t say Y to a person in case it offends them. Or, I couldn’t go and do Z by myself because I might feel lonely. 

This is our programming revealed to us.

So observe yourself making choices, and look at all your “mights”. 

Look at the questions you have around your behaviour that you can examine, rather than use your beliefs about behaviour as stop signs. 

If a person is going to get upset because you need to say something to them, is their upset truly your responsibility, or is it something they already arrived at you with? Something they are carrying from before they met you?

Now, I’m not saying go and whack everybody in the face aggressively with your opinion. (Laughter) 

But what I am trying to highlight here is that, at this point in time there are huge crossroads going on in personal relationships. And they don’t have to be dramatic changes that mean that you break friends with someone, or you leave a relationship. 

But this tends to be how we’ve been trained to act. We tend to have an idea that external action will make us feel good inside. When actually, this is the age of heart-led communication - which will lead to outer changes in less explosive ways.  

So we’re all being invited now to speak more from our higher mind with our full hearts. 

So, yes, maybe you are going to upset your friend slightly because you are going to say X,Y or Z to them. But remember, the only reason you probably know you’re going to upset them is your third eye senses about this person tell you so. And your knowledge of how their patterns run tell you that they don’t like being told that they did something that upset you. 

But that’s their issue. That’s something they’re carrying. They need to learn to let go of that. Because all of us can learn to be ok with feedback from each other about how we’re doing. 

So ask yourself where you are making yourself a slave to the emotions you fear you will catalyze in others. Emotions in them that aren't your responsibility to help them stay trapped in.

I know for many of you listening, you will have learnt over the years to shut your mouth very tight so that you no longer offend anybody or make anybody blow up. And I understand too that would have been something you did for self-preservation, both for you and them. 

Because in the past, maybe there was a volatility that you experienced in yourself when you were delivering it; or more importantly, people were less emotionally available than they are now. So they would push back hard against you if you said something that they didn’t like.  

But this really is the age of communication - higher mind and heart based communication. And so many of you are feeling a little bored and a little frustrated with what’s going on around you. The way to change that is to change the dialogue that comes out of your mouth. 

And you can play with this and experiment. If you don’t normally say things a certain way, try it and see how it goes. You could be dead tomorrow, which is something I’m always reminding us. (Smiling) So why not on your 'pretend' last day on Earth, change the map a little bit? 

This is important because there is a victim mentality that can play out in the psyche right now around ideas such as 'all of this stuff is being done to me' and 'there are all of these things outside me I should be scared of'. 

You can change direction, and you can change what you experience in your life. 

So, May is a great opportunity to regularly take that space, clear your energy field. 

And then from that space, your higher mind and your heart intelligence is going to invite you to do things a little differently. And that is good for everybody, because we as human beings get stuck in patterns.  

So those of you that are afraid to be the leader or the catalyst of others, because of past experience, recognize you’re older, wiser and more heart centered and compassionate now than you were then. Plus, the other people on the receiving end are more capable than ever of hearing it and this is a very different time than several years ago. 

So for those of you that are bored and frustrated, look at where you’re not speaking your truth. Look at where you’re not using your words to redirect things. 

So, that’s all for this month; I hope you have a great month everybody. 

I have just in the last few weeks release a couple of recordings that we’ve been having some great feedback for and I’m very proud of them. They are designed to give you an opportunity to have space or rebirth yourself. 

The first one is ‘7 Days of Peace’  - seven 10-minute meditations that you can use each day to help you invoke peace in your life.  

And the second is ‘Adventures in Sound’ which is the sound healing work that I’ve been developing recently. So that’s ‘Rebirth’ and ‘Rise to Life’ – sound pieces designed to give you a rebirth and help you rise to life. 

Both of those recordings are available in my store at or currently the ‘Adventures in Sound’ recording is free to members of The Portal. 

So if you’d like to listen to trailers, you can listen to ‘7 Days of Peace’ here and ‘Adventures in Sound’ here. (In the video, Lee points to a location you can click on your screen to access the trailers. For this transcribed version please click on the links in the text above.) 

And I will see you again in June. 

Big love everybody. 
Take care.

Monday, 7 April 2014

April 2014 Energy Forecast - The Strength of April, found within....

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(Transcribed and edited from Lee's live Video message.)

Hi everybody. Welcome to the Energy Forecast for April 2014. 

It’s April 2nd that we’re recording this. It’s not REALLY a spring day here but maybe we’re venturing towards it – we’ll see. (Smiling) 

We’re all still here on the planet; which is always nice and unexpected. And the reason that I say that is because today there are two principles I want to touch on. 

Something I’ve said repeatedly through the forecasts over the years is that we never know how long we’re going to be alive. And it’s true – we don’t know that we’re still going to be alive at the end of today. And yet what we can often get very fixed and focused on is the future of life rather than the present.
I keep hearing many people over the last year or so getting activated and worried about things they are hearing or suspecting about the future.  

So for example, someone might be talking about a volcano that somebody has predicted to go active on a certain date or an earthquake that’s been predicted for a few months ahead. Or other speculation on how the future of the world is going to go…and what I want to remind everybody is that all of it is conjecture. 

I’m not saying that you can’t truly believe that one of these things is going to happen, and prepare yourself in whatever way you feel you need to be prepared so that you’re comfortable again. 

But what I have noticed is many people are putting their trust and weight behind some of these dates in the future, and thus putting their fear behind it. And then when that date passes and nothing happens, they repeat the same pattern all over again with another future date they’re given. 

So what I’m asking you to look at here is not the idea of future dates, but more closely than that, your own fear relationship to what’s going on in the world.  

The world is sped up, chaotic and panicky at the moment. And it’s understandable as to why. There are several things that you can see going on in the world that can make you nervous about the future of the planet, and the now of the planet and what people are dealing with. 

But one truth I have come to both learn and experience is that the more centered and stable we are able to stay, the more ready we are for anything that Planet Earth is going to throw our way. 

So if you are living in fear or worry of the future, you are constantly off your center and disempowered. 

You may say, well how do I calm down about this terrible future thing that’s happening?

And I say, well number one; you know that you don’t yet know it’s happened. You don’t yet know what the future outcome is. So even those of you who may be very good with psychic or future predictions, I’ve also met many who are good at those predictions and some of them have come true. But with some of their other predictions, things have not manifested. So perhaps something has changed or it was just a possibility rather than a certainty. 

So ask yourself, are you living in the future or are you living in the now? 

Obviously, the past and the future have to be taken into our relationship with the now. We can learn things from the past that can help us make different choices in the future. But I’m noticing a lot of people, because of the fear energy on Earth and because of the chaos, leaving their own bodies and not living in the now, not living today but living "what’s the future plan" and "what’s the future danger we have to worry about". 

I would propose that to live on Earth is far more unpredictable than we ever anticipated or were taught.  And that’s coming from someone living in, at this point in time, a fairly safe region. 

So what I’m saying is that much of what is happening is our conditioning, our belief that we were in a grid that kept us safe (the outer world), which is now falling away and changing.

And as that falls away, you can get a little nervous that there’s no safety rail. 

So if you’re already nervous that there is no safety rail and someone comes along and says, (Big in breath) “Yellowstone’s going to erupt! Look out!” That nervous fear energy in you suddenly has a perceived genuine threat to focus its target on. 

So try and identify what’s the difference between where you're focusing and targeting your fear in your mind and how much fear do you have in your body? For the way to work with fear is literally to work with it as an energy - not a story. 

So for example, if right now your fear has come to the surface because I’m talking about some of the things that are triggering you, or talking about fear that you’re experiencing, know that the body needs to be trained in the other direction.   

So you could just literally take a moment and breathe (in the video Lee takes a deep, slow breath in and exhales slowly); and just do that a few times. If you just take a minute or two out of your day to keep breathing every now and then, you start to regulate, calm down and open. 
The problem for many of you will be not identifying when the fear or the chaos of someone else is influencing you.  

So if I were to be in a fairly peaceful state, but I go home and my partner is there and my partner is kind of going, (speaking rapidly) “Well, I’m worried I might lose the job and what are we going to do about money and da-da-da-da-da…” - all of that energy that’s coming off the partner, I’m interacting with. And even if I’m standing a meter away, it’s still in my zone. So the question is, does it catalyze me?

The question for you is, how catalyzed are you getting by others right now?

So for those of you living busy lives around lots of people, know that more people are in chaos than before. But the difference is a lot of people aren’t aware of why they’re in chaos, or the fact that they are focusing on certain chaotic or fearful stories in order to process what their inner body is doing. Their inner body is going, “Aaah, the safety rail is going! This isn’t the Earth I thought it was going to be.” That’s a truth for everybody. 

So, at this point in time, 2014, we are looking ahead at the coming decades and realizing things are going to be different. And that’s a certainty. The solutions as to how we are going to arrive at putting the new in place take place every day.

So just to focus on you and your personal life, you are constantly creating “new” every single day. For us as a world, we are constantly creating “new” every single day. 

So today is where we can focus. And many of you are overwhelmed and freaked out because of this big future that you can sense or feel is coming. Yet what you have to remember that what you can feel or sense is coming is related to how you’re feeling today.

So I just want to share a quick exercise with you. I just created something called ‘7 Days of Peace’ , which is 7 daily short meditations to help you access and invoke peace in your life. And in one of these meditations, I talk about the “hollow body”.

So let me explain this to you. Imagine yourself for a second as hollow inside. Imagine that you have no physical organs inside this body and not only are you imagining this inner body of yours as completely hollow and spacious, but let’s include around 12 inches outside your body too - your energy field. See this inner space and outer space around you as your hollow energy field.

A quick exercise you can do a few times a day is to imagine yourself in your hollow body. Closing your eyes will help. 

So, first take a breath, (in the video Lee takes a deep breath) then through your imagination and senses, feel the hollowness of you and feel the spaciousness of it. 

Then, imagine light coming from above down through your head and filling you. Light is filling you.

Now – quick caveat – for those of you who imagined your hollow body and suddenly went, “Whoa, I’m full of everyone’s stuff!”, that’s the point to first say, “I release everything that is not mine. I release everything I am carrying for others.” Whatever words come to you around releasing what you are carrying for other people. Do a quick verbal release, then focus on the hollow body and bring in light. 

And just breathe it in, this light. Feel yourself just being filled for a while. However long feels comfortable to you.

And the reason this is so important is it just allows you to come back to you for a while.

Now I know many of you who are very sensitive or empathic are working on daily principles to be less affected by others. This is one you can add to that toolbox - just imagining yourself as you and only you for a couple of minutes a day, a couple of times a day. Just you and your energy field.  

The reason to do this is it will bring back your sense of peace and balance. But also, it will give you strength that you might not be accessing if you’re trying to find strength in the outside world right now. 

Maybe you’re used to your friends giving you your strength. But all of a sudden, your friends all seem in crisis. So you’re a bit panicky, because the place that you used to go to feel good (your friends) is no longer making you feel good.   

Maybe you just lost your job and the security that you used to feel around having that job is now taken away. So you’re feeling a little nervous and asking yourself "What am I going to manifest next?" 

This level of change is happening all across the world. Things that used to be safety zones for people, things that used to be trusted, and things that used to be known - they’re all moving. 

So what we have to do is go within. And within ourselves, we find new strength. 

In April, strength is going to be a theme.

Yes, astrologically this is a very strong month, so you can expect explosive things to play out world-wise and personally. But how those explosive things look is going to be very distinct. It might not be the worst case scenario you are thinking of - it will just be a strong energy.

So that means you can harness the strength of these times and be a conductor of that strength in your own life. But only if you are taking the time each day to figure out who am I in the middle of this crazy planet? I can see that there’s all this stuff going on around me. I can feel and be affected by all of that. 

But I also have to remember that I am sovereign in here - my heart (in the video Lee puts his hand on his chest). I have a place that is untouchable to anybody. Even if I’m in reaction to things going on outside me, there is a place inside me that is just mine. 

So, spend a little time this month taking a few times a day getting in touch with just you. 
And what will come to you this month is greater strength than you’ve previously had. 

Look after yourselves well everybody and I’ll see you in May. 

Big love, bye-bye.